Misunderstood: The Truth Revealed

Devyn Hightower December 4, 2017
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The Evil Queen is my name, or at least that’s how I’m known around town. However, I’m not evil nor am I wicked, I’m simply misunderstood. Everyone has their own interpretation of how their life unfolds, and what happens to them, so that is what the purpose of this tale is. I’m finally getting the chance to explain my side, which might I add, is the right side.
It all started when I married the King, who had a young daughter by the name of Snow White, as you all know. It was around this time that I was still known for my stunning beauty, the most attractive in all of the land. But as time went on, and age caught up to me I lost this title. To whom you might be wondering? Snow White, of course. You know the tale.
In this time, beauty was all I had to be proud of, besides being a queen. Life is hard for women. We are vulnerable, taken advantage of and aren’t allowed to do much on our own. With this being said, I could not handle my coming of old age and loss of my youthful beauty. Snow White taking this title in my town for most beautiful was not easy for me to lose, especially since she is not even my own child. I felt like I completely lost myself when my title was stripped from me, I was essentially alone. Nobody could fathom what this did to me.
Let me continue by again stating, I’m not evil, I am just misunderstood. While sending Snow White into the woods to die was not right, it had nothing to do with her. Snow White is a sweet girl, I just needed to reclaim my reputation in town. As for the poisoned apple, just like sending her out into the woods, had nothing to do with her personally. Everyone deals with jealousy, and this was just my way of handling the situation. It may not have been right, but it doesn’t make me a bad person. Besides, Snow lived through it all, which was what I suspected all along. I never wanted her to “actually” die! That’s horrible!
Through it all, I am a good person. Being evil is not something I will be okay with being known as. White Snow Whit being married to Prince Charming, I will gladly let her take the title as queen, I do not want it anyway! I packed my bags up before the wedding, as I know that Snow White will see through my tactics to reclaim my title of most beautiful in town. I am doing what I have to do now, which is leaving before her wedding. I cannot risk what will happen to me if I stay. This is a chance for me to go somewhere new, somewhere unknown and start over. I might even become known for being the most attractive in the new town I escape to!
So there it is, the truth uncovered. I’m not evil, I’m just misunderstood. Take from it what you want, but here is my side, and remember that it is the right one.

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