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    There is a saying that your first love will always be the greatest love in your life.
    As a teenager I used to play with many girls and boys but Elizabeth was different, my name is Kenny and at age 15 I got to know Elizabeth after they moved to our neighborhood and we were studying in the same school. Elizabeth was a fair girl with brown eyes and a dimple , my mother love for me was the greatest but when I found Elizabeth I forgot that I had a mum who breast feed me at age 1.
    Elizabeth was the daughter of Mr. Edward and Mrs. Elizabeth Jane well they were not couples but James Kenny and Margret Kenny who gave to birth to 3 children including me was married , I had 1 brother Thompson and a sister mantilla . I was shy in the face of Elizabeth because she was new and she talks like the great queen of the Great Britain also like an angel in a dream though I never knew her character. Gold Coast City was full of beautiful girls both black and white but she wears the crown, Coleman my bestie was the one who help me to talk to Elizabeth our first chat we had was about nothing special because I was shy. Philo a girl from the next class was jealous where ever she found us been together but as I was not having feelings for her she used to cause us trouble, after 2 years I and Elizabeth became close friends than Coleman and me she was called perfect Elizabeth because of her hard working and how wonderful she was we used to swim, ride and go out together after school but never spent a night together. Both of us came from a family which is not financially stable but in our dreams we were billionaires like The Bill’s, our friendship brought the families together and everyone thought we were dating but that was not the idea of the man but within this 2 years I was able to kiss her forehead and on every weekends we met at the community park to play and to watch others playing and having fun. At age 18 my uncle Joe who was in London send me an invitation to come and study there, it was a long was from I and Elizabeth was to study in the same university but when this happen I was supposed to leave home for 5 years. I said goodbye to Elizabeth the night that I was going for my flight and gave her a kiss.
    Five years of learning trying to become a successful person in life, I met many different girls but I never dated them because none was like my perfect Elizabeth .Blessing a classmate wanted to have fun but I stayed away from her because of the love I had for Elizabeth and Coleman always advice me to stay away from those girls when we are on phone. Five years of studying and not seeing my family for along time and the girl of my dream but the only I got news from them was on skype calls. I returned home after gradating from the university to be with my family and Elizabeth when I returned home there was a home coming party for me but because I was tired I wasn’t able to meet Elizabeth . on Sunday after church I met her at where we used to play and shared memories together, I was an engineer and she was a teacher teaching at the high school all of my life she was the only girl that I have had in my life and for her I was a prince to be the next king.
    At age 27 we decided to get married so we invited our friends to join us celebrate the day before our wedding. We got drunk and is one of the days that I will never forget Elizabeth left to her family house and the wedding was to start at 9:00 am , I was ready waiting for the call of the priest , family and friends was already at church waiting for me and my queen .
    At 8:00am when I was chatting with Elizabeth on phone a video message just came in and automatically it downloaded and it was a porn video in which the girl that I was supposed to put a golden ring on her finger was having sex with 3 men, I was shocked and silence for about 10 minutes I felt like someone just broke my heart dreaming whiles my eyes where open, singing with my mouth closed. I called my parents to come witness what has happen before the wedding even start then I switched off my phone and my parents said that we should stop the wedding, so I left home to my friend Coleman house, sunset was coming I heard no news from the wedding after we turned the wedding down and there was no news about Elizabeth.
    After two weeks life changed for me after I lost Elizabeth I became drunkard and within 2 weeks I spent over 1000 dollars when I was submitted to the hospital. I went to Elizabeth’s home to check her up and asked her family whether they knew about the video, I asked the mum but she refused to answer and there was no sign of Elizabeth there her father also gave no reasonable answer.
    I came back home tried to call her but my number was black listed , my life changed from a university graduate to a drunkard on the street because I couldn’t stand the pains that she has caused and the shame to me and my family . For two years now been 29 years I was thinking about how the video came in and the only one who could have given me a reason was not there whether she is dead or alive , living in sorrows or happiness there was no sound from Elizabeth until one day Coleman saw her on TV.



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