Separated at Birth

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Have you ever heard the theory that multiple universes exist, where you or me might be a completely different person? Well this story takes place in one of those places and for convenience let’s just simply call it Nature. Why? Well, you see in this particular universe there were no such complicated things like ions or particles or atoms which makes your head go fuzzy, in fact, this was a place where everything was comparatively simple. Of course there were people living here, but then again we can’t just call them people, so let’s say…The Children. Whose Children? We’ll come to that. So in this world, since it’s called Nature, yes, you guessed right, everything is interlinked with things like flowers and fruits and sunlight and earth and fire and water and so on. So you see, if you want to eat, say… a peach, you would go straight to the Children of the Peach family and maybe if you are willing to make a fair trade, say a fully-bloomed rose (depending on what family you are from) they might just pluck out their nose and give it you; don’t worry, it’s not like our noses, it’s a small peach and of course it will grow again. And because there are not electronics or smoke or factories, everything was peaceful, everyone survived.

Yes, I know that I promised you a story, and I shall deliver, just one more thing: You see just like in our world, Nature was divided into different classes depending on how cool they are (don’t judge me, I didn’t make it up), so you would say that fire would be at the very top and well, tiny mushrooms at the lowest level.

Now our story begins on a full moon night (don’t worry the werewolves here are very friendly) and the queen Lotus (one of the higher classes) Floranta had just given birth to two wonderful babies and were still waiting for them to, well… hatch is not the correct word, so we’ll just say, get Free from the buds and if everything were to go right, by morning she would have her babies Freed. Well, Floranta fell asleep accidentally (you see, the poor dear had not gotten much sleep once they had become buds; she always had to water them and had to make sure that this water was not quite too warm nor too cold) and unlike in our planet, in Nature, they didn’t have big castles or guards or something and the queen Jasmine, Delada (the second higher class compared to the former, hence sworn enemies) had been looking for her chance to snatch the babies. This is because once both Delada and Floranta had been sisters, but they became enemies, because Delada was angry at her as she was quite colourless; well, yes, white is a colour, but, Delada apparently seemed to think otherwise and there was a prophecy that if these twins, just like Delada and Floranta could be turned against each other, well, Floranta would lose her hot pink colour and die. For this Delada had to separate them and just like that, she got her chance.

But, as she untangled the still delicate babies, they both broke Free and started to cry loudly that their mother heard this and woke up at once and just as Delada who quickly grabbed one of them and with the help of some alien, (actually an astronaut from NASA who crashed in Nature) but alien to them nonetheless; and, well like we see in movies, fell in love and decided to run away together to Earth; she grabbed the child, he started the spaceship and off they went, but what they missed was the mother’s terrible curse: “My baby shall wreak havoc upon the place where you have went and with no other options, you will come back here and reunite them both!”

Well, what happened was as the baby grew, he became impossibly violent for the couple to control and at last it broke free from Delada and started its conquest in Earth and Floranta waits with his sister in Nature for them to be reunited. Delada gave him the name Corona…

Yes, of course, for those who haven’t figured it out, Natures’ Children.

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