Odin Journey

Emerson Cummings February 1, 2022
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Odin´s life was your normal day to day basic life (for a king, that is). It was unfulfilling and actually quite dull. He was looking for a different way to live life, a new challenge, a new kingdom to rule. He wanted a new place where no one knew him. He wanted to rule several kingdoms and become the most powerful ruler in all of Asgaard.

Odin resolved to see the Seer of Asgardia. He wanted her to tell him his future. On his way to the village to meet the seer he sees Frigg. Frigg was a wizards apprentice. He did not like her at first. That is a nice way to put it. Odin knew about Frigg but did not put too much thought into getting to know her or talk to her. Odin did not like how powerful she was going to become because only he wanted to be seen as a god.

Odin liked Frida but Frida liked someone else. Once he got word that she would be married to a man the next morning, he had to stop it. The only thing he cared about was to claim his love for her before it was too late. Frida’s father did not like Odin so he banned him and told him never to come back, or his return will be his doom.

The night before the wedding, he went to visit Frida and to claim his love for her. Frida did not want Odin to stay because she was afraid that her father would kill him, but Odin would not listen. Odin asked Frida to come with him and they could live happily ever after. Frida was afraid of what her father would do. She refused to go with him and in a sudden bout of fear grabbed her knife and plunged it into his eye. He was left without sight out of that one eye, forever.

Odin was now worried that know one would want to marry him because of his eye so he went back to the seer. That day, he found out that someone was going to marry him and change his life for the good. The day of Frida’s wedding, he showed up again claiming his love for her but the only problem was Frida’s father was there and yelled at him and had him arrested; making him go to the dungeon and wait until the king talked to him.

Odin was sentenced to death and he got to pick his death. He was hoping to go to Valhalla. The last night before he was going to die, Frigg was the one to bring him food. Odin was not allowing anyone to see him, so he hid in the dark.

That did not matter to Frigg; she liked him for who he was not what he looked like. That night she knocked out the guard and slid the key under the cell. The rest was up to him to escape not knowing Frigg was waiting outside with two horses and bags of supplies to go find a new home.

Years passed and Odin got married to Frigg and had one child named Thor, god of war. Frigg was given a gift of power and she returned to Frida to curse her. Frida was waiting for the day, but never knew when it was going to come. Eventually, Frida was cursed never to have any children again, because of her taking of Odianś eye. Fridaś’s husband had abandoned her and her only son, Loki. Loki protected her and took his men to war to fight Thor to unite the kingdoms, and get back at Odin and Frigg. Thor and Loki chose not to fight each other after their discovery that Fridaś husband was a bad man and that Fridaś father had paid him off to keep her away from Odin.

Thor and Loki decided to work together. They both went to Fridaś ‘father and killed him, leaving Frigg to live her best life with Odin and her sons. And Frida could be free from her father cruel treatment.

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