The Apple Boy

Admir Ninta May 18, 2019
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The Apple Boy

Once upon a time , in a tiny house ,on a small town,lived a little child of the name Adi.He was the most ugliest of his nine siblings,three girls ,and six boys.His family despised him,his neighbors avoided him,and ,as for friends ,well,he had none.The boy was desperate.Each morning ,while the other kids hurry up for the school,little Adi wold hurry up for the nearby lake,and wold stay there for hours,watching at his face,hooping to see a change in it.But nothing changed.The face was the usual ugly picture that nature had carved on him.One day,there was not enough food in the house,and his parents decided to throw out one of their kids.To fairly decide who,they played the game of the sticks,and the shorter stick fell on Adi,who was the oldest of the siblings.He was thrown out of the house,and for days came around searching for something to eat,but there was nothing out there.He knocked on many doors.None opened.He became weak,and his breath became a hunger breath.It smelled so bad,that everybody avoided him.Than one day,he found an apple seed.The seed was magic,but the boy didn’t knew.He only knew he was hungry,and so he swallowed the apple seed .The seed grew inside his stomach, and became a small apple tree.After a while,the little child’s breath started smelling apples.He liked it.His friends liked it,his family loved it.The people of his town adored it.They all took little Adi on their arms again.They decided to give him half ration of bread a day,but still the child was hungry.Years passed,and the ugly little child grew up to become a handsome young boy.The tree also grew up,and made big apples.When the time came,the apples fell from the tree ,and filled the boy’s stomach,and the boy wasn’t hungry anymore.The tree was feeding him.But the tree also needed feeding.So,after some time, the boy started eating earth, mixed with water.Because of this,his ”apple smell” breath desepeared.His friends,his family,and his girlfriend ,who stayed with him just for his apple smell breath,now moved away from him.One day he started eating animal poop,since the apple neded fertilizer,and when he opened his mouth ,all his friends ,and his family,and his girlfriend ,run away from him.The boy became desperate.He took his belongings,wrote goodbye letters to everyone,and walk way.While walking,he saw leaves coming out of his body.The boy ignored them.Than his left arm turned into a tree branch.The boy payed no attention.Than his right arm turned into a tree branch,but the boy didn’t stop.He walked and walked ,now half man, half tree,until his legs where transformed into a trunk,and he could walk no more.With the first rain,witch gave him a great pleasure,what remained of his human body ,became a full grown up tree,while his hair became a beatiful green crown.His branches where full of red apples.When the time came,and the apples fall on the ground,more apple trees grew around him.And he wasn’t lonely anymore.After some time,a clever wind took their smell to the town where the boy had lived.The people of the town upon feeling the smell,remembered about the boy ,and wondered what had happened to him.To find out,they followed the apple smell,and found the apple forest.Although the trees looked the same,one of them had something different.His leaves where bigger,and on their surface, was writen the story that you just read…..

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