Tale of a White Crow

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Once up on a time, in a small nest on a big tree, two crows were living. They were quiet happy except that they didn’t have a child since their marriage and had already been a long time.
For the very reason, they started wandering all around the world visiting holy places those belonged to various religions.
By the god’s grace, they’ve been gifted with a baby crow. But it’s white, after all, perplexing everyone in their family and neighborhood.
It’s the first time it’d happened and the crow community flabbergasted.
The poor parents also stunned, though, they’re very happy for their baby. They named their white crow as WHITIE.
But the happiness hardly lingered for long, as most of the remaining crows in the village said it’s a bad omen to have a crow in quiet an opposite color from their regular, beautiful black color.
And all of them said to the parents to throw their son, WHITIE, in a big ocean before he learns how to fly.
But the parents did not accept. So all of them went to The Grand Chief Crow of the country for the justice. But The Grand Chief Crow of the country was also felt jealous looking at the most beautiful crow ever existed in the world. So, despite the long fight of arguments, the luck was against the poor parents.
The Grand Chief Crow of the country declared: throw the ugly white crow into the deepest Pacific ocean.
Bounding to the Grand Chief’s decision, lot a whole crows flew towards the centre of the great Pacific ocean, chuckling and knuckling, cheering and tearing. Whereas the poor parent crows were watered with pouring tears, grunting and growling all the way.
Now they’re exactly zenith the centre of the Pacific ocean and everyone knew that the little WHITE CROW couldn’t escape at any cost.
With great grunting and growling of plentiful crows, The Grand Chief Crow of the country tossed the little baby WHITE CROW.
With full of gravitational force of earth, WHITIE falling down hopelessly. Now coiling, now howling. Now winking, now thinking.
Now it’s only by an inch above the limitless spreading of the biggest ocean in the world.
Then the amazing thing happened–the WHITIE spread his wings wide and stood very still in the air half-an-inch above the blue-colored water.
And at one moment, it flew as fast as possible keeping himself as down as possible and as far as possible away from the ugly crows lingering still at a great height drooping in puzzle and couldn’t believe what had happened just a while down to them.
The only two crows cheering and flying simultaneously but at a great height were WHITIE’s mom and dad.
The only place they had met him was in another country. Indeed another continent.
WHITIE, the little white crow and his parents settled in another country and lived happily on a big oak tree.

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