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Calvin is an honest and smart person. From the time he was schooling everybody in school used to make fun of him and does not respect him due to his unusual appearance in his body but there was a boy ‘Kelson’ clever and honest he never made fun of him or never cornered him they both were friends till they completed their studies in school. After that, they had to travel to different countries for their education, Calvin to Australia and Kelson to Canada. 5 years later they finished their higher studies abroad and returned to Washington. One day Calvin and Kelson decided to meet each other after many years. They both were excited to meet each other after many years. But they had negative thoughts about whether in case it rains or something else happens will we be able to meet? Finally, after many years they met each other and had a long conversation remembering their childhood memories and their past during these five years! They had throwbacks to their past and their school days, they had loads of fun talking about all the fun activities they did together. Calvin was very thankful to kelson for being there for him as a very good friend when all the others were bullying and making fun of him, kelson was glad he had a friend like Calvin. They spent their time wandering on the beach. Kelson and Calvin felt the breeze in their hair and were enjoying the wonderful sunset..! Days past…, and Kelson got to know that Calvin is hiding something important..! Kelson saw that Calvin’s disability was no longer to be seen..! Kelson wanted to ask, but didn’t know-how. He wondered whether Calvin would misunderstand him. But…. Kelson’s anxiety made him spit out asking the reason. At first, Calvin didn’t reply. He took a few breaths and answered saying that he found a wonderful place to live. He explained who his parents were and how life was hard. Kelson got to know that the disability that Calvin has was not from his birth. This happened because of the polluted air inhaled..! Calvin at this point became emotional. Kelson wanted to stop him from remembering the past, but Calvin went on. A few years later, Calvin’s parents had perished which made him an orphan. Calvin had worked had with his courage..! He had so dark, sad, and emotional nights..! Kelson was so surprised to know that Calvin was facing such a situation, but never uttered a word about it in front of others, even to Kelson. Calvin mentioned that he has found a wonderful place to live what did he mean by that??! Calvin explained that now he owes a big garden which he waters every day..! He loved his garden because he loved the smell of the flowers and the flowers had memories of his parents..! He invited Kelson to his home..! Kelson happily accepted the invitation and helped Calvin in his health..! Kelson understood that Calvin
has proved a quote by Winston Churchill, the former prime minister of the United Kingdoms.


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