The fairy as a wanderer

Pawel Markiewicz December 17, 2018
Fable, Supernatural
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The short poem and fairy tale. Pawel Markiewicz

1. The poem about the fairy

The fairy a fairy is
the queen of magic
time she is running trough
a poemland In which dreams
are creating with the comet
the fee likes our poetry she brags
with star fulfillment In me
as well as in you
the fairy is a ruler
of the golden rainbow and
a wind nostalgia

2. My fairy tale

A fairy, a ruler of a magic time, is driving through a poemland, called Utah, in which dreams are being created with a comet. The fairy likes her and my poetry. She is following ways, which have been covered by phoenix with a stardust. She is dreaming while the driving about beyond-spirits, which have built temples over clouds. She is going past houses of philosophes as well as dwellings from gingerbread, which belonged to a crowd of witches once. She is greeting farmers, who are working at harvests. She is touching branches of a weeping willow. She is drining a dew. The fairy is reaching the first goal, to wit a country inn in Apollo`s village in Utah. There she is giving to a landlady her
pieces of paper with poemes as well as her most beautiful paintings. She is exchanging these objects for gold. The lively and marvellous fairy is drinking wine and she braging with a star fulfillment. The landlady is warning her about dangerous robbers and cunning beggars on ways and paths. She is telling her: If I were You, I woud pay attention to them. The fairy is embarking on an adventurous and futher journey into land of the fairy. First she is meeting a beggars, who is equipped with a gun. The fairy Is giving him her a diamond, so that he leaves her free. She is meeting a second man, but she is thinking, that he is a evil robber. He is basically a poor beggar. The beggar is asking for a small cap as an alms.Instead the generous fairy is giving him the whole gold, which she has. However, the beggar war a wizard. In consideration of them the wizard is giving to her a power of a control of a weather as well as a strenght of a creation of golden rainbows in the sky. Finally she is becoming a ruler of the golden rainbow and a longing of a wind. She is totally enchanted, so that she is painting a romantic picture and is creating a georgeous poem – the poem from the eternity – a song of a time of a wanderlust. She is going to use the power on her fairy-land soon. In the fairy-land of milk and honey Then the fairy is meeting the wisest dwarf, her old friend. The dwarf is tauching the fairy to write both the most beautiful and the most amazing poems of the world. If she had not passed a exam for the sake of a eternal job of the fairy, she would have become a dwarf as well. The magnificent poems about nature and philosophy are being written by the fairy now. The dwarf said: she was very good schoolgirl with regard to the learning of the poems. The fairy is admiring eagles in the air. Then a wolf from a primeval forest is meeting the fairy next to a silvan glade. The wolf is asking her: What poem is the most wonderfull in this world? The fairy is answering: The poem, created in each morning with morning-sun-dreams and lights of a magic from a morning stars. The wolf and the fairy are eating blueberries for a magic decoction. They saying a empty hut of decreased witch. Both are bewitched. The forest is great, admirable, grandiose, glourious, baronial and groovy
like a every dreamer`s song.

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