Snow White with a twist

Mia Connolly April 6, 2018
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Once upon a time in a kingdom far far away was a prince with skin as dark as snow and hair as dark as night, at first she was thought a girl until birth and her name would be Snow White but sadly She was a He the name of Snow White turned into Berry Beamwasp He brought light and enlightenment to all the kingdom. One day, their was a horrible accident and the queen was lost. Berry’s evil step father took over. He ran poor Berry out of his own castle and he was on the run. Berry ran and ran until he hit a tree and passed out. 7 dwarves found him, Bashful, Doc, Sneezy, Dopey, Happy, Grumpy & Sleepy. They took him in and he became a bandit. One day, he tried to rob a carriage in the woods, he cut a tree and it fell, blocking the path, the guards got out to move it when Berry attacked. The Princess Cherry Bleamfly screamed. Berry grabbed the jewels and ran.
“Not so fast!” Cherry said as she got out and drew an arrow to hit back.
The Prince charged knocking the bow and arrow out of her hand. He hit her with a rock and ran. The princess laid on the ground touching her hand to her new deep cut and looking at it. She grabbed her bow and arrow back and was about to shoot when something hit her. The dwarves took her and tied up her unconscious body. They took her to the hide out, slowly she awoke.
“UNTIE ME!'” She yelled “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!”
“Ya, Our prisoner” Berry said
She discreetly took a pin from her hair and started to saw at the rope.
It took a while but she cut the rope and ran.
She stole back all that they stole and ran so fast she looked inhuman.
Berry tackled her, they locked eyes as he forcefully turned her to look at him.
They’d fallen in love. She snuck out a ring and put it on then hit him with it, he saw his mother’s ring on her finger and knew she was the one. He let her go.
A month later, he arrived at the castle apologizing.
The Princess smiled and said
“I’ve been looking for you” she got off her throne and on one knee, she pulled out a box and opened it revealing the ring.
“This is such a Beauty and the Beast moment” she chuckled. “Bandit, Will you marry me?”
Berry lightly grabbed her arms and lifted her to her feet, then he kissed her on the lips. They lived happily ever after, The End.

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