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Koko Xara September 12, 2020
Kids, Supernatural
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My name is Roy, I love to bake. My friends enjoy what I do and I want to be a baker but my parents want me to be something else because they don’t see prospect in it but I’m ready to prove them wrong. I bake was for the first time when I was 5 years old. It was my auntie who introduced me to baking and , I’m very grateful to her. My parents often go to work leaving me either with my nanny or my auntie

On this day, I was sitting in a bench in our garden with my laptop going through the bakes i made multiple time, i was impressed. I was also searching for new recipes. All of a sudden my parents came outside, looked at my laptop and said, “what are you doing?’’ I said,“looking at recipes’ then you supposed to be studying’’, do not you want to be a doctor?

I said not really I want to be a bak.., then a call from the kitchen both went inside to pick up the call, …er baker but I didn’t finish my statement. Both said we have to work and we called your aunt to come over to help with homework and other things you want to do with her.

When my parents went off, me and my aunt did some baking for dinner. It was fun, we did some rolls and my aunt cooked some hamburgers. I know what you will be thinking, who would you be eating junk tonight. It was homemade,I went to my bedbit tired but I had not sleep yet, I heard my parents come in and open the door, my aunt tidying what remained to tidy up.

I heard my aunt said you work to much our boy have talent baking, my parents gasp a bit shocked but my aunt continued saying are boy will show his talent and you should in role to a baking school to embrace his talent.

When overheard my parents will accept this request from my aunt. Next day, I was overwhelmed today i’m going to show my parents my talent. I woke up, made my bed and the things you do when you wake up. Next I was in the kitchen making buns with jam and a cake. My parents saw me lying on the table then were shocked. I said to them to sit down for an area breakfast, we all sat down to eat.

My mother and father started hmmmmmm and said this is superior and so appetizing and mouth-watering. We should send you to a baking academy besides that I was happy. An upcoming call came in as well as my mum looking for baking school she came across bake for stars. Thereafter, he said tomorrow you will be going to Bake for Stars, well done son.

I started to pack up my books, pencil case and a phone, zip up my bag and sorted my uniform for tomorrow. Today was the day that I’m going to show the world my talents and make my parents proud. Eat my breakfast like a monkey, rush to my bag and pick it up, also wave at my parents, close the door and off to school.

When I saw a glance it was exquisite when I got in. Everyone welcomed me in. Got to class how to make our bread or rolls break, history of famous chefs. I stay at the school for 4 years and 6 months remaining. We had a 6 months competition to be assistant to a famous chef, to pick ten assistants.

I worked so hard for the competition I got 2nd place. The chef takes us in the apartments and shows us how to make the best of the best. I do my best and I hold it. I got chosen with three others. Help you with our own bakery and travel around the world not exactly but we met the queen and served her.

I got my bakery in my own hometown, somewhere in the same country and different place, some travel to the other side of the world. The chef gave us money to travel. I came back home to my parents who met me in their new house. When they open the door I come in running trying both of them and my mum and dad run too and hug me tightly.

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