Miss Saint: A Call Sign from Your Personal Demons

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Miss Saint: A Call Sign from Your Personal Demons

Ever done something bad? Perhaps you’ve committed white lies to cover somebody up or stole food to survive? Well, everybody has done something bad.
In this case, it’s something common. It’s something renowned. Ever heard of Goldilocks? Yes, the one with blonde to gold hair, as the name suggest. That energetic girl who went inside the houses of the three bears.
Now goldilocks went inside the houses. As she introspected the internal part of the house she came across three bowls with soups in different temperature. Now the first soup was unfortunately too hot for her. She then grabbed the second soup. She slurped and savored the flavor yet the soup was unfortunately too cold. After, she went on to the third and last bowl of soup. And for her size, it was adequate. The temperature was at perfect sense during her organoleptic trial so she went and finished the howl bowl.
Now may I ask you what comes after a good, tasting soup? She went into the rooms and found herself cozy in one little bed. She hurled herself with the blanket and dozed off as the magnanimous high noon slowly went down.
Finally the bear went home. Upon their dismay they saw their bowls touched and one of them was left without a trace. The three bears frowned as they placed their heads together to solve it out until a snoring sound echoed within their ears.
Goldilocks who was taking a nap woke up from her fairytale dream and into a realistic nightmare. Who wouldn’t be scared to see three bears in front of you? Yet she played nice. Now the real story begins here.
It all started out with her first demon, Gluttony. This uncle of his is always starving making her lured to the scent of the delicious soup. Then came the next demon, her aunt Envy. This one was the demon who urged her to eat the scrumptious soup of the bears. The demon that made her jealous of the things she don’t have.
Upon this, her cousins Lust and Sloth takes place. These two are the unbreakable cousins of hers that tempts her or makes her doze off. These troublesome duo really makes Goldilocks distracted and out of focus.
Continuing on, anger rose from her rocking chair as her sleep was disturbed. Rampaging in her senses and explodes trying to overpower her enemies but in times that her enemies are far too powerful and profound for her Pride, the grandfather takes center stage. With its ego of innocence, or so he sees it, he continuously convinces that he has done nothing wrong protecting himself from humiliation.
And the worst among them all. The one talking to you. I’m inside you, inside Goldilocks, and inside everybody else’s. I’m the worst of them all. I continue to torment you to keep on appealing despite the dangers. I keep on making you believe there is light in a dark room. I am hope, and I am neither at the side of good or bad. Because sometimes being bad has reason it may not be good but with a little bit of me, it is good.

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