Man’s best friend

Jack Whitehouse October 22, 2020
Animals, Fable, Kids
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Once upon a time, there was a working man named Michael. Michael went to work and back every day, on the same road in the same old car. One fateful Saturday, Michael was coming home from his office job early in the morning. As he reached the highway, he came upon a dog in the road. This little Labrador puppy, with soft brown fur and little puppy legs, was darting across the road without a care in the world; rolling its little tongue about in the wind. Without hesitation, Michael slammed on the breaks and stopped his car. Getting out his vehicle, running to the dog and picking him up into his arms and waving his hands in apology at all the angry faces in the angry cars. “Little dog, you’re lucky I found you!” he exclaimed. Michael took this little happy-faced puppy to the nearest pet store; picking up a big bag of dog food and walking to the counter. Opening his wallet, “Oh no, my last £10”, said Michael looking at the puppy in his arms, rolling his tongue around and drooling saliva onto the floor.
The cashier said “That’ll be £9.99, please” as Michael handed over his final pound note. After getting back on the road, Michael realised his apartment didn’t allow pets. He called his roommate, explaining “I’ve got this little dog I found with me here, can we keep him for a couple nights?” to which his roommate declined, fearing a fine from the big, bad land owner. Worried, Michael decided to try all the local rescue shelters. The first one, needed an appointment and there was none available for several weeks. The next dog shelter was all full and required a deposit to keep a dog temporarily, which Michael could not afford. Each dog shelter he tried all in turn said no, in some way or another.
It was getting late.
Michael had put posts on Facebook, rang his friends asking to borrow money or look after the dog and all had turned him down. Going back to the dog park, Michael sat on the bench with the dog, who he had named ‘Edward’ with the leash in his hand. Closing his eyes, he undid the leash and watched Edward look up at him with those innocent, bright eyes. Michael picked up a small stick, and threw it hard and far. He stood for a moment, watching Edward happily chase the stick, then turned and slowly walked away. Going back to his car, Michael started driving home. He focused on the grey road ahead. Slowly, A lone tear rolled down his cheek; Michael saw a happy dog walker on the road side. He stopped, quickly turning his car around in a lay-by and drove back.
Slowly turning from walk, to run, he ran through the park to where he left his puppy.
The little dog was gone.
The stick was on the bench.

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