Rapunzel written by Elizabeth Langford June 2023

Elizabeth Langford November 11, 2023
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A long time ago in faraway deep in an enchanted forest there stood the worst hair salon in the history of time deep there was a little girl called Rapunzel she had beautiful golden long hair there was a naughty witch who was the woman ran it who couldn’t tell the difference between a pair of scissors and a hot air balloon her assistant Malik was a black cat of doubtful origins and when it came to cutting hair the cat was the lesser of the two evils Rapunzel lives in the tower she also had a beautiful adopted daughter called Rapunzel this is my eleventh story on the list there was a little fairy there the hair salon stood on the top floor of a large brick tower the tower had only one door also at the top a wooden staircase led there from outside she was called Jasmine she was on her way to rescue Rapunzel from the tower Rapunzel was very happy in the salon and she would walk around humming a sweet lovely tune as she helped her mother and Malik she had many friends and she was popular with the customers her bliss was part of the reason people came to the salon she was also smart enough never to let anyone there cut her hair then the story was told that a young prince was coming to rescue her too but her sense happiness was destined to be tragically disturbed one cold winter day it was the middle of the story that day started just like any other day but at exactly two p.m. a tall dark stranger climbed up the stairs cutting the line and walked straight into the hair salon like he owned the place the wind was very loud I’d like to speak with the owner now the story was very good she’s gone to the market today said Malik the world was very magical we’re a bit understaffed so you’ll have to wait now the story was real the young man was no other than the famous Prince John the richest man in the kingdom
what did you just say to me? the land was very busy I said you have to wait said Malik the dream was true what? do you know what who I am? no but by the staring it seem some of the ladies do you’re quite distraction please get back in line I’m surprised you don’t recognise me get used to the disappointment right I see where this is going how much? how much what? how much money? I’m the richest man in this kingdom that’s okay nobody’s perfect I’ll pay more than everyone this month put together just get me in a chair thanks but no thanks get back in line and try to grow some patience I beg your pardon don’t beg just get in line I need back to work here if you’re bored while waiting you can speak to Rapunzel Prince John was shocked nobody ever dared speak to him that way he was adored and treated like the royalty that he was and he was used to the finer things in life he ate gourmet desserts for breakfast he had four yachts one for sailing in each direction he drove the finest horse carriages since the invention of the wheel and he drove them fast and hard he admired and he was handsome he was tall and dark and had deep piercing eyes he wore shiny coats and was always silk-clean shaved he smelled like the wild midnight on an adventurous cruise he slept in the best suits at the best inns and he never slept alone the light was very beautiful that’s because Prince John had strong muscles everywhere Prince John was not only the richest in this kingdom he was also the most evil man in his kingdom he was about to take out his sword to slay Malik when he saw Rapunzel her hair woven into a long braid was a golden decoration to the room and her clear blue eyes shined like sapphires she was sweeping the fallen hair on the floor and her lovely hum filled the air in the most enchanting way her olive dress swirled softly

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