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She lay on the hard ground, gazing out into the night sky. It was starless and cold, she almost felt that it was cruel, like her. She thought about the days when she and him used to star-gaze; every time they saw one they’d name it, mostly just random words which popped into their minds, Santa, Detention, and so on; a tear found its way into her eyes now, but she quickly wiped it away; she would have to be bold and steel her mind if she was going to face what was coming next. She knew that it would be the last night she would ever see and, without his hands to hold her, she felt lonely; she’d have moved heaven and earth for him, but he was just memories now, it was her brother…

She remembered being told that she would never see her parents again; her brother was there to embrace her in his comforting arms, he was there to assure her that everything was going to be okay, even when all the doors closed around them.

She remembered her brother going on to join the army, she’d begged him not to, but he said that it was a great honor to serve his country and that he’d come back every now and then. She hid in her room when he left as she could not bear to see him leave; sobbing. Thinking about it now made her feel as if it was her greatest mistake, letting him go.

True to his word he came back often, every time with a new badge or two. Soon they moved into a fashionable manor with grand paintings and shining chandeliers and splendid ballrooms; he bought her a great many gowns and jewellery which must have costed a fortune, but it was not them that she wanted, it was him. However, she tried her best to enjoy them all and stay happy as she knew that he would be sad if she did not.

With his dedication he quickly rose to the top, and since her brother was a respected man in the society, they both were invited to many parties which were some of the best days she had ever known, watching him crack crazy jokes, while the daughters of high men tried their best to charm him, but he had eyes only for her; she was the only woman in his life. There were many hunting parties too when he would return with the other men, hoisting stag heads, completely drunk, but he would be sober as soon as he saw her. He was like her gallant knight in shining armour.

But the day when he was late in coming home changed her. She knew that something was wrong, even before she was informed that he had laid down his life serving his nation; his funeral was a grand one, decorated in white, but her own heart turned black that day. She cried for what seemed like hours, until all the pain had burned out of her, until she decided to avenge him. Whoever had the guts to murder him was going to pay!

She knew that she couldn’t do it, at the very least not as the quiet little lady she was. And so it came as a shock to everybody when she joined the army, they thought that she was nothing like the warrior her twin was. She trained hard, it was not easy for her as she was not accustomed to this sort of strenuous physical exercise, but her determination got her through it all, even when they mocked her saying that a lady can’t make it to the top. She made sure they regretted it, every time she felt weak, she thought about him and her spirits rose.

By the time she reached her brother’s post, she was a changed woman. Her once delicate body was now corded with muscle. She slowly plotted her revenge; she went through some trouble to find who the killer was, but she managed. To her horror, she also found out that her brother was tortured before he died, the killer had cut open his veins and left him, that way to bleed to death. She decided that she would make him suffer too, just a hundredfold more pain!!!Her waiting and planning was finally put to motion when she got an invite to a peace treaty. The man she was after was not a common one, in fact he was a commander-in-chief to another country’s army. Her brother had been killed so that without his excellent leadership, the army would be lost, like sheeps without their shepherd.

She was advised not to engage in any act of violence during the treaty, but they fell on deaf ears. She hid some rope and dagger inside her handbag which nobody noticed, anyway who would go around inspecting the handbags of beautiful women? The killer was a heavily –built man who took no chances with any man, but he did have a certain weakness for women; using this to her advantage, she lured the man into a private room and locked the door and before he could make out what was happening, his limbs were tied to a chair and his mouth was muffled.

She took her time as she cut his veins, slowly like he did to her brother, all the while he screamed in agony to relieve him of his pain. She however did not pay him any attention and started to flay him, slowly…slowly, peeling it off until he passed out; she slapped him awoke and continued, this went on until he joined her brother in the eternal darkness.

After this was done, she laughed in a most hysterical way that even hyenas would have been ashamed if they heard it; she let a pearl drop slip from her eyes now.

As she was brought up to be honest, after her deed, turned herself in and when the judge heard her story and the fact that she accepted her crime, allowed her one last wish before she was to be executed; she requested for one last glance of this view…

She felt as if her work was done, as if a massive burden had been lifted off her, and she felt… well… tired. She closed her eyes one last time…

Fate was kind to her that she did not wake up to see another sunrise…

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