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    March 20, 2017

    An incident happened in a country… Benson is 18 years of aged who study at Mac College of Education and lived with his parents in a town called Ash- town, john was a friend from childhood life was full of enjoyment and happiness for Benson and his family. Prince and Vero where the names of his parents and he was the only son of his parents but in his family they did not believed in superstition because it said to be the fear of an unknown .
    On Saturday when he wrote his last to his girlfriend telling that he missed her and wanted to see her, so he and his friends made their mind to go an excursion to one of the best tourist in the country which was the kimtampo waterfalls but they did not know any customs of the land because they lived their life as the white men so nobody believed in customs and take it as history. On Sunday they took on their excursion to the kimtampo waterfalls ,they lived at 7am in the morning because it 5miles away from their city ,Benson and his friends got there safely because they did not know the customs there was no rituals perform before they got into that forest to see the river .
    One of the customs is that the forest hates sins by man, hates sound and nothing is to be taken away from the forest .when they got there it was quite as cemetery, they started making sound because it was too bored playing music and got to the river to swim, others were kissing and others taken fish from the lake form by the water falls, there were only one who survived because he went alone with no girlfriend. They enjoyed till their body told them to rest and then decided to come. But before they got out from the river 2 of their friends were died inside the water in total they were 12 so it was left with 10 .The10 made it to their home and on the next they the friend who went alone dreamt which he saw all of his friend at the cemetery and because of this he couldn’t talk he became dammed.
    March 20 ,2017 the 9 of them died which was left with the one who became dammed and he kept on seeing bad things but people took it as a fear of unknown and death continues because they don know their customs . This is real story which happened in Ghana, West Africa on the 20th of March, 2017 and this story was written by a Ghanaian young author .

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