Red in the 'Hood

Jaz Stutley April 30, 2019
5 min read
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Here’s the story of Red in the ‘hood
Who lived in a city – not in a wood.
She was hangin’ out and doin’ okay
Till a big bad wolf crossed her path one day.

“Here’s a parcel of cookies,” said Red Hood’s mum.
“Please drop it at Gran’s.” Said Red: “No fun!
I wanted to throw a few baskets instead.”
“Just do as you’re told,” said her momma, Big Red.

She cut across town to save some time,
Down a narrow back lane where the sun don’t shine,
When Wilbur Wolfie strolled into view.
“Uh-oh,” thinks Red, but said, “Hi, you!”

He bared his teeth in a horrible grin
And said, “Hi, Red baby – where you been?
And what have you got in your ol’ backpack?
Are you going my way, as a matter of fact?”

“Why should I tell?” said Red in the ‘hood.
“You’re mean and evil and up to no good.
I just took a course in self-defense –
You’d better watch out if you’ve got any sense!”

So Wilbur Wolfie backed off and ran,
And Red in the ‘hood called in on Gran;
Met up with her besties down on the block,
And got to the court by three o’clock.

But Wolfie still followed her all around town.
He liked her style, but she turned him down.
He didn’t think she was so big and tough,
So the very next week he called her bluff.

Waiting at Gran’s with a few of the guys,
Wilbur wore a bizarre disguise.
Red had to laugh when she saw his face –
Wolves look silly in frillies and lace!

“Where’s Gran?” asked Red. “She’s not in her bed …”
“We sent her out for pizza,” he said.
“What a cowardly pack …” Little Red began;
And then in the door came Big Red and Gran.

The three stood around and they laughed so hard
That he threw off the nightie, ran out to the yard.
Wolfie left in a huff with all his friends.
And I guess this is where this story ends …

That’s the rap of Red in the ‘hood
Who lived in a city – not in a wood.

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