Story from dwarf Shy

Mihaela Mitkova February 8, 2019
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I’m Shy. Dwarf, who has gathered all the pain of the world in order to turn it into goodness. Mom once told me that if you do not find something worth living for, you must find something worthwhile to die for. I’ve been looking for this for a long time, friends, and when I thought I’d never find it, it came to love. I will tell you the story of my love.

You know that every tale begins with “Once Upon a Time” and ends with “And They Lived Happily Ever After”. My story still has no happy ending because it is not finished, it is at the very beginning.
I was born in a middle-class dwarf family. In our magical world, such a family lives well. They are neither rich nor poor, and there is always bread on the table. When I was a little boy I loved playing that I’m a doctor. My dream was to become a doctor to help people return their faith to the light of the day and give them hope that everything is reparable even irreparable. When I grew up, I enrolled in study medicine at the local school in the people’s world. I was from a strange world for them. A world in which miracles were everyday and magic was part of life. That’s why people did not accept me as well as I wanted. In my class, there were many bad men without a heart. You will say that it is impossible for a person to live without a heart — it is possible, just in the place of a heart, there in the empty place you have a stone that works on the same principle but is cold.
As I was studying, I thought people were the same. I thought none of them had good intentions, and they loved to pretend. Most of them pretended to be good, nice, loving, playing different roles, and never understood what the best role for them was. From Mom, I know the most appropriate role is if you do not have one and you are yourself.
On a single day in which I was buried in the books and searching for a remedy for the evil, I met her. She was at the next chair in the library. She read tales and smiled. I approached and presented myself:

— Hello, my name is Shy. I’m a doctor in soul and a dwarf by fate.
She looked at me with her beautiful brown eyes, stared at me as though I was the best thing she had ever seen in her life and replied in a voice that could only be owned by a fallen angel:
— Hello, Shy, I’m Anna. A writer in soul and human by fate. Nice to meet you.
I was so captivated by her that my breath stopped for a second. I managed to say only:

— What are you reading Anna? It’s probably a lot of fun because I watched you and all the time the smile did not come off your face.

She smiled at me again, and at that moment I realized that whatever answer she would give me would not matter if she talked to me forever.

— I read fairy tales Shy. Of those who mislead people and make them think that history always ends with a happy ending.

— Did not end happily? — I asked her timidly.

— Depends on the story, she said.

— What do you mean?

Sometimes there are stories that start happily to end unhappily. In other stories, the beginning is very sad, you are crying out of pain, but the end is so happy that you want to cry out of happiness. In some stories, the beginning and the end are sad and happy, depending on how we look at them. There are stories that never end because they have never begun. Do you want me to tell you such a story?

— This story with what end will be?

— With what end do you want to be?

— Happy of course. Who does not want the stories to have a happy ending!?
— I do not want, Shy. Stories with a happy ending are too easy to unravel because you know that by what sorrows and tribulations the characters pass, they will eventually be happy. That’s why my stories do not end. They have only a start.
— Okay, tell this story without end, Anna.

Once upon a time, when God created human, he gave him the ability to love but gave him doubts so that he could distinguish true love from the false. Thus, people lived with love in the heart and doubt in the head.

In a far-off kingdom where love only reigned, a princess was born. In her little kingdom, she grew up cared and loved with no doubt, but only with love in her heart. She loved everything that she saw — the birds, the grasses, the flowers, the sky, the people. She loved herself too. On a sunny day, while she was reading on the balcony and watching the birds in the sky circling in pairs, her heart shrank, and she started dreaming of having her own bird to fly and conquer the sky. It was news that the princess was looking for her prince. In the castle arrived princes from all the distant and close kingdoms, who wanted to choose them. They heard about her beauty and dreamed of owning it. She was beautiful. With long black tart hair, large black eyes piercing like a sword everybody who stared at them, with lips that had the color of juicy and ripe strawberry, and the delicate skin seemed to be donated by the angels in the heavens. The greatest beauty remained invisible, for the princess kept it in her soul and only a special person could see it.
Each of the princes wore his gift. Some wore precious stones and told how powerful their kingdoms were. Others carried their swords and told of their courage. Third, they brought a slave and told of their cruelty. Fourth, they carried books and told of their wisdom. The princess was bored with every gift and story because she was not looking for strength or cruelty, no diamonds, no wisdom, she was looking for a bird to swim in the heavens. And then one clown stood in front of her. He had nothing of what others gave, but he had a smile that could cheer even the saddest man in the universe. The princess stared at him as enchanted. It was all she wanted. He became the bird she wanted to subdue the heavens with him. Then, in the heart of the princess, the suspicion was for the first time. She wondered if it was possible for a clown and a princess to be together? They were so different. They had nothing to do with each other except love. For the first time the princess realized that love was insufficient, she wanted more. She wanted to have all the gifts of the princes except the most precious — the heart of her beloved one.
Suddenly Anna stopped talking and stared out the window of the library.

— What’s going on later, I said impatiently.

— I told you Shy, my stories do not have ended, they have only a start. This is just the beginning for the princess. Both in real life and in fairy tales we are the ones who put the end to it. If you want the end to be happy, you must change the story, write it from scratch, and this time you must have no doubt. The doubts are those that hinder the happy ending, and love is the one that makes it happy.

— Still, does the Princess choose the clown at the end of the fairy tale? I looked at Anna in anticipation to hint at me a little, but she remained silent.

Anna and I meet every Friday at the same place. She always told me about one story from hers, without ending. That’s how I fell in love.

I fell in love with her doubts, her love and her expectation that some stories still ended, and they ended happily. She taught me that sometimes we love those who cannot be ours because we doubt, they will be. She teaches me that it does not matter if you are a clown if the right princess enters your life to make you a prince. Anna teaches me that the greatest love in life is one that we do not experience altogether, otherwise, it will not be big. Taught me that sometimes we give up our happiness so that he can find his happiness. Anna thought me that no matter how long the story is, she always has a happy or not happy ending, depends on the storyteller.

I am a simple dwarf with a doubt in the soul and with love in the heart. Love that was born under the shadow of the book and faith in fairy tales. I believe in the happy end, with no doubt, believe it and you …

Up to new meetings and stories.

Yours, dwarf Shy.

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