The dark prince

Arooba Ella December 11, 2017
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The dark prince
I hear a voice calling my name…solvik…solvik…can you hear me.A voice i was familiar with, a voice i had secretly heard for so long that i could hear it calling my name even when it didn’t know my name.This voice saying solvik it’s alright everyone is afraid grab my hand.I wakeup startled, in my room of my own beloved castle as dark as always thinking solvik.?? it is not my name anymore… I don’t remember what happened but my head hurts….denying my whole body hurts. Is this what pain feels like, or that is the pain to realize that someone took everything from you. Your honour, dignity, place….moreover your love.He has everythingg i once had. The same thoughts i had everyday. I turn and face the mirror and suddenly turn my back to it thinking what was more frightning my face, my dark castle or the creepy yet satisfying woods around my castle whatever it was it drove everyone away scared, afraid. Well whatever it was everyone was afraid of my loneliness and darkness.
Throwing myself on bed i was still thinking about the dream. The only one i had with me in this castle could be called a witch with her dark portions and spells Elvi i called out for her. Within a second i find her standing behind me. What happened yesterday.?? I ask. Yesterday or before a month my dear.!! I almost lost my senses upon hearing this i was out for a month, but what had happened.!? “It will come back dear, in time”..she said. Fierced i choked her and asked again. That is when she started. With a note you should have given her a chance to choose.And i remembered a name, “Merida” i whispered. My merida..yes merida where is she i ran to her room but found it empty and destroyed. “Where is she”.? i asked her. There was nothing i could rememeber but the sweet name. “You did it don’t you rememeber, you killed her with your hands.”!!! “what i.?? i killed my merida..?? who are you to say this i didn’t kill anyone not my merida..”.I wanted to snap her neck.I took my sword and attacked with my strenght but saw nothing but shattering of the mirror. The sharp sound of breaking glass opened my eyes i threw my sword and fell to my knees,Realizing there was no Elvi or Merida or anyone with me. it was just my imagination to cope with my lonliness I had been talking to muself in mirrors. I was crying, The salty water running down my cheeks and falling on the floor I lay there with no sound just crying
Thinking when i had become so lonely. There was no one to wipe my tears or stop me from crying maybe it was me who had driven everyone and everything away from myself. Then why was i crying.?? It was me, the dark room, the dark hallways. my dark castle, quietness and my lonliness. All alone with my pride, forgotten honour, lost hope and unrelieable promises. Everything i once had but taken away from me and thrown in the dark all alone with everything broken……but the dream i had the voice i heard the voice of ny Mother……..satisfying me in my dreams from the day she was taken from me……..and i was left all alone with my broken heart and myself broken and alone……….

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