The Blind Artist

Maniza Fatima November 18, 2021
Kids, Mythology
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Long time ago, there was a beautiful town named Agres.There lived an orphan girl who couldn’t see colors, that’s why people called her Caecus the unseen.

The town valued arts and people hailed those who could create their own world on a peice of canvas. Volu colorum was a festival that people anonymously submitted their own arts that are judged by the elderly of the town. The name of the festival literally means the swirl of colors.

People said that the best artist would be sanctus.

All the kids and adults of town were bursting with excitement.

Caecus was equally excited holding the dear painting she made, the world was colorless but her heart had a volu color.

The kids and the neighbors laughed at her.
“You who can see pink to blue, can only create a sky with no eye.”they said.

On the day of festival, A beautiful painting of a castle with purple blue sky remained. The castle was of blue color yet looked so beautiful that no one wanted to take their eyes of it.

People all over the town couldn’t help but ask “who made this beautiful painting?The castle looks as beautiful as a clear lake, the sky looks as chaotic as a raging breeze. Haaaaa, this painting depicts a beautiful yet chaotic world.”

The host who heard this couldn’t help but laugh.”Indeed this is the real volu colorum. The artist that created this is also someone shocking.”

The excited people couldn’t help but ask”who is the town’s sanctus?! who is it that can create such a beautiful world?!”

The host who was amused by their reaction couldn’t drag the announcement on any longer.He declared “The Sanstus is none other than Caecus the unseen lady!”

All the people couldn’t believe this. How could the girl who couldn’t see colors be the Sanctus! Yet the knew it was her who truly poured her heart out on this painting. That day the whole Town learned not to underestimate anyone. Caecus became the one people hailed and talked about for generations to come. She was known as the blind artist. She lived happily all her life never being forgotten.

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