Mebelle and the world between

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    My name’s Melena, I don’t know if you’ll believe me if I told you my story, I know you might say: ” you’re crazy” maybe I’m, okay; let me tell you, my weird story;
    Everything began from that day I got back from school, it was spring, the exams will begin, I’m a senior in high school, I and my friends were getting ready for the prom, you know this important event for every boy and girl in high school, it was for me too until this happened.
    The Prom day:
    – Mom; where’s my dress??
    – It’s in your closet, why are you angry Melena?
    – Really Mom, you know I’m late.
    – It’s your problem, not mine; you can’t look for your things even if it’s in front of you.
    – Thanks, Mom.
    I went inside my room, I looked in my closet, the dress was really there, wired, I searched for it, it wasn’t there, anyway; I took it, it was a bale blue dress, you know Cinderella’s dress, something like it, bale blue, long sleeves, down from shoulders, I wore it, wore some makeup, I don’t like so much makeup, so I put a little, then my earrings and rings, my boyfriend Chris supposed to arrive early, he was always late, let me tell you about Chris; he’s handsome, he’s a volleyball player, the king of the school, he’s the best.
    I heard my Mom’s voice:
    -Melena; Chris is here.
    -Coming, Mom.
    I went downstairs, I said Hello to him, he kissed me on my cheeks, we went outside, He rent a Limo, to all of us, we and our friends too, We were having fun, everything was just good and normal, until we arrived at the school; we got out from the Limo, we were getting inside the school, I heard a voice from my right, I thought someone of my friends talk, but they were already inside, Chris called me:
    -Come on Melena, what are you waiting for?
    I heard the voice again, I went to way I heard the voice, it was behind the school, close to the fire escape door, I went there but nothing, I said to myself maybe this is my imagination, then I was going to go but suddenly I saw a light, a strange blue light, I went to it, saw that light, it was like a door, I opened my eyes wide and looked strange, in wonder; What is that?!!
    I got closer to it; the light pulled me to it, I screamed, I felt that I’ll fall and break something in my bones, but then I opened my eyes after a lot of screaming, I screamed again when I found some animals around me, a kangaroo, a deer, and three squirrels, I screamed aloud, stood up and they all run away, I took a look around me, where am I? What happened?!!!!
    I didn’t know where am I, I heard another voice, I told myself Am I going to fall in another place, but then I saw a small house, I went there, I knocked:
    -Hello; is anyone there? Hello, anybody, please, I need help!!
    After a while, someone opened to me, a short, small and old with white hair woman, she said:
    -Who are you?
    She reminded me by those witches in fairy tales; I looked at her and said:
    -Hello; Ma’am I’m Melena and I don’t know where am I? I need a help here.
    She invited me in, I got inside her house, and I looked around, it was really like a fairy tale, she even so much like a fairy tale witch, she got closer to me, she looked at me with half closed eyes, I got afraid of her and all of what happened then, she said:
    -What’s your name my girl?
    -No, you can’t!
    -Can’t what Ma’am?!!
    -Your name must be Belle!
    -Why? Where am I?
    -Look around, is this place remind you of something?
    I took a look around, and then said:
    -It looks like a fairy tale’s place.
    -Hmm, yes, it’s
    -What? No! You must be kidding me now; I’m supposed to be in my prom, in real life!!
    -But you’re here for a reason!
    -What reason? What is happening? Why am I here? This is must be a joke from my friends, right?
    -Do you believe in fairy tales? Do you believe that inner beauty is more important than outside beauty?!!
    -No, because in my world everything is realistic, all about power, fame and outside shape and beauty whether men or women!
    -Oh, that’s why you’re here my dear, to change all your concepts, all your beliefs, I know you’re from 21st century, from new world, the world where kids became elder than their real age, when girls like you exist, when men look just for outside beauty and don’t give an attention to inner beauty.
    I kept listening to her, can’t believe that this really happening to me!
    -My dear, this is just a lesson, if you didn’t pass it you can’t get out and back to your life again.
    -No, No, that can’t happen.
    -It already happened. Now I should send you to the place you’ll begin from.
    -This is the beauty and the beast’s world, I know that you know that story, but this time Belle will be you and you have to help your father, you’ll see the beast but not like in the story, you’ll be in a test, there’s no beast, there are two men, one is bad and handsome, the other is good and handsome too, you have to know which one is the beast from inside. I told you enough, go to your way…
    Before I could talk, she used a magical powder and puff it on me, I coughed a little, then I opened my eyes, I found myself in a little town, wearing the same dress Belle wore in the story, in my hand a book! I hate books, what is happening to me, everyone looks at me, I remembered People in this town didn’t like Bella so much, she were educated, loved to read, I had to act like her, I went to her house, that is supposed to be my house now, the father isn’t here, I thought that everything will be the same in the story, but no, I heard the horse, I looked from the window, I saw the father, he ran to me, hugged me, I felt so strange, I hugged him, he said:
    -I got you the roses you love my dear.
    Roses!! I smiled and said:
    -Oh, father, thank you, how was your trip.
    -It was good, I sold everything.
    -Oh, good, and everything was good, your way when you went and when you got back?
    -Sure, like always my dear.
    I wonder if he came back, from what should I save him and how I’ll meet the prince or the beast or whatever??!!!!!
    In the Next morning, I woke up, actually I didn’t sleep much, I thought about my Mom and Dad, my friends and my boyfriend, the prom, they must be looking for me now, I went to the market, I have to act like real Belle, Mom always told me that I look like her in face and shape but not from inside, now I understand why she said this, because I’m not responsible, like her, don’t love books, in our days who reads anymore, anyway, I bought a bread and the milk, when I was passing the bookshop, the owner called me:
    -Belle, my dear, won’t you take a book today?
    -Is she reads and finishes a book every day?!
    -What did you say, my dear?
    -oh, nothing, I didn’t finish the last one, thank you so much.
    I went away, didn’t give him a chance to talk or say anything else, I ran away, I found myself hitting on a tall, dark and handsome man, he reminds me of Gaston, but he’s more handsome, I was looking at him in wonder when he said:
    -I’m sorry, are you okay?
    -Are you okay?
    He shocked me!
    -oh, sorry, yes; I’m okay, I’m fine, thanks.
    -Nothing, my name’s Charlie and you?
    -Your name Charlie too!!
    -Oh, No, my name’s Belle.
    -Nice to meet you, Belle.
    -Nice to meet you too, sir.
    -No, just Charlie, no sir, please.
    -okay, Charlie.
    We smiled at each other and he took his horse and went away, said from far:
    -We will meet again, Belle.
    I smiled and waved to him, kept thinking about his name the whole way to the house, the father called me, but I didn’t hear, he called me again:
    -Belle, my dear where are you?
    -I was in the market, father.
    -Not that dear, I mean where in your mind?
    -Nothing, Father, nowhere.
    -Is everything okay?
    After breakfast I went outside to feed the chickens, yes, I’m feeding the chickens isn’t that crazy, I feed the chickens, a man on a horse stopped in front of the house, I thought it might be Charlie but no, It was…….Chris!!!!
    What’s happening now?? Is Chris in here?
    -Hello, Belle, my love…
    I didn’t say a word! I can’t even move my legs, Chris, really, suddenly I ran to him, hugged him, and said:
    -Chris, my love, you’re here?
    He said:
    -Chris! who my dear?
    -My name’s Gustave, did you forget me so quickly!!??
    -What my dear?
    I remembered the old lady’s words, and then I pulled myself away from him, He said:
    -Oh, stay a little more.
    -No, why are you here?
    -Really, Belle, I’m here to ask for your hand from your father…
    -No, you can’t!
    -Why, why you always hate me like this Belle!?
    I ran to the house, He said:
    -Belle, you’ll be mine for sure, my love.
    That can’t be my Chris!, something is wrong, everything here is wrong, everything not right, I have to go back, I ran outside, to the woods, I climbed a hill, I screamed aloud, I can’t handle this, I want to be back, I found in front of me a squirrel, little beautiful one, I held him, he wiped my tears, don’t know how but he did it, I left him to go on his way, I got back, found a fire sat in the house, I screamed:
    -Father! Father where are you?
    I couldn’t find him, I tried to get inside, but strong hands prevented me, it was Charlie, I said:
    -Leave me, my father, where’s he?
    -Calm down, Belle, no one inside.
    -What? How? I left him inside, where is he?
    Then Gustave came and said:
    -I searched my love, he’s not inside.
    He pulled me away from Charlie, he said to him:
    -Don’t touch her again.
    -Who are you to talk to me like that?
    I looked to both of them and pushed them away from each other before fighting together, and said:
    -Stooooooooop. My father is lost and you both fight. Help me find him.
    They looked at me and agreed, we asked everyone in the town, but no one saw him, I got worried and afraid, I know it’s been two days only, but I liked him, I don’t want anything to happen to him.
    After asking everyone in the town, I sat down tired from walking all over the town, Charlie said:
    -We maybe should search for him outside the town!
    -What, no; Belle will not be able to handle that!
    I said:
    -No, I think Charlie is right, I must find my father.
    Charlie put me on his horse, and he walked beside me, I realized that Gustave didn’t do the same or even suggested it, we went outside the town searching for my father, the night came, it was cold out there, we stopped and set a fire to warm up, I was so thirsty and hungry, Charlie gave me water, but he had no food, Gustave had some, I asked him to share it with us but he looked at me, then said:
    -I can give you but not him.
    I got angry;
    -Why not him too?
    -I don’t want.
    -Really, it’s not the time to want or not, give him or I won’t eat Gustave.
    He smirked then he part the food on the three of us, we all eat and waited for the morning to search for Father.
    The morning came, we got up, we completed searching, but nothing, the woods are very big and we will take days, maybe week or more! I’m really tired, why am I here? Why me? What did I do to end up in this nightmare??
    I was liking Charlie, he’s good, handsome but I like Gustave more, he’s handsome, rich and not so bad, yeah sometimes irritates me but I like him, everyday every character of them appear to me more, I began to be attracted to Charlie, Gustave became like selfish and irritating person, I didn’t know what happened, I began to see both of them in their real faces, real selves, on the 4th day we searched until I found a house it wasn’t really a house it was cottage, I went there without telling the boys, I opened it, I found Father, I called the boys to come, I heard a cry, then I looked behind, found Gustave, he said:
    -I didn’t want you to find him now, I thought that this cottage so small to be found, but you found it, I took him because he refused me as your husband, I couldn’t bear his rejection, sorry Belle, but not sorry, you’re mine and we going to marry each other.
    I opened my eyes, can’t believe that he can do this, suddenly Charlie came from behind and hit his head, he took me and father, made us ride the horse, and let us go, I didn’t want to leave him alone, I refused to go, he said:
    -You have to go…
    -Listen to me, Belle, go, now!
    -No, I won’t.
    Gustave woke up, Charlie fought him, I took a stick, tried to hit Gustave but I failed, I tried to help Charlie but Gustave pushed me, I fell down, I fainted, then I woke up, didn’t know when but I didn’t found any of them, not even my father, I searched, I found a path I don’t know where it leads to, but I took it anyway, then I found a big castle, it looks like the beast’s castle in the story, I went inside, called for anyone to help me, no answers, called, again and again, nothing, then I took few more steps to the door, it opened by itself, I got inside, called again for someone, no answer here too.
    Then I found Everything like in the story, the clock, the candles holder, the broom, the cattle and the cup, but they’re not moving, nothing is moving, I wonder am I really In Beauty and the beast’s world, or just a cheap copy of it, anyway, I looked around, no one was there, no one at all, until I found the old white haired lady in front of me, she frightened me, I said:
    -Oh my God, What? You should do a voice or something?!!
    -Do you want to save them?
    -Your father and Charlie?
    -Hmm, You have to use your sense, your power.
    Again before give me a chance to talk she disappeared, I asked myself is one of my friends makes prank with me, Hmm, Power, Sense! What is that?!
    I looked around again, but what does she mean by sense? Power! I got tired and sat down on the stairs, wanted to cry, wanted to scream, to give up, but if I did, I won’t back to my normal life, I put my hand in my pocket, I found a mirror, isn’t this the same mirror like in the story, in the story Belle saw the beast on it, I looked at it, but nothing, then I closed my eyes, I remembered my family, my little sister, who I always fight with her, shout at her, my mother who I never helped her, my father who always been good to me, but I never been a good daughter, I cried, my tears touched the mirror, I looked at it, it suddenly showed me, Father and Charlie, they were in this castle, but where then I asked the mirror, it showed me their place, I took a stick with me, went to their place, I found them in this old prison, underground, Gustave came and said:
    -You came, finally!
    -What do you want?
    -You, marry me, I’ll let them free.
    -Okay, let them 1st, and then marry me.
    -No, you 1st.
    I agreed, I went to embrace him, then I looked at mirror, he was embracing me, the mirror showed me the keys, I put my hand in his pocket and took them, I hit him, opened to them, let them out, then hit him, tie him and took him, we got back to the town, we throw him in front of the whole town, I said:
    -This man kidnapped my father and took them to an old castle, I want to go to the jail for what he did, this man isn’t good, and he’s a beast…
    I found myself say this, I began to like it here, days went and days come, I didn’t feel strange anymore, I loved Charlie, he’s the good one, our wedding day came, He said:
    -I want to tell you something.
    -My name’s Charlie Robert, I’m actually a prince…
    -a prince, yes, I’m rich and famous but I asked the whole town to hide the truth from you, I wanted you to love me as I’m for who I’m not for what I have.
    I remembered the old lady’s words; I smiled and knew that I chose the right person, the right person for his inner beauty, not the outer one.
    I wore a dress like my prom dress, I remembered the old lady told me not to forget that this world isn’t mine and I have to back, but how? Why is the dress like my prom dress but white? I got out from the house, walking to the church, got inside, walking toward Charlie who was waiting for me, I closed my eyes, I didn’t know how much I closed it, but when I opened it, here I’m back to my real world, in front of the school, Chris Called me:
    – Come on Melena, what are you waiting for?
    I back again and in the same time I left, I got inside, the prom began, I sat down, my head spinning, I don’t understand, how? When and what happened? I drank some water, Chris asked me to dance, I said:
    -Sorry, I can’t now, go and enjoy, I’ll come after a little bit.
    He went to the dance floor, I looked at him, I went to wash room, washed my face, and then I remember, the old lady told me:
    -this is a lesson!
    What lesson and why? What did I do to have all of this? I got back to the prom, I looked around, I found a boy sitting alone, he looks like Charlie in that world, but this boy wears glasses and alone always, I went to him, but he stood up and walked out to the garden, I went behind him, I called:
    -Hey, you, please wait.
    He stopped and turned around to face me:
    – Do you call me?
    -Yes, what’s your name?
    I opened my eyes wide, stepped few steps back, He caught me before I fall down, and said
    – are you okay?
    -Why, do you need something?
    -tell me what’s going on?
    -Why you always alone?
    -Because they don’t like me, I’m not famous, not good looking, like your boyfriend Chris.
    -You came and talked to me once, right?
    -Yes, I like you, but you made fun of me and pushed me away.
    Now I understand why that happened with me, it’s all because of my behavior, my attitude toward him and my family too, I cried. He took me to sit down and said:
    -Are you okay?
    -Do you believe in magic, in fairy tales?
    -You won’t believe if I tell you, my story!
    -Why not, I may believe it. I know you been there because I been there too…
    -What? How?
    -Sometimes Magic is real; sometimes Fairy tales meant to teach us lessons and sometimes we can live in it that happened to you and me. I’m Charlie Robert, I’m not that geek boy, I’m famous and good looking a little bit, rich too.
    He took off his glasses, he said:
    -So, Miss Belle, I like to call you Mebelle.
    I laughed and asked:
    -I don’t know, it just happened as a lesson.
    From then I’m with Charlie, every day I love him more and more, I knew that Chris was with me for my outer beauty, he didn’t love me like Charlie, yeah; it’s wired and crazy story but it happened, sometimes we God give us lessons through magic and fairy tales, that what happened, your father called me Mebelle and he wrote a story called “Mebelle and the world between”.
    She kissed her daughter and turned off the lights…

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