The Curses

Caterina Cox January 3, 2019
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Once a upon a time there lived a girl who was cursed. Her mother is a queen and her father is a king. There name is Litus and Hazel. They ruled In a castle far way on a hidden land with no names. They called their land maryland because everything seemed mary there. Her name is Leah she has magic but she has dark magic only true love can break her dark magic and make her a angel. Leah has eyes that change colors of her emotions when she cries it rains and when mad it storms and happy or excited their is a sunny day or rainbow.Her mother worries her power will become too strong and she will hurt someone they tried to keep Leah’s powers hidden with a necklace that her mother used to control her powers. Leah went to a magic school to control her powers. But her powers became too strong and got her into trouble because the older she got the stronger her magic became. Her magic teacher never seen such a powerful student. After a year she left the school and her family be hide
because her powers almost killed someone that made her mad and bullied her the bullies felt bad because her family never found her for 10 years. She lived lived with a new friend named Madison. She met her when she ran away they have the same magic. But Leah powers where still stronger. Madison had two older brother named Hunter and James.

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