The Ever-Better-Batter Cake

Mia Tabib October 25, 2017
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    Little Gabriella loved to bake,
    Muffins, truffles, and swirly cupcakes,
    Souffles, spoon-bread, and popovers too,
    Cake-pops and apple-tarts, and chocolate fondue,
    She made pies for her acquaintances,
    And cakes for her pals,
    She baked brownies for her friends,
    And lollipops for her gals!

    Little Gabriella loved to bake,
    So much, in fact, that she began to create,
    Her own cookbook,
    Her own recipes,
    Her own ideas about sugar,
    So much so, in fact, that her pantry became fuller,
    Of things to invent,
    Of sweet things,
    Delicious daydreams,
    Of wonder,
    Her recipes for delectables,
    Translated to life,
    So she swirled and twirled,
    And tasted, and basted,

    She began to see the beauty in rain,
    In thunder,
    In all things scary,
    She refused to succumb,
    To the darkness of night,
    Or the gloom when the sun,
    Retreats from its space in the sky of the morning,
    She smiled with intensity,
    In the face of mourning,

    You see, little Gabriella had gone through some things,
    She had cried,
    Known loss,
    Yes– she had tasted life,

    But one day when she had cried enough tears,
    She took her icing scoop,
    Her baking knives, and her cookie shears,
    And she wrote a treatise,
    A Manifesto Of Sweetness,
    And in it she treated,
    All humans like pieces,
    Of the Divine Creator,
    The Ultimate Baker,
    The one who turns our teardrops into gumdrops,
    Our sadness into gladness,
    Our bitter edges into lemonade wedges,
    Our charred hearts into burnt-caramel custard,

    And look at all the festivity,
    In writing down these recipes,
    When the world would have her throw the cake away,
    She took her pen,
    And refused to stay,
    In a place of grey,
    But sprinkled kindness and life,
    Into every ounce of darkness,
    And made Devil’s Chocolate Pie,
    Instead of succumbing to the lie,
    That whatever is leftover,
    Is too ruined to re-try

    So whenever you are afraid,
    Or when you think you are too burnt,
    Remember, dear one, the story of a girl,
    Of little Gabriella who loved to bake,
    Muffins, truffles, and poufy souffles,
    But especially, the ever-better-batter cake

    So if you are too sad,
    And forget how to feel,
    There is a cookbook out there,
    That will help you heal,
    Just whip up a batch of the ever-better-batter cake,
    And remember that your life,
    Is in the hands of Someone who makes,
    All things good,
    All things right,
    And I promise you, dear one,
    It will turn out alright

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