Snow White, Go Home

Michelle Reyes September 22, 2017
Retold Fairy Tales
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No one talks about why 7 men lived in a home.
Was it not perhaps because that’s all they could afford?
They were barely making it as is,
digging in holes for the money to survive.
Then who should come along, but that fair-white princess,
and then their rent began to rise.
It’s just like Snow White to make the story all about herself:
her struggles in “the projects” and the poor conditions of her health;
her fight with her mom, and all the beautiful lace and combs she owned.
But no one ever talks about what happened to the 7-dwarf home.
A rich woman in that neighborhood can cause quite a mess.
High rent is the first problem, leading usually to the house repossessed.
Those poor 7 dwarfs never knew what was coming the day she arrived.
Perhaps if they had just locked the door, they too would have survived.

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