The first cat of Halloween written by Elizabeth Langford October 2023

Elizabeth Langford October 31, 2023
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ong ago before tabbies and calico all cats had fur as white as snow there was the first cat who had fur as white as snow for Halloween every cat was so alike that they had to wear collars to tell one apart from the other some wore yarn around their necks some wore ribbons others wore colourful lace and those who lived with wealthy wore rich gemstones around their necks for Halloween this had always been the case and because they could tell each other apart the white cats all got along as well as some cats do however it was during October that one white cat by the name of Bartok was biting and clawing at his blue lace collar in a desperate attempt to get it off for he gotten in trouble with the king’s cat because he had beaten him trice at Tolah tale and he declared that Bartok had cheated and was able to peek at the cards he was demanding the catnip wine and money and that Bartok be thrown in the dungeons for his cheating Bartok in truth had just gotten really lucky and pretended to be able to see the cards to get a laugh out of some of the servants to get regardless the king’s cat wanted Bartok in the dungeons and so Bartok was running and hiding for his nine lives Bartok had just avoided the guards when he bumped into a witch by the name of Agatha who was fetching water from the local well to use in her potion brewing well what has you fur all ruffled up my friend? she asked the panting Bartok as she offered him her bucket to drink from who wouldn’t be as destressed as I am when my coat is on the line because the king’s cat wants me thrown in the dungeons for a bit of harmless fun he replied between sips of water and he told the witch his whole story about how he played Tolah tale and how he could make servants laugh pretending that he could see Alexander the king’s cat’s cards

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