The Ever-Better-Batter Cake

Mia Tabib October 25, 2017
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    Little Gabriella loved to bake,
    Muffins, truffles, and swirly cupcakes,
    Souffles, spoon-bread, and popovers too,
    Cake-pops and apple-tarts, and chocolate fondue,
    She made pies for her acquaintances,
    And cakes for her pals,
    She baked brownies for her friends,
    And lollipops for her gals!

    Little Gabriella loved to bake,
    So much, in fact, that she began to create,
    Her own cookbook,
    Her own recipes,
    Her own ideas about sugar,

    So much so, in fact, that her pantry became fuller,
    Of things to invent,
    New desserts to create!

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