Sussy Baka's Lesson

John Doe February 24, 2022
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Chapter 1:
Sussy Baka was walking down the street one day when he heard a woman yelling for help. Knowing that the woman will give him money for saving her, he rescued her right away. When he arrived he beat the robber and threw him in the trash, while the woman thanked him. “Please take my money for the rescue” the woman said while showing him the money. “No, no, I insist please keep it” said Sussy Baka, he was just pretending to be humble. The woman then said, “I guess I will keep it then”. “No!” said Sussy Baka, while he snatched the money and pushed the woman while running away. Boing! Sussy Baka bumps into something, and when he looks up he sees a cop who said “well well well, looks like you got caught”.

Chapter 2:
The cop grabbed Sussy Baka by the arm and put him in the police car, while he said “You will pay… in cryptocurrency”. The car later arrived at Dar Mahn county jail, and Sussy Baka got escorted to his cell. An hour later, sitting in his cell, Sussy Baka thought about his childhood, and what got him to where he is. As a child, Sussy Baka was a spoiled brat that made fun of anyone poorer than him. He never cared about schoolwork and always went to parties, so he was a horrible student. One day though, his parents refused to buy him the new laptop that came out, and he was furious. He later pretended to forgive them and offered to drive them to dinner, which he would pay for using his allowance of $4000 a month. He went to the restaurant and bought his parents supper, and then left with them. His parents now liked him and thought he was a good kid. A long while later, his parents were about to pass, due to venting disease. In their will, they left 52 percent of their worth to Sussy Baka and the rest to charity. He later betted all the money on football, which he rooted for the Browns to win the super bowl before the season even started. Due to that, he became poor and ended up where he is, sitting in a jail cell.

Chapter 3:
Sussy Baka came back to his senses after the officer said “You have a visitor”, and followed him to the phone room. “I am disappointed in you, Sussy” the voice that came from his own aunt, Ant. Aunt Ant was Sussy Baka’s favorite aunt, and he was upset by her words. “I am sorry Auntie” he said before looking down in shame. “I will leave you here to rot, you brought shame to the Baka family, and you will suffer the consequences” responded Aunt Ant. Sussy Baka watched her walk away, knowing he will sit in prison for another 10 years.

Life Lesson:
Don’t steal from people, and always do the right thing, even if you don’t get paid or rewarded. Sussy Baka found out the hard way, by hurting the woman and stealing her cash, and he suffered the consequences of Prison Time.

The End

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