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Once upon a time in a faraway kingdom called Erelaweth there lived a prince named Gustaf. Here is his story.
Hello, Gustaf here. Like the narrator said I am a Prince. I was very greedy back then and I loved gold. So when a miller said that his daughter, whose name was Adelaide I think, could spin straw into gold, I told him to bring her to the palace immediately, and rode off on my splendid white horse. A little while later I heard some commotion at the palace stairs and quickly went to see what was the matter. When I got there, I saw the miller and his daughter and they were arguing with the guards, I told the guards to let them in. When we got inside I told the miller to leave and I told Adelaide to come with me, before the miller’s daughter had arrived I had told the servants who work in the stables to bring lots of straw into the smallest storage room,which actually wasn’t that small. I took Adelaide to that room and stated that she was to have all the straw in the room spun into gold by sunrise or she was to be killed- now I wasn’t actually going to have her killed because why would the miller lie?- and then I shut the door, and locked it. Then I made it as if I was walking away, and then quickly hurried back to peek through the lock. I saw the girl sitting by the door crying quietly, and then a little man suddenly appeared out of thin air right behind her. She didn’t hear him but once he started talking she jerked upright and looked wildly around the room. When she saw him she sighed and slumped back down. I got bored then and so I left to go do some princely duties. Soon I went to bed and so on and so forth. When I woke up I hurried to the room where the girl was. When I got there, the girl was there and the little man was gone, at the time I didn’t care where the little man was, because I was too worried about the gold. Then I took her to an even larger room and told her to spin all of it into gold with the penalty of death. Once again in the morning all the straw was gone and all that was left was gold. On the third day I took her to the largest storage room and once again it was filled with straw. This time instead of the penalty of death I told her that she would marry me if she completed her task.(she was really pretty) So in the morning when I saw that she had completed her task I announced that we would get married in two weeks. Soon we were married and a little while later we found out that Adelaide was pregnant. A few months later we had a little baby and we named her Emmeline. When Emmeline was a few months old I heard a crash in the sitting room where Adelaide was singing to Emmeline. I figured that Adelaide had just knocked something over and it was nothing to worry about and so I went on with my duties. For three days Adelaide acted a little strange but I figured it was from having Emmeline so I didn’t really worry about it. Later when we were old she told me why she acted so strangely but I forgave her for lying to me because we loved each other a lot. So we lived happily ever after. The End

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