Royal Family : The Movie

Kelani McClendon February 22, 2019
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    ( Annie woke up to her alarm and her sisters and brothers talking)

    (Annie went and changed into something cute, Today she has to go to school and luckly tonight she is eating with one of her besties)

    (Annie’s Outfit:
    Shirt: Blue crop hoodie
    Pants: Ripped jeans
    Shoes: Blue Converse
    Hair: Straightened
    Make up: Natural
    Acessories: Purse, phone, bookbag)

    (Annie went downstairs)

    Princess Annie: Good Moring Mom.
    Queen Katie: Hello dear!
    Princess Liv: Moring!
    King Billy: Good Moring Oliva and Julianna!
    Princess Hayley: Moring Mommy and Daddy!
    Queen+King: Good moring HayHay!
    Prince Carson: Moring!
    Queen+King: Moring Carson!
    Prince Caleb: Hello!
    Queen+King: Moring!
    Princess Annie: Who are we eatting dinner with this time mom?
    Princess Oliva: Probaly Ruby!
    Princess Hayley: Piper!
    Prince Carson: Ooh!, Hayden!
    Prince Caleb: Yah!
    Princess Annie: Ew!, Princess Mackenzie or my besties!
    Queen+King: Well, Its definetly not Annie’s, Oliva’s, or Hayley’s friends.
    Queen: Its the Summerall’s!

    (Annie’s mouth dropped opened as she heard Prince Hayden’s name came out of the Queen’s mouth)

    Queen: Is there something wrong dear?
    Princess Annie: Yes!
    King: What’s the matter?
    Princess Annie: Prince Hayden!
    Queen: Oh, dear you and Hayden needs to get along!
    Princess Annie: But why?
    King: Its not Healthy for the Prince and Princess to Dislike eachother all of these years!
    Princess Annie: But I was prefectly fine!
    Queen: Dear, You need to stop this adment!
    Princess Annie: I cant do that!
    King: And why is that?
    Princess Annie: I Dont like Prince Hayden!
    Queen: Well, they are coming here for breakfast also!
    Princess Annie: Nooooo!
    King: Julianna, be nice!
    Princess Annie: Fine!

    (With The Summeralls in there castle)

    (Hayden’s pov: I woke up to my alarm, it is too early to get up, and school doesn’t start until like 11, but I got dressed and headed downstairs and I asked my dad this question)

    Prince Hayden: Hey Dad?
    King Jimmy: Yes?
    Prince Hayden: Why are we up so early?
    Queen Trisha: Well, we are going to the LeBlanc’s!
    Prince Hayden: What!
    King Jimmy: Go sit down Hayden!

    (The summeralls drove over to the LeBlanc’s and Hayden saw Annie’s Sbilings go into the Back of the Castle and went up to There door)

    (Annie’s pov: Once my sisters and brothers left to play, I heard the door bell, Baliwick was going to get it, but then my Mom told me to get the door, I opened it and Hugged Haydens Brothers and Sisters and his Mom and Dad and walked away closing the door in his face and My mom yelled at me)

    Princess Annie: Hello King Jimmy!(hugs)
    King Jimmy: Look at you princess annie, you have grown up!(Hugs and lets go)
    Princess Annie: (giggles) Not that much!
    Queen Trisha: So, No hug from Princess Annie?
    Princess Annie: Hello Queen Trisha!(Hugs)
    Queen Trisha: Aww, My sweet Princess Annie!, How are u?(Hugs and lets go)
    Princess: Im good!
    Prince Hunter: Hello Princess annie!(Hugs)
    Princess Annie: Hunter!(Hugs and lets go)
    Princess Jayden: Annieeeeee!!!(hugs)
    Princess Annie: Jayyyyyddddddddeeeeennnnn!!!!(hugs tight and lets go)

    (Annie finished hugging everyone and walked with Jayden to there dinning room and closed the door on Hayden)

    Queen Katie: Julianna!
    Princess Annie: Yes Mom?
    Queen Katie: Go and get Hayden!
    Princess Annie: Okay.

    (Annie left her chair that was next to Jayden and went to the door and opened it and Closed it behind Hayden)

    Princess Jayden: Anns!
    Princess Annie: Yea Jay?
    Princess Jayden: We have a project!!
    Princess Annie: Ekkk!
    Prince Hayden: What is so exciting?
    Princess Annie: Nothing about u!, or you being here!

    (Skipping to after breakfast)

    Princess Annie: May I be excused?
    Queen Katie: Yes you may, Just Take Prince Hayden.
    Princess Annie: May I take Jayden?
    King Jimmy: No you may not.
    Princess Jayden: Im so sorry bestie…
    Queen Trisha: Hayden, you may go with Princess annie.

    (Prince Hayden and Princess Annie went up to princess Oliva’s and Princess Annie’s room)(Both of them have 2 closets, 2 bathrooms, 2 beds, and 2 dressers)

    (Princess Hayden sat on Princess Annie’s Chair)

    Princess Annie: Um, may u move?
    Prince Hayden: Why?
    Princess Annie: Because that is my chair.
    Prince Hayden: So?, you have a bed!
    Princess Annie: (Sighs) You know what, I’ll be a nice princess, and let you sit on the floor!
    Prince Hayden: I dont feel like moving.
    Princess Annie: Okay, Fine.

    (Princess annie goes to prince hayden and push him off of her chair)

    Princess Annie: Perfect!
    Prince Hayden: Your such a Royal Pain, you know that?!
    Princess Annie: Im not a royal pain!
    Prince Hayden: Sure your not!
    Prince Hayden: And you know what else you are?
    Princess Annie: WHAT ELSE CAN I POSSIBLY BE?!
    Prince Hayden: A LIAR, JERK AND A NO GOODER!!!

    (Princess annie felt tears coming down her eyes)

    (Princess Annie went over to Prince Hayden and Slapped across his face and it looked like it hurts and Princess annie was tearing up so much)

    (Princess annie’s pov: I can’t believe Prince Hayden said that about me, I always thought that when I did nothing wrong to Prince Hayden that he will go away, but Thanks to my Parents that Prince hayden had to come over and walk into my room and Call me A royal Pain, Lair, A no gooder and a Jerk really upset me, because that’s what I called Prince Hayden when he Cheated on me years ago, I hate Prince Hayden and will always hate him, he made me upset and I still Can’t believe my eyes….)

    (Prince Hayden got up and walked away from annie’s room)

    (Skipping to In school)

    Jayden: Hey!
    Annie: I dont wanna speak.
    Kenzie: Why?
    Annie: …..Ask Jayden’s brother.
    Mads: What did hayden do?
    Annie: He called me names that hurts me.
    Rylie: Like?
    Annie: Royal Pain, Lair, No gooder princess, and Jerk!
    Brooke: Why would he say that?
    Annie: I dont know!
    Jayden: Im sorry.
    Annie: Its Fine, where’s dylan anyways?
    Dylan: Hey, sorry im late.
    Annie: Its fine, where were u?
    Dylan: Sebastion wanted me…
    Brooke: Okay, Hayden’s friends are cute.
    Jayden: I mean, Conner is.
    Kenzie: So is Orlando.
    Brooke: Greg.
    Mads: Charles.
    Rylie: Cayden.
    Dylan: Sebastion Moy.
    Annie: Ew, gross.

    (Princess annie went to class and she had to sit next to Pince Hayden)

    (Princess Annie’a pov: I HATE sitting by him, but It gets worset, I have alll classes with him, maybe I wont talk to him like a princess should)

    Teacher: Okay, welcome Back to Royal High!
    Teacher: Today we will be doing a Friendship and the Meaning of Love.
    Teacher: So, here is an prime example.
    Teacher: The meaning of love is when everyone is happy and in love with eachother, and when you are having an intense feeling of blank.
    Teacher: So, now I will be picking your partners.
    Teacher: Alex and Serna
    Teacher: Maddie and Jack
    Teacher: Zoe and Justin
    Teacher: Mackenzie and Johnny
    Teacher: Jayden and Conner
    Teacher: Sebastion and Dylan
    Teacher: Annie Rose and Austin Brown
    Teacher: Asher angle and Ruby
    Teacher: Lauren and Carson
    Teacher: William and Nida
    Teacher: Rylie and Cayden
    Teacher: Brooke and Greg
    Teacher: Madison and Charles
    Teacher: Mark and Monica
    Teacher: Brooklyn and Zac
    Teacher: Bailey and Ashton
    Teacher: Sophie and Chris
    Teacher: Malia and Nick
    Teacher: Annie and Hayden
    Teacher: Okay, any questions?

    (Annie raised her hand)

    Teacher: Yes, Princess annie?
    Annie: Why do I have to be partners with Prince Hayden?
    Teacher: Well, I have a good feeling you 2 will get along.
    Annie: Okay, and what are we supposed to write this on??
    Teacher: Paper, and each one of u will present it.

    (Princess annie layed her head down and Prince Hayden looked at her and Princess annie took 2 sheets of paper out and Handed one to Prince Hayden)

    Prince Hayden: So, what are we going to do First?
    Princess Annie: How about you leave me alone? and work on one by yourself and I will also.
    Prince Hayden: I dont think it works like that!
    Princess Annie: Well, Deal with it.

    (Princess annie and Prince Hayden worked on their projects)

    (Skipping to Annie’s locker)

    (Princess Annie Pov: I was walking to my locker and I opened it, Then after that I walked to Math Class until someone pulled me into the Janitors closet and turned the lights on, it was Prince Hayden)

    Princess Annie: What do u want?
    Prince Hayden: Look, You need to Change!
    Princess Annie: Why?!
    Prince Hayden: Your acting like a royal pain!
    Princess Annie: Well, no!
    Prince Hayden: Fine then.

    (Princess Annie’s pov: After I said no, Prince Hayden went to me and punched me on my cheek, it hurts so bad, but i didnt cry until he left. I slid down covering my Face with my books and cry, after I was done crying I walked into Class early and Prince Hayden was there, He had a “What Have I done?” Look, but I just egnored it and Sat down. We did our essays and Prince Hayden Looked at me with that same Look on his face as earlier, but I looked at him and rolled my eyes, It was almost lunch and I was excited)

    (At Lunch)

    Princess Jayden: Hey!
    Princess Annie: Hey!
    Princess Kenzie: Hey!
    Princess Annie: Hey!
    Princess Brooke: Guys Guys GUYS!!!!
    Princess Annie: What is it?
    Princess Brooke: Prince Greg…..Asked me out!!!!

    (All the Princesses squealed)

    Princess Annie: Oh my Princess!, congrats!!
    Princess Kenzie: Yayy!, now your parents won’t pick your Boyfriend!
    Princess Annie: Kenz, we get it, Your mom is decieding!
    Princess Kenzie: Its sooo unfair.
    Princess Mads: Oh yeah, and Charles Asked me outtttt!!!!
    Princess Annie: Omg!, what did u say?!
    Princess Mads: YESSSSS!!!

    (All of the Princesses squealed)

    Princess Annie: Im going to get another cherry smoothie.
    Kenzie: Okay!

    (Annie went to the lunch line and Hayden saw annie walking away and joined her)

    Hayden: Hey.
    Annie: Hello.
    Hayden: So, uh, Princess Annie…
    Annie: Its Princess Julianna to you!
    Hayden: Look, Princess Julianna, I appologize for ever hurting your feelings.
    Annie: It’s okay, but why did you do it?
    Hayden: I guess I was all Royaled up on you, that I forgot how sensetive you are and how hurt you’ll be.
    Annie: Well, I am a Good princess, and what you said, made me feel like a terrible princess…
    Hayden: May I make it up to u?
    Annie: Yes you may, but how, if you don’t mind me asking?
    Hayden: I do mind you asking, and remember the project?
    Annie: Yes?
    Hayden: I want to do it by talking about how we were friends and a Royal couple, to now.
    Annie: Oh…
    Hayden: And, I know what Love really means now..
    Annie: You do?
    Hayden: Yes, I do.
    Annie: What does it mean??
    Hayden: That, when you really love someone, you are all intests, and have Royal butterflies in you tummy…
    Annie: Wow, you remembered what I said?
    Hayden: Every word.(stares at annie)
    Annie: Love is something that you just cant be without it, like butterflies or even if royality, Love is many other things..
    Hayden: But one thing about love is that…..
    Annie: (kisses Hayden)
    Hayden: (Kissed Back and pulled away)
    Annie: Prince Hayden….
    Hayden: Princess Julianna, I Love you, will you be my Royal Girlfriend again??????
    Annie: Yes, I will prince Hayden!

    (Princess annie and Prince Hayden hugged and after that princess annie and prince hayden saw their friends sitting by eachother)

    Annie: Really?
    Kenzie: We knew this will happen.
    Annie: How?
    Jayden: Easy, Hayden would appologize and this will happen!
    Annie: So, you girls just planned it?
    Brooke: Nope.
    Annie: Then, what did u girls do?
    Mads: I told them that Hannie would never be mad for a long time.
    Annie: Seriously?
    Rylie: She did.
    Annie: Okay, we were only mad at eachother for like 2 weeks.
    Dylan: And thats unhealthy for the royals!
    Annie: What about the villiagers?
    Kenzie: Thats them!
    Johnny: And, we all have news to share anyways!
    Annie: Okay, who wants to go first?(Sits down next to kenz)
    Hayden: Babe?
    Annie: Yes Babe?
    Hayden: I want to sit by Conner.
    Annie: Okay……
    Kenzie: We will go!
    Johnny: Me and Kenzie are dating and I like her!(Outta breath)

    (Skipping to after school)

    Annie: Heyyy Handsome prince!(lays head on his shoulders)
    Hayden: Heyy my cutie princess!
    Annie: So, what are u doing after school?
    Hayden: Getting my Prince outfitting.
    Annie: Aww, I’m sure you’ll be the cutest prince everr!(holds his hand)
    Hayden: And you’ll be the Prettests Princess everr!(Hold her hand)
    Annie: I’ll see you at our royal family dinner?
    Hayden: Yes, you will Baby.
    Jayden: Hey!
    Annie: Hey Bestie!
    Hayden: Hey Sis!
    Jayden: Mom and Dad wants us home right away.
    Hayden: Jayden, we are almost at our castle!
    Annie: I have to go.
    Hayden: Awe, whyyyy?!
    Annie: My Limo is on its way here, bye my Handsome Prince!
    Hayden: Bye My Cutie Princess!
    Annie: Bye Jayden!
    Jayden: Bye Anns!, see u tonight?
    Annie: See u tonight!

    (Annie gets inside of the limo and Prince Hayden and Princess Jayden went into theirs)

    (Skipping to Princess Annie’s Castle)

    Queen: Hello Honey!
    Princess annie: Hello!
    King: How was your day??
    Princess Annie: Good!
    Hayley: What was so good about it?
    Carson: Annie and Hayden are dating now.
    Annie: Wow, thanks sooo much Carson!
    Liv: Wait, you and Hayden are back together?
    Annie: Yeah.
    Mom: Well, Congrats annie!
    Annie: Thanks.
    Hayley: Why is there a red mark on you?
    Caleb: That Looks like a punch Mark….
    Annie: Um, Can we know what’s for our Royal famil dinner??
    Mom: Julianna, did some villager punch you?
    Annie: No!
    Dad: Did Hayden punch u?
    Annie: No!
    Liv: Hayden had the same mark on his cheek….
    Annie: I didn’t hit him and he didnt hit m-

    (Hayden rang the doorbell and annie ran to get it)

    Hayden: Hey Babe, why are u outta breath?
    Annie: Hey, I need to talk to you..
    Hayden: Okay, is everything okay?
    Annie: Yes, everything is fine, lets go out for a walk in the royal graden while we talk!
    Hayden: Um, Okay?

    (With Hannie)

    Hayden: What is wrong?
    Annie: My Parents and Sbilings saw this!(shows hayden the mark)
    Hayden: Oh no, I thought it would go away!
    Annie: It didnt!
    Hayden: Im really sorry annie..
    Annie: I dont want us to be spereated…(looks down)
    Hayden: Look at me, you won’t be spereated to me…..
    Annie: Are u sure?
    Hayden: Positive….
    Annie: But what about this?
    Hayden: You’ll just have to cover this up with make-up.
    Annie: What kind of make-up?
    Hayden: The one that makes you, you.
    Annie: Awww, thanks babe!
    Hayden: Anytime,now, lets go inside and head straight to you room..
    Annie: (Sighs) Okay…
    Hayden: Don’t worry, it will be okay.

    (They ran upstairs and closed and lock the door)

    Hayden: Okay, that was easy!
    Annie: Yeah, im going to put make up on.
    Hayden: Im just going to sit here.
    Annie: (giggles) Okayyyy….
    Hayden: I Love your giggles.

    (Annie runs to her bathroom and puts make-up on)

    (After Annie finished)

    Hayden: Okay, are you done?
    Annie: I am, and I’m excited!!
    Hayden: Let me see your beautiful face!
    Annie: Hay, you always see my face.
    Hayden: I know.
    Annie: Anyways, Oh, Prince Asher is here!!

    (Annie ran downstairs to greet him and Hayden followed)

    Annie: Asher!
    Asher: Hey Annie!!
    Annie: Omg!, what are u doing here?
    Asher: Can I see my best friend?
    Annie: Uh, I dont know, ask her!
    Asher: (Chuckles) I missed you so much!
    Annie: I missed you to, how is Penton?
    Asher: Good, How are u?
    Annie: I’m Awesomely Awesome!
    Asher: Wow, that’s a lot of awesomes.
    Annie: Eh, You know we don’t have dinner togther, right?
    Asher: I know!
    Annie: Then, why are u here?
    Asher: I want to tell you something important…
    Annie: Um, O-(Hayden walks up to annie and holds her hand)
    Hayden: Hey BabyGirl(kissed annie’s cheek)
    Annie: Hey you.
    Asher: Um, Anns?
    Annie: Oh, Sorry I forgot to introduce you, this Is my Boyfriend, Hayden, and Hayden this is my bestfriend Asher!
    Asher: Nice to meet u.
    Hayden: Same.
    Asher: So, how long have u two been together?
    Annie: Today.
    Hayden: Uh, hey Baby?
    Annie: Yeah Hay?
    Hayden: Come here!
    Annie: What’s upp?

    (Hayden pulls annie into his arms and annie smiles and Hayden smirks and looks at Asher and asher is madish)

    Annie: What’s wrong asher?
    Asher: Nothing.
    Hayden: Hey Baby, you ready?
    Annie: Um, Let me go and get my purse and phone!
    Hayden: Alright.
    Annie: Love you boys!
    Asher: (blushes) Love you too!
    Annie: Umm, okay, i was hoping hayden would say that, but okay.
    Hayden: Love you to BabyGirl (Blows a kiss to her)
    Annie: (Blushed and giggles) Aww, Hayyyyyy!

    (Annie ran upstairs and in the mean while)

    Asher: You better not hurt her!
    Hayden: She means the world to me, and I don’t appereate when you said ” Love you t00!
    Asher: Oh well, Face it, she Likes me!
    Hayden: She called you ” Best friend”
    Asher: Your just jealous that we dated before!
    Hayden: Wait….What?!
    Asher: Why so slient?
    Hayden: Nun of your bussieness!

    (Annie comes back down and Hayden and Her leaves and goes to his castle)

    Annie: Hey Babe.
    Hayden: ….
    Annie: Babe?

    (INside of Haydens castle)

    (Annie sat on Hayden counter)

    Annie: Babe!
    Hayden: …..
    Annie: Babe?(Looks down)
    Hayden: Aww, dont be sad Baby.
    Annie: Your not talking to me, except now..
    Hayden: Aww, come here

    (Annie scoots to the edge of the counter and Hayden picked her up and put her back on the counter and she smiles until Hayden put his hand on each side of annie and on the counter and looked at her)

    Annie: Why are you looking at me with that straight face?
    Hayden: Anns, you know I hate being lied to, right?
    Annie: Of course I know it.
    Hayden: Tell me the truth okay?
    Annie: Okay.
    Hayden: Did you and asher ever date?
    Annie: Yes.
    Hayden: When did you two date?
    Annie: It was only in the 2nd grade, and it was way before I met you!
    Hayden: Are you sure?
    Annie: Hay, Im not lying on this!
    Hayden: Oky, Did you two break up?
    Annie: Yeah.
    Hayden: Well, News flash anns.
    Annie: What is it?
    Hayden: Asher, still likes you…
    Annie: Oky, I dont like him, I Love you and will only Love you!
    Hayden: (sighs) I know that..
    Annie: Then tell me whats wrong?
    Hayden: Idk, I have this weird feeling that you two will end up together.
    Annie: Hay, we aren’t going to!, he has girls to play with one day and then the next and….(cries)
    Hayden: Baby, whats wrong?
    Annie: He……Asher……played……me…….once..(Cries)
    Hayden: Aw, Baby, im sorry….(hugs her tight)
    Annie: Thats why i dont like him, but he wanna play me again, I know that for a royal fact!(Hugs back)
    Hayden: Anns, your not going to fall for him ever! (lets go)
    Annie: R u sure?
    Hayden: Im positive Baby!
    Annie: Thanks Hay (Wipes tears)
    Hayden: I will keep you safe from him okay?
    Annie: Oky, Hey, Im cold, can I wear one of your royal hoodies?
    Hayden: Uh, yeah sure!

    (Annie runs upstairs to haydens room and finds a oversize hoodie)

    (Hayden heard the door bell so he went)

    Hayden: Asher?
    Asher: Hey Hayden, Queen Katie and King Billy told me to get Princess annie for dinner.
    Hayden: I’m eatting dinner with The king, queen and their royal family, so i’ll bring her.
    Asher: But Queen Katie told me, to do it..
    Hayden: Well, Queen Katie trusts me with Their Princess, so I’ll take her back to her Castle.
    Asher: Well, If the Queen and King trust you, then where is their little princess then?
    Hayden: She’s in my room finding a hoodie.
    Asher: Or, Maybe you lost her in this dump of a castle.
    Hayden: Listen, I will take the princess back, and she doesn’t want you anymore, so leave!
    Asher: No, well not until I know that the Princess is here in this dump of a castle like I said.
    Hayden: Well, sorry she doesn’t want to see a Player Prince!

    (Annie came runing downstairs Happy)

    Hayden: Hey Perious!
    Annie: Hey Hay!!!(Cuddles in his arm)
    Asher: Oh, Annie, Your parents wants you back at the castle.
    Annie: But its not time for me and hayden to go back to my Castle yet anyways Asher.
    Hayden: Excatly!
    Asher: Well, May I come in your Dump Hayden?
    Annie: Hayyy….(puppy dog eyes)
    Hayden: Awww, your so cute >3
    Annie: I know I am!(Flicks hair)
    Asher: May I come in Prince Hayden and Best girlfriend?

    (Hayden and annie lets him and And annie and Hayden went to the kitchen to get ice cream)

    (WHile eatting Ice cream annie puts some on His nose and runs)

    Annie: Hey Hay.
    Hayden: Yeah Baby?
    Annie: You have something all over your nose..
    hayden: Where?
    Annie: Right…!(puts ice cream on is nose)
    Hayden: Heyyy!
    Annie: Oops…
    Hayden: You better run Princess!
    Annie: Noooooo!!!(runs)

    (Annie hides under Hayden’s covers and while Hayden was looking for her and ploped on the bed annie yelled)

    Annie: Owww!(Gets up)
    Hayden: Ha!, I found youuu!
    Annie: No Tickle royal Monsterr!

    (Hayden tickles annie and after that Hayden gave annie a piggy back ride)

    Annie: Weeeeeee!!!
    Hayden: (chuckles) What time is it?
    Annie: Its 4.
    Hayden: We have plenty of time 🙂
    Annie: Can we watch a Movie pwease?
    Hayden: Sure.

    ( Annie and Hayden cuddled for a while and Annie feel asleep on Asher and Hayden got Mad but Annie Moved to Hayden and he was happy and it was time to Leave so Hayden lightly shock Annie and Asher got angry)

    Hayden: Babyyyy
    Annie: Hm?
    Hayden: It’s time to leave!
    Annie: What time is it?
    Hayden: 6pm.
    Annie: Can I have 5 more mintues?
    Hayden: Noo, its time to leave!
    Annie: Okay..(wakes up)
    Hayden: Hi Baby.
    Annie: (yawns) Hi..

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