Rapunzel written by Elizabeth Langford June 2023

Elizabeth Langford November 12, 2023
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A long time ago in faraway deep in an enchanted forest there stood the worst hair salon in the history of time deep there was a little girl called Rapunzel she had beautiful golden long hair there was a naughty witch who was the woman ran it who couldn’t tell the difference between a pair of scissors and a hot air balloon her assistant Malik was a black cat of doubtful origins and when it came to cutting hair the cat was the lesser of the two evils Rapunzel lives in the tower she also had a beautiful adopted daughter called Rapunzel this is my eleventh story on the list there was a little fairy there the hair salon stood on the top floor of a large brick tower the tower had only one door also at the top a wooden staircase led there from outside she was called Jasmine she was on her way to rescue Rapunzel from the tower Rapunzel was very happy in the salon and she would walk around humming a sweet lovely tune as she helped her mother and Malik she had many friends and she was popular with the customers her bliss was part of the reason people came to the salon she was also smart enough never to let anyone there cut her hair then the story was told that a young prince was coming to rescue her too but her sense happiness was destined to be tragically disturbed one cold winter day it was the middle of the story that day started just like any other day but at exactly two p.m. a tall dark stranger climbed up the stairs cutting the line and walked straight into the hair salon like he owned the place the wind was very loud I’d like to speak with the owner now the story was very good she’s gone to the market today said Malik the world was very magical we’re a bit understaffed so you’ll have to wait now the story was real the young man was no other than the famous Prince John the richest man in the kingdom
what did you just say to me? the land was very busy I said you have to wait said Malik the dream was true what? do you know what who I am? no but by the staring it seem some of the ladies do you’re quite distraction please get back in line I’m surprised you don’t recognise me get used to the disappointment right I see where this is going how much? how much what? how much money? I’m the richest man in this kingdom that’s okay nobody’s perfect I’ll pay more than everyone this month put together just get me in a chair thanks but no thanks get back in line and try to grow some patience I beg your pardon don’t beg just get in line I need back to work here if you’re bored while waiting you can speak to Rapunzel Prince John was shocked nobody ever dared speak to him that way he was adored and treated like the royalty that he was and he was used to the finer things in life he ate gourmet desserts for breakfast he had four yachts one for sailing in each direction he drove the finest horse carriages since the invention of the wheel and he drove them fast and hard he admired and he was handsome he was tall and dark and had deep piercing eyes he wore shiny coats and was always silk-clean shaved he smelled like the wild midnight on an adventurous cruise he slept in the best suits at the best inns and he never slept alone the light was very beautiful that’s because Prince John had strong muscles everywhere Prince John was not only the richest in this kingdom he was also the most evil man in his kingdom he was about to take out his sword to slay Malik when he saw Rapunzel her hair woven into a long braid was a golden decoration to the room and her clear blue eyes shined like sapphires she was sweeping the fallen hair on the floor and her lovely hum filled the air in the most enchanting way her olive dress swirled softly Prince John looked at her perfect figure and kindness and gentility in her eyes and she stopped for a moment and looked straight at his posture and just like that at first sight they hated everything about each other how can I help you sir? I’d like to have my hair cut you’ve come to the right place yeah right is there anything I can do for you? he looked at her from top to bottom probably not
then how about you take a seat here and we’ll get you in the queue? fine when his turn finally arrived Malik did his best to please Prince John but his style was not exactly fit for John’s luxury when Prince John returned home he looked in the mirror and got very angry that cat Malik I bet his mother was nothing than a the line of appropriate curses to describe what Prince John thought about Malik’s mother is too long to be given here Prince John was mad with anger and diligent he used every single one of these curses after two days of cursing he was just getting more and more angry and his evil rage burned in his veins so he ordered his to burn down the hair salon and leave no trace of it and leave no trace of it incidentally Prince John was right about Malik’s mother a week later when the salon owner was away again a group of Prince John’s men came at night to set the hair salon on fire but when they tried to burn it down the fire only destroyed the wooden staircase and the brick tower remained unharmed In the morning, the salon customer returned and found a group of customers waiting at the bottom of the tower what happened? prince John sent his men to bun the salon in the night mama the salon owner looked up Rapunzel waved to her are you all right honey? how is Malik? we’re good but we are stuck we don’t what to do without the stairs we can’t come down
the salon owner thought about this in what could only described as a spark of genius she released into the world one of the most famous sentences in fairy tale history
Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down you hair brilliant said Malik Rapunzel grabbed a pair of scissors and cut her braid right below the shoulders she tied the braid strongly around one of the iron pillars and threw it down the crowd clapped and the salon became the greatest sensation of the kingdom overnight and Rapunzel looked even more beautiful with her new hairdo Prince John was furious he needed a new plan to get his revenge he ordered his men to spy on the hair salon and the next time the owner was away he made his move at dawn right after the owner left he approached tower and hid between the bushes below Rapunzel, Rapunzel, he imitated the salon owner’s voice let down your hair Rapunzel threw the braid down without a wink Prince John set the braid on fire but when the flames touched the tip the entire braid turned instantly into gold Rapunzel and Malik stared at it they had no idea how this could possibly happen nor had they ever seen so much gold in one place Prince John was now the second richest man in his kingdom I’ll get you for this he cried he tried to cut the golden braid but it moved away from his sword he tried to pull it down but it was immune to him so he climbed up the hair got to the top and aimed his sword at Rapunzel come with me and no one gets hurt why would you want me to come with you? so we can grow your hair again and get another golden braid step aside Rapunzel said Malik I’ll handle him there are two things you need to know about me mister there is no martial art in this world that I haven’t mastered and I’ve got nine lives don’t Malik said Rapunzel I’ll go with him what? why? he’s mine let me kick his butt Malik please if you fight him his guards will destroy the place I will go on the condition that you leave the hair salon alone done said Prince John and marry her said Malik what? said Rapunzel and the prince you’re about to ride off with the man who has the worst reputation with women in this country a deal is a only if it only works for everybody the prince and Rapunzel looked at each other in disgust well? said Malik okay deal Malik stood at the top of the tower and watched Prince John and Rapunzel climb down and then he used his magic dust and changed everything the dust landed softly on the prince’s eyes but he was so absorbed in the climb that he didn’t notice magic dust is unlike any other type of magic It’s the joker the wild card there’s no knowing what it might do that night the king died the prince was informed by his chief of staff the king is dead your highness I mean your majesty tomorrow morning will be your coronation in the morning Prince John woke up to the most important of his life the day he would be King and he couldn’t see a thing Rapunzel was woken by her new maid and was immediately sent to meet Prince John they had signed their marriage agreement the night before had a quick royal wedding they would both wish to forget and had a quick royal church wedding and then they slept in separate rooms Prince John was sitting with his back towards her when she entered the room leave us he told his chief of staff who was the only person there Rapunzel approached his chair softly I’m so sorry about your father I hope you are all right I’m fine but he sounded so sad if there is anything I can do please let me know please thank you The said and started to turn he was grabbing the chair as he tried to get up but he stumbled Rapunzel rushed to him are you all right? he turned his face towards her direction but his eyes were looking in the wrong direction oh dear are you blind? the prince nodded oh you loved him so much what? your father you loved him so much that when you heard he died you cried yourself blind you that’s possible he did cry but only a little bit it was his first time so he assumed it was a lot I will help you how? I will hold your hand during the coronation and walk down the aisle with you very slowly you can just look down and people will think it’s because you are mourning nobody needs to know the truth he was surprised no one had ever shown him kindness before why are you so nice to me after everything I’ve done to you? to teach you Rapunzel helped Prince John dress and prepare for the ceremony the chief of the staff who was the only other person who knew the truth helped them walk to the ceremony the ceremony was short Rapunzel held the prince’s hand as they walked slowly down the aisle the crown was placed on his head and he kneeled and held out his hand to receive the king’s sword when he stood he waved in all directions blindly then the ceremony was over and Rapunzel helped him back to his suite a few days passed but the king’s sight did not improve Rapunzel helped as much as she could and did her best to conceal the awful secret for convenience she moved her belongings into his room I will sleep on your couch until you can see again this was in no way a sacrifice since the expensive couch he owned was larger than his bed are you sure? I am your wife I should do this thank you for everything you are welcome she smiled I was wrong about you Rapunzel how so? you are very sexy the weeks went by and the king was still blind Rapunzel was always by his side and she kept coming up with creative ways to conceal his terrible secret from everyone even from her mother and Malik when they visited he couldn’t her kindness whenever he needed her she was there and she was always patient at night he would listen to her breathe and it would calm down during the days her sweet humming voice would be his favourite music she was his first waking thought every morning and his last before falling asleep at night he felt strong for being weak she was also very easy to please he’d never met a woman like that before making her happy made him happy and he made sure that she was kept happy there were jewellery and roses and chocolate and all the comforts she could ever desire courting her became his new hobby sex became hers Rapunzel was a very quick study and there came a day when Rapunzel tried to count twenty-eight and failed miserably the queen is pregnant the kingdom was overjoyed and the baby came nine months later as they often do the hair salon sent a patch of Rapunzel’s golden hair as a present along with Malik when he entered the royal chamber he found King John sitting alone near the window I think we both why I’m here said Malik If you’re going to kill me do it right away I’m not a very patient man Malik laughed yes you are I actually came here to congratulate you in the past year I’ve heard how you’ve been listening to your people how they would come here to this room and you would hear them with your eyes closed and help everyone in Rapunzel has been an inspiration I can see that I only wish I could see my little baby girl I suppose you know my secret things like that can’t escape a cat I’m truly sorry for your inconvenience that’s okay there’s nothing you can do now who says there’s nothing I can do? what do you mean? what can you do? ever heard of magic dust? you have magic dust? and you’ll use it to help me? how could I ever repay you? don’t worry about it think of it as a token of respect between two rivals who became friends between thank you that is really kind oh and stay a good man and once again Malik used his magic dust on John that the baby wouldn’t sleep they tried everything bottles diapers warm bed cold bed songs boring poems cradle and drugs for everybody else Rapunzel went to town to buy specials herbs that soothe crying babies and earplugs and a bottle of rum King John was left alone with his crying daughter what is it? what can we do for you darling? but she just kept crying he hugged her close when John held her like that a couple of her tears dropped straight into his eyes for a moment everything stopped it was as if the doors of heaven had opened and he felt a relaxation in his eyes that almost put him to sleep right away the baby was suddenly silent they looked at her perfect serene face and he saw it perfectly he couldn’t wait to tell Rapunzel in the morning Rapunzel rushed to the hair salon to thank Malik I was just to come visit you dear said her mother so I saved you a journey the baby and John are in the carriage I thought we’d go for a ride and you can finally meet her splendid can I meet you downstairs? I just wanted a moment with Malik sure I can’t wait to meet my little granddaughter the salon owner rushed down and Rapunzel was left alone with Malik who was sharpening his fingernails to prepare the cutting people’s hair thank you so much for helping John I was also the reason he went blind I figured did you tell him? no better this way so what’s the catch? catch? every time you use that magic dust something happens like with my hair you used it on me accidently when I was a little girl and it gave it magical immunity fire turned it into gold that was unplanned yes but this is true so? so where did my husband’s evil go? Is that Is that what’s bothering you? I have a good marriage I want it to remain that way then don’t worry about it I don’t know where John’s evil went the best thing you can do is just forget it was ever there the story was true you’re going to have a very good marriage with a kind man the land was very still forget the rest the rainbow was very colourful it doesn’t matter right? the light was very beautiful hum okay I will follow your advice thank you that day Rapunzel her mother and king John rode with the baby into the woods to have a wonderful family day as they did for many years to come the years passed and they were good years Rapunzel had a very good marriage with a good kind man and a good kind king they had their happily ever after and Rapunzel followed Malik’s advice and forgot about John’s old evil ways as the days did the kingdom but magic never forgets a long time ago about three generations after we started there lived an evil old lady who liked to scare her little granddaughter with wolf stories and her mother’s name was Rapunzel the story ends now

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