The enchanted forest of dreams pt 2

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The next morning lakota’s grandma Mary tried to shake Lakota awake; lakota was pale as the moon and she was barely breathing. “Lakota,Lakota……..lakota?” “Honey this is no time for jokes! Your mother is being moved to the hospital and she said she wanted you with…Lakota? Quietly Mary sat and waited seconds later Lakota’s family doctor came into the room. “ is she ready yet?” He asked Mary. “No she refuses to wake up…” quickly he hurried to lakotas bed. “ummm…Mary. Could you wait outside?Please?” Whispered the doc. “Why do you look like you’ve seen a ghost.” “Well” said the doctor. “probably because your granddaughter looks like she’s in a coma…. but that might not be true until I run some more diagnostics…” as the doctor turned to look at Mary he was met by a bloodcurdling glare.
“ WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?” Instantly the doctor was shaking like a leaf. “N-n-n-nothi-n-ng m-ma’am nothing-g at all-l” “you call the ambulance and I’ll get her packed…. hmmm I should probably pack the birthday gift her father gave her to..”demanded Mary. Minutes later they were speeding towards the hospital. “yep.” The doctor confirmed. “She’s in a coma I have no idea how this could of happened!”

Deep within her coma Lakota took the scroll
With great care her hands unrolled the jade green scroll this is what it read:
“Sir king Elm,
I am very sad to inform you that along the territory line your wife…Mrs. jasmine was taken into goblin territory. We now have reasons to believe that the goblins are keeping mrs. jasmine prisoner. I have sent all of my best men to retrieve her but unfortunately none have returned.
We are calmly awaiting your orders
Worried for you ,
Sir Admiral Jopkins.”

As Lakota read her voice rang loud and clear. Looking up she noticed Elm had a tear next to his eye, quickly he wiped it away.
Elfina normally rough face screwed up as if she was holding back a waterfall of tears Her mouth barely opened just enough to make quiet whimper. One word escaped her mouth
“Um, okay…then what does this half to do with me?” Lakota whispers to crisply to her assistant. “Your majesty have you forgot? Admiral William Jopkins is your brother . You own the biggest army in all of the island of fantasy well besides the filthy Goblins and ogres so you cam to elm the king of elves and fairies to ask for help for reinforcements to help William and elms wife her majesty madam Jasmine.” Asked Jeremy.“What no of course I didn’t forget!
I was just a bit preoccupied..” Lakota stammered suddenly she noticed. The fathers birthday gift was gone!!! “Dam! Where did it go?” She shouted as she rummaged through her pocket then she felt it and yanked out of her pocket there it was sparkling and shimmering in the pale light… “Ahhh I see you have received the birthday gift I gave to your father,”
“Was that why it said from elm? Lakota remarked. “Aye it is.” Rumbled elm.
“ Your father is waiting for you come along” whaaa? My father he-he’s dead though… isn’t he?”

End of part 2

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