Sam the Prankster

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“Sam, STOP!!!” Sam was a silly boy who lived in Savannah. He was silly because he wanted to outdo a comedian whose jokes are not funny at all, which was Kevin hart. Sam lived at home with his mom Suzie, and his dad Stan.He loved playing pranks on everyone in his 6th grade class. Everyone in the class hates to see him and refuses to sit at his table. In science class, he changed the paint labels, in math class he poured glue in the marbles and in acting class, he put holes in all the boy pants. He makes everyone ILL. One day he did a prank on his mom that went too far. He put hand sanitizer in water so that when his mom drinks it she would taste something other than water. When she tasted the hand sanitizer in the water, she dropped dead in 5 seconds. It was such a tragic moment. Sam immediately learned his lesson from his mom’s death that he plays too much.

One day, Sam’s dad found another woman that he married named LaShika. Lashika had a 5 year old son named David. Without Sam´s dad knowing or Sam knowing, Lashika was not a nice person, she was just a gold digger marrying Stan for his money and her son David was just a spoiled brat. A couple days later, Stan had to go on a business trip for a month. He shouldn’t have gone because things were about to get crazy. ¨Look here you little rat! I make the rules here, your father has gone away for a month so that gives all the time i need to tourture you. You will clean MY house from top to bottom. . Sam was shocked, he thought his stepmother was nice. ¨I will call my dad and tell him to come back and divorce you.¨ LaShika went up to him and snatched his phone and said, “Well, Sam, this better be our little secret. You wouldn’t wanna get shipped off to boarding school would you? No? Well then get to work you dirty slave.¨

Sam’s life with Lashika was miserable. She had him wash the dishes over and over ten times, cutting the grass with scissors, washing her lambo, cleaning the kitchen floor with a toothbrush, cleaning her room, David’s room, and his room, power washing the driveway, even worse cleaning the bathroom. He worked like a slave. ¨Mom likes me better than you.¨ He clapped his hands pretending Sam had slapped him. Lashika slapped him so hard he almost went into 2023. Lashika was very abusive. Her and David went out and did fun stuff while Sam was left at home being Harriet Tubmen. Lashika threatened to beat him badly if he did not have the food cooked and the laundry done.
¨WERE BACK YOU DIRTY MISTAKE! The food better be cooked otherwise i will give you a beating of a lifetime¨ Sam has had enough. He decided to put his foot down. Lashika took his phone but he still had his old phone. Lashika and David were about to be gone for good. His dad immediately rushed home in one day.

Sam was ready for his dad’s return but even after his mom died, he was still a prankster. He made Lashika and David some lunch. They both had cheese burgers. David´s stomach started hurting and the reason for that is because his he was LACTOSE INTOLERANCE! ¨WHAT HAVE YOU DONE YOU TRASH BAG!!!!!!¨ said Lashika ¨It’s not my fault your son has diarrhea ¨ Lashika went up and slapped him. Stan finally returned home and was shocked to see how abusive she was. But David only had 3 seconds to get to the toilet, but he did not make it. He did it right on the carpet. Stan called the police and they took her away, along with taking David to the adoption center for being such a spoiled brat.

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