Princess Butterfly

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once upon a time there lived a beautiful princess with skin as pure as her soul, eyes with a hint of mesmerization in them which you can’t escape from loosing into the depths of them. she’s famous in all her neighboring kingdoms not just for her beauty but also for her Witt and intelligence, many prince wanted to become her knight in shining armour but failed, because she already has a knight in shining armor ‘herslef’ but across the oceans there’s a man with magic that can dry up the oceans accompanying him as his power who fell in love with the princess . he went to the castle and asked for Skyla’s hand for marriage which she refused ‘oh so polietly’ . angered the magician turned her into a butterfly and disappeared into thin air before anyone realized what happened. the magician loved her too much to let her go. he promised her that he will give her life back if she marries him but skyla refuse to do so . days passed with her being in the form of a butterfly. but once she got a chance to escape and she did! but the eagle he kept as her guard tried to catch her . she flew and flew and entered into a small cottage inside which she saw a number of paintings of her human form. she tried to escape but she’s week now. the cottage belongs to a painter who is an admirer of skyla’s beauty. he observed this tiny beautiful butterfly with an injured wing moving slowly from painting? to painting like it’s admiring them . he caught the butterfly and keeps it safe. not knowing that itself is the princess he admires the most. two days later he releases it into the nature the princess flew and flew not knowing where to go and reaches a waterfall which reminds her of the waterfall back at her hone to which she used to go on every full moon and sings till her heart content she slowly started weeping humming some tune. that waterfall is home for a goddess . she hears the butterflies mind voice humming noise. impressed she gives her voice and asks to sing aloud. the butterfly dings to it’s heart content which impressed the goddess a lot that she grants Skyla a wish. the butterfly tells her story and asks her to give her human form. but the goddess has no such power to reverse the magician’s magic and she says that she’ll grant her two minutes of her human form and no more, but tells her that the only way to reverse the magic is by killing the magician. Skyla agrees and flews back to the painter and explains herself . inorder to give her life back the painter gets ready to become the warrior . then at that very moment Skyla understands that all she wants is a person who cares for her, admire her just like the painter but not a showoff. they reaches the magician’s castle and while fighting him off the painter would have been killed if Skyla didn’t turned into her human form and places herself in between the painter and the magician’s wand. seeing the princess struggling for life the magician brokes. he love her too much to see her life form fading away . he puts all his magic to keep her alive in process of which he looses his energy and finally turns into dust . the princess goes back to the castle with the painter on her side and lives happily ever after.

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