The Bonsai Tree ( Part 2 )

Yaser Faris June 6, 2018
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Couple of minutes later, Jacob just woke up from his unconsciousness and he was feeling very hot. He looked around and found everything was burning ” oh god , what is happening, my greenhouse is burning, and everything is so big ” said he as a shrunken tiny man.
” I must get out from here , before it is too late”, he spotted a window and ran to it. When he made it there , he landed on the backyard and watched his greenhouse burning to ashes from outside ” oh god, my greenhouse ” said he in a miserable manner. Later on , the sky started to get dark and then it rained, Jacob ran around looking for something to keep himself shaded from the huge droplets of rain compared to him, finally he made it under a little tree, the tree he outcasted, The bonsai tree. Later on , he felt tired and went asleep.

The next morning he woke up, and exposed himself to a scene of his burned to ashes greenhouse. ” oh my greenhouse, my money , my work all gone, oh god what have I done to deserve this ? ”

” Hello there Jacob ” said the tree spiritually

” who is that , who is that ?” said Jacob in fear.

” Calm down Jacob , it is me The Bonsai Tree , don’t you know why that happened to you , it is Vanity Jacob , Vanity you were seeing everything and everyone little, now look at your self, how tiny you are and unable to fix your catastrophe ”

” oh god, I really regret that , I need to fix this at any cost , but how ? ”

” well, I have the answer for you , to have it you need to climb me until you reach my top , there is something for you ”

” what ever you say I guess I will do it ? ”

“Good luck then Jacob”  said the tree and then she returned to her silence.

Jacob started climbing for long hours until he reached the top but suddenly he lost his balance that knocked himself down onto the ground back again then he mutters anger, as the tree interfered ” Patience Jacob ,Patience , don’t expect to wander through a fully flat way to get your desires , life is full of bumpy roads ”

Jacob repeated this attempts several times until he finally reached the top, the tree said since she felt him ” Now, here is your prize ” . She revealed a rare kind of fruit that glows attractively. ” Now fetch this fruit, land onto the ground and eat it ”

Jacob ate the fruit and he grew back to his normal size ” oh god , I am back to normal , I don’t know what to say ; but what about my greenhouse , yeah I guess I will bring up some labors to fix it ” , the tree interfered ” nope , what you had destroyed alone , you fix it alone and yeah I have another prize for you if you made it alone “.

Jacob started to reconstruct his new greenhouse for long hours ” ok now it is done ,what then ? ” said Jacob afterwards.

” Now , place me in your greenhouse soil ! ” said the tree and she was placed as she asked and then she extended her roots among the whole ground, spread her new branches and gave out many fruit, now Jacob’s greenhouse is back again as it was before.

” so , I hope you learned your lesson well Jacob , remember being humble ” said the tree before she vanished

” Thank you Bonsai Tree , I promise ”

The end.

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