The Boy and the Hyena

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Once, there was a happy couple and their son. This boy was easily recognizable for his blonde hair, and the green suit and hat he wore.

One day, the boy’s father gave him an axe and told him, “You are now old enough to go on a hunt by yourself. Go fetch us something such as a rabbit for dinner, but don’t talk to strangers”.
“Promise!” the boy assured his father. Excited, the boy ran outside the house, ready for his first hunt.

As he was walking, waiting for an animal to hunt, a large, drooling hyena appeared from the trees. The hyena was hungry, and saw the boy as a perfect dinner. But he dared not now, for there were hunters nearby who would also notice the boy.

So, the hyena came up to the boy and asked, “What are you doing here out on your own?”
The boy didn’t realize that it wasn’t safe to talk to a hyena. He responded, “I’m going to hunt for my parents. Would you like to join me?”

The hyena couldn’t believe his luck. “Young boy, I’m flattered” he smiled. “I know a pond with the most plentiful fish I’ve ever known. Follow me and you’ll see all that fish”.

The boy followed the hyena deep into the forest. Some time passed, and it started to get late. The boy was concerned that his parents might be worried for him, and he told the hyena he wanted to come home.
“If you wouldn’t like fish for dinner, just hunt a putrid rabbit by yourself. Besides, I myself am starving”.

The boy didn’t understand what the hyena meant, but then the hyena ordered, “Position yourself next to that tree. I have an idea”.
Then the boy realized what the hyena wanted to do; this hyena wanted to devour him for his dinner!
“I’m not doing it!” the boy protested.

“But we were just starting our friendship!” the hyena excused. “You know, I’ve hunted many children other than you”.
The hyena then proceeded to snarl and chase the boy, who was running back the way they came. But then the boy got an idea…

The boy reached out from his back and attacked the hyena with his axe. With blood dripping from his forehead, the hyena whispered to the boy “Oh, you’re good…” before the boy slew the hyena a second time with the axe.
With the hyena lying dead, the boy took the hyena’s body back to his house, for this hyena’s fur would make lovely clothes.

On the way back, the boy also saw a stray hog, which he slaughtered using his new techniques and came home with both dinner and new clothes.
From this day on, this boy was known as a hero to his neighborhood for getting rid of that troublesome hyena.

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