Snow Black

Nalavan Mogensen October 19, 2018
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Twice upon a time, just around the corner. There was a land that was ruled over by a king and a queen. They both lived happily after the queen’s wish was granted. She wanted a daughter and she got what she wanted. One thing, however, had unexpectedly happened. Her daughter turned out to be dark skinned. The queen was amazed by how her daughter turned out to be dark skinned when both she and the king were as fair as snow. She loved her princess with all of her heart and she hoped that people would accept the equality of human beings, no matter what skin color they are, they shall all be equal and respected in the same way.

However, the beautiful queen died not long after she gave birth to her precious daughter. The king got extremely sad about her death so the king decided to remarry, but this time, not a woman that he married, he married a man. People from all parts of the country have always been wondering, “Why did the king marry a man? It’s disgusting!”
The only thing that the king gave as a reply was “I am also a human, I have a heart. It shall not matter who I chose to marry, I did not offend or harm anybody in any way. What is wrong about a man marrying another man? What is wrong with a person loving another person? This is my heart and it belongs to me, this is my decision and I choose who I marry, open your heart and accept differences, it’s 1420 sweety!”

Little did the king know, the man he chose to marry is a devilish man. He poisoned the king to death and ruled over the land. He studied black magic which he used it with his magic mirror on the wall. Every time he asked his mirror, it will always reply “You, your majesty”.
The new king wanted to be the scariest, ugliest and the cruelest human being on land. He always got what he wanted, until one day…

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the darkest of them all,” asked the king.
A face appears on the mirror revealing the king’s ugly face.
“You, your majesty…you are dark but Snow Black is darker than you” The mirror replied.
Anger and jealousy were built up the king’s body, he could not accept the fact that someone is darker than him.
“You are lying! How could it be? There must have been an error, your brain cells must have been broken!” yelled the king.
“I don’t have any brain cells your majesty, I’m a mirror,” said the mirror.
The magic mirror then slowly disappeared from the king’s sight.

Days and days passed by, the king had came up with an idea. He ordered his huntsman to go kill Snow Black and bring him her heart. The huntsman had no choice, but to do what the king had told him to do. He found Snow Black but he was unable to kill her.
“I’m leaving,” said the Huntsman “I can’t kill you, you are too beautiful and innocent to be killed”
With that, he left without giving Snow Black a chance to speak. Snow Black was left all alone in the forest. She kept on walking until she found a gigantic house. She opened the door and walked inside.

It was not long until the owner of the house arrived home. There were 7 giants living in this gigantic house. They walked inside and they realized that someone had broke into their house.
The first giant asked, “Who has sat on my chair?”
The second one, “Who has been eating from my plate?”
The third one, “Who has been drinking from my glass?”
The fourth one, “Who has been eating with my fork?”
The fifth one, “Who have been lighting up the candles?”
The sixth one, “Who stole my chocolate cake!?”

The seventh one never spoke, he has only been staring on his bed. “Who is this woman?” said the seventh giant. All giants ran to him and looked over his shoulder, they saw a beautiful young girl. “This young woman is beautiful!” said one of the giant. They let Snow Black slept on their bed until the next sunrise.

Next Morning, Snow Black woke up from her sleep finding seven giants staring at her. She screamed and yelled every single word that came into her mind. “Woah Woah Woah, calm down young lady,” said one of the giant. “Who are you, why are you here?”Snow Black asked with a shaky voice. “What are you talking about, this is my house and who are you, what is your name?”
Snow Black told them her name and explained everything that had happened. They all had an agreement and decided to let Snow Black live with them but only under one condition, Snow Black will have to clean their dishes and look after their house while they are gone.

Snow Black and the seven giants have been living peacefully together. Every morning the seven giants would be out looking for gold, Snow Black would be home, cleaning and waiting for them to return home, just as if she had seven giant husbands.

One day, there was an old looking man who came knocking on her door. “May I?” he asked.
“I’m sorry but I am not allowed to let any others in; the seven giants had forbidden me to,” said she.
“That’s alright, I just wanted to share you some of my apples, take it,” The old man said as he handed her his apple. She hesitated but she took it at last. “Eat it” The man ordered her.
The young girl did as she was told but before she even took a bite, she fell down dramatically onto the ground. The old man kept his evil eyes on her, he gave her a devilish smirk and said
“Black as coal, Red as blood, The giants shall never awaken you…”

All seven giants returned home in the evening, finding Snow Black and a poisoned apple laying on the ground. She was dead. They took Snow Black and laid her on the bed of straw, waiting for her to return. They waited for three days, crying, burying their eyes out but she never came back to life. They could not bury her, she looked as fresh as strawberries so they kept on waiting.

Somehow, a handsome looking prince came through and stopped by Snow Black’s glass coffin. He thought that she was beautiful, he did not care about her skin color at all, she was just beautiful the way she was. “Give me the coffin, I will give you all you want,” the handsome young prince said.
“We will not give it, Never in a million years!” The giant rejected.
“Then give her to me, I cannot live without her. I will love and care for her with all of my heart, I promise” the young prince begged the giants making them pity him.

With the love that the prince had for Snow Black, he leaned down to kiss her. Just in a slite second before their lips touches, Snow Black’s eyes shot wide open.
“Excuse me, what are you doing?” Snow Black asked him with curiosity.
“Aren’t you dead? How did you come back alive?” One of the giants asked in disbelief.
“I was never dead, I just passed out. The old man’s breath smelled so bad I had to hold in my breath so I ran out of air.” Snow Black said.
“I love you” The prince gave her a smile and leaned down to kiss her once more. Snow Black took out her hand and blocked his handsome face. “Woah Woah, too fast buddy. I don’t even know you. Look, I know I am pretty and all that but control your hormones”.

Every single day, the prince will come over to Snow Black and spend some time with her to get to know her a little bit better. Snow black kept on playing hard to get but deep down she likes him. She loves the way that he does not mind if she was dark-skinned, she loved the way that he was open-minded and she loved the way that he accepts equality and differences.

Destiny had guided their way, The Prince and Snow Black finally fell in love and they got married. Their wedding was in a beautiful castle. The evil king was as well invited but as soon as he realized that Snow Black was not dead and she is now marrying a prince, he went insanely wild like a crazy animal. He was then later banished from land leaving Snow Black and the prince lived happily ever after until death takes them apart.


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