Duah Francis August 1, 2017
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    Evan is my name and Calvin and Mary are the names of my parents. We live lived in a city where there is a ghetto life style, but before we moved there my mum was pregnant.
    In 5 months later we moved to James town our current city there my mother gave birth to Sarafinna my beautiful sister but my grandmother called her Sarafin the power one but nobody understand why giving her such compliments .Sarafinna was dull so sometimes I stayed home to play with her after the aged of 12 there she was able to play with friends. Sarafinna started doing some strange things which make us afraid of her .sometimes she gets us in trouble but I wasn’t strong to fight for my sister so we ran to our house.

    Our school vacated when it was time Christmas but before that my sister told our principal that her son would die nobody believed her including me but on the day before vacations the son died. Our principal accused sarafin of killing his son so people started calling her witch .Sarafinna keeps on bringing problems everyday ,when she said you will be mad you will, die you, will beg forever you will ,you will be richest you will. All of these means my sister was a witch but still I didn’t believed it I thought it was just a tracks she was using on people.
    There was a black sheep in my family my uncles son Mac, we moved to our village after our grandmother died we met our family members there .Mac was very stubborn and joined the occultism so the father was even afraid of him. He was like my sister but he uses his powers for wrong things only. At the funeral a conflict rise up which was between Macs father and my father with this Mac made his mind to kill our dad but because of sarafinna he couldn’t .My sister got lost 3 days without hearing from her .My mother was worried about her lost but father tried to fond her ,my father died when he visited Macs home with this case everyone was afraid the cops was afraid because it was spiritually .On Saturday after the death of our father sarafinna returned home when it was raining and great thunder was striking nobody knows where my sister went or was coming from .Sarafinna wasn’t able to talk after she took vengeance on our fathers death . Later we moved to new city there life was different.
    Who known’s if we are going to face any problems?

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