Duah Francis February 24, 2018
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    This is a life story of two young boys from the same town and school and were willing to be the first winner in the National Spelling Bee Competition but later found themselves been on the second and third position as the new kid took the title away .

    Michael was 16 years old boy who lived with his parents at Clinton’s Town and studied at the Clinton High School, and Hansen was a classmate from the same school but different class.

    Michael was the last born of his parents Mr. and Mrs. Michael who worked hard to cater for their 3 kids. Michael elder brother Elijah was a scholar but he couldn’t continue his education because he had an accident which made him disabled, the family lived in a small house in Clintons Town were the parents were workers at Mr. David warehouse, Michael used to join his parents after he had closed from school and his sister also worked at the Tea shop, Michael was the only one in school because he was the younger one and his family supported him because he was good and intelligent too.

    Hansen the other boy was fair in complexion he moved to Clinton Town to stayed with his uncle, his father was the minister of education in the capital city and was the only son of Mr. Bright Hansen, Hansen was a kid who always make his father proud when it come to competitions and examinations and he was the winner of Clintons Essay Competition last year his well been was known by all people. His family was at different level not comparing to that of Michael but Hansen lost her mother at the age of 9.

    On 28th February, 2017 a spelling Bee competition was held in Clinton Town where all students were given the chance to participate in, but Michael wasn’t part because of his family issues but decided to be part of the 2018 spelling Bee competition, life was hard but he never gave up chasing his dreams.
    On 28th Febuary, 2018 the Spelling Bee Competition was once again held in Clinton Town and Michael made it to be part and Hansen too. The town was to chose only 2 students from 50, Michael with the little books he had, studied hard with the help of his sister Martha and the brother he learned all night but when the Grand Finale was taking place in Clinton Park, with the results Hansen became first followed by Michael though he wasn’t the winner but the results brought joy to the family and Hansen uncle bought him a gift after he became the winner. The two boys from Clinton High School were chosen to represent the town in the upcoming National Spelling Bee Competition but the spelling wanted only one person as a winner.

    When Hansen father heard the news he got his son a new apple laptop promising him a brand car when he win the National Spelling Bee Competition, Michael family motivated him to his best and the results will be good.
    On 20th March the two boys leaved for the competitions , they stayed at the capital city of Ghana until the competition was over which takes 4 weeks because of the number of pupils coming from different towns. The two got to know each other best and worked together as partners and before they reached the quarter-finals they got to know a girl Maria who was the only female wining and qualified to semi-finals, this made boys focus much and they won and qualified to the semi-finals, at this stage every qualified student is on his or her own they were no more in groups this was hard for the two boys because Hansen was afraid that Michael wont make it to the finals but when the results came
    MICHAEL, HANSEN, MARIA, ANDREW, MATTHEW these students made it to the final round of the competition, it wasn’t an easy task for them.
    Before the day for the final round the President promise to take care of the 3 students from the competition. The final round was held on the National Theatre were everyone was invited including the President and the Ministers, Michael family came as Hansen family did and the students in Clinton High School.

    The final round started and no one was making a mistake all the five spelled everything correctly so it was hard for them to choose a winner until it reached the last round where everybody was to spell the same word and the will choose the fast speller as the winner.
    They were asked to spell “CIPROLEX” all the students spelled it correctly but not that fast because its was the last word and all the crowds standing, waiting for the winner to be mentioned, they looked at the crowd and spelled it but Andrew looked at his feet and spell the word within seconds and when the results came Andrew was the winner of the competition followed by Michael, Hansen, Maria, Matthew and the first 3 was chosen to represent the country in the African Spelling Bee.

    This change the life of Michael as the president promised to take care of their families, Michael’s father got a new job and her sister continue her education and was a surprised to Hansen family because they thought Hansen could be the first followed by Michael but the father got Hansen a new car and motivated him to keep pushing because the game is not yet over, in the next 5 months the 3 boys were fully prepared and flied to South Africa for the competition.

    Wining is not easy but never gives up until the last breath and nobody knows what tomorrow is going to be like, try to be like Michael and you will never find yourself losing, believe in what you think about yourself more than other people think about.
    Bring it on to the last minute.


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