Silverus Silver

Kaouther Bouta January 2, 2018
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    In the planet of Venus away from the earth, in the Silver Kingdom of Yukita, in a silver castle located at the top of the Silver Yoko Mountain, the royal class only has a silver skin and the rest of the kingdom has normal skin, where the evil prince was named Silverus Silver.
    All the kingdom hated Silverus because he orders his bodyguards to flog people who did not bring wheat to his kingdom every week, Silverus loves wheat and eats only wheat and his whole food is made of wheat.
    He treated all the people in the castle in a bad way, he never knows the meaning of goodness.
    His father Silvat was on his deathbed, he was evil king too but when he learned that his son he was bad too, he did not like that so he asked his wife Mrs.Yukita to expel her son from the castle and give him nothing.
    The prince went to his father asking to be allowed, but his father stripped him of his silk clothes and gave him clothes like all the people, he told him that he could become the prince again, provided that he went and asked for forgiveness from every family in the kingdom, in addition, to bring with him a quintal of wheat from the sweat of his forehead.
    His father wanted him to understand that he was a normal person and to learn that all people were equal and that he had to act like the general public to learn the high morals to be a fair king in the future.
    Silverus left the castle with great anger and sadness, he lost in his mind, in his heart, and on his way, he walked on the land of the wheat fields until he descended from that mountain and arrived in the town, he was very hungry, and when he passes a bakery, he enters and says I am the prince I want you to give me everything you have here in the bakery, this bakery is all for me, cannot you see that my skin is silver? They laughed at him a lot because he was normal, the silver skin has disappeared but Silverus was not aware of this because of extreme hunger. Until he discovered this, he did not understand what happened to him so he became depressed and so alone.
    The day passed and the night came, Silverus sat under a tree in a field crying until he slept, suddenly, the owner of the field, an old man, Mr. Simbel took Silverus to his modest hut.
    Mrs. Simbel gave him a dinner, it was not made of wheat but Silverus ate all the food without feeling that it was not made of wheat because of his extreme hunger.
    When he was eating greedily, he was saying “This is delicious. I promise you when I become a prince again, I will make you live in my palace, Mr. Simbel, I will never forget to help you”
    “I think I’ve seen you before,” Silverus said
    “Yes, my son, I came to your castle last week and you ordered your people to hit me because I did not bring you a large amount of wheat.” Mr. Simbel said, smiling
    “What, yes I remember you now”. Silverus said.
    “I am sorry, I am very sorry. Please forgive me. I will not do this again. What do I do to forgive me? Silverus said,
    “Work with me tomorrow, help me in the harvest tomorrow and I will give you your share of wheat because I became weak and I could not harvest this whole field alone,” Said Mr.Simbel.
    In the morning, Mr. Simbel taught the Prince how to harvest.
    Silverus enjoyed working with Mr. Simbel and his wife, he learned the songs of the peasants, he was very happy, and he called them Grandfather and Grandmother.
    Silverus worked in Mr. Simbel’s field for a whole month, when he finished working in the evening, he went to the town and walked the streets, playing with children where he found out that there were children who had no homes or family and felt for the first time pity and sorrow for those the children.
    In the Returning to the hut of Mr. Simbel’s house, he picks up roses and takes them with him to his grandmother Sweety. For the first time in his life, he felt the value of life, he saw that all the people in the town of Yukita were happy despite the poverty he lived with, he saw life with another eye and realized that he was wrong.
    It was time to return to the castle so he took with him a qantar of wheat and fifteen children with him, but Mr. Simbel and his wife refused to go with him because they love humility a lot.
    His father and his mother were so happy by the return of their son.
    The children got a silver mother and they were so happy.
    His father soon died of illness, Silverus grieved much for his father, but he had promised him that he would become a great king.
    Silverus learned that man is not responsible for his body or color and cannot control these qualities and that all people are equal and all have the right to live happily.
    Silverus understood that the different colors of human beings give beauty to this planet and not to backwardness and racism.
    Silverus organized a feast for all the people in the town and told them “from today and onwards there will be no taxes, no one will be a slave again, the kingdom of Yukita is the kingdom of all, we are all one person, we are all silver humans.”
    “God bless you, God bless you…” said All people, exclaiming happily.

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