The Four Fathers

Katrina Lippolis April 23, 2019
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“I’m the man who restored your life. Don’t tell me you don’t remember…”

One month earlier…

“Another day, another spell casting class. Ugh, this is so boring… When are we gonna learn something fun? These spells are so childish!”

“Chill out ‘Sabrina’ we’ll learn the cooler stuff later, they just want to teach us the basics.”

“Millie, please stop calling me Sabrina. Her spells were lame just like her. All I want is some excitement! Is that too much to ask?”

“What are you blabbing about now Korie?”

“Oh! Hey Tina! She’s complaining about not having an exciting life or some such mess.” Millie said.

“Shut up! I am complaining about how boring this class is. These spells are childish AF! I want to learn how to switch bodies with people or how to shape shift. All we’re learning is how to turn water into wine like we’re Jesus or something.”


“Ughhh.. You’ve done it again Korie.” Millie whispered.

“Is there a problem here ladies?”

“Uh no… Mrs. Westwich. Just conversing.” Tina said.

“Well converse on your own time. Practice the invisible wand spell like I told you.”

“But why must we learn this? When will it ever come in handy?”

“Shh Korie!” Millie said going into a panic.

Mrs. Westwich turned around gazing directly into Korie’s eyes…

“If you have a problem with the spells Miss Potter, then please escort yourself from my class. Everything I teach seems to be completely useless to you anyway so no need to be here.”

“Excuse me, but my name is Miss Adams not Potter.”

Mrs. Westwich rolled her eyes as she let out a deep sigh…

“I know that Miss Adams. But since you’re acting like Harry Potter I might as well call you Miss Potter. Now, are you going to practice or go?”

Korie dropped her head knowing that her parents would kill her if she left.

“I’ll practice.” She groaned.

“Good! Get busy!”

“Good…get busy.” Korie mocked under her breath.

“Korie, you have got to stop challenging Mrs. Westwich. She may be the one to save your life someday.” Tina said.



Another week had come and gone– it was now the weekend. Korie was up in her bedroom playing around with different spells from her workbook and searched the internet for more mature spells that caught her attention.

She had a tough time finding anything so she gave up and decided to visit a chatroom specifically for amateur or first level witches and warlocks created by her friend Ted.

Wicked Witlock Chatroom:

KorieLuvsDorie: “Hi everyone! The party’s here!”

MillieRock99: “Hey Korie!”

TinaRusso: “Korie’s here!”

TedsNotDancin: “Yay!”

KorieLuvsDorie: “Anything new?”

TedsNotDancin: “Not really. Just bored. But I’m glad you all are here. I do have a story to tell you.”

MillieRock99: “Oh no, what’d you do now Ted?”

TedsNotDancin: “What?! What makes you think I did something?”

TinaRusso: “Because you’re you.”

KorieLuvsDorie: “LOL”

TedsNotDancin: “Hardee har har! Seriously, you girls will enjoy this story. It’s about a new guy who started at my school on Tuesday.”

TinaRusso: “Oh!”

KorieLuvsDorie: “I’m all ears…or eyes…whatever LOL”

TedsNotDancin: “Okay well, his name is YooGi Min. He’s from Daegu, South Korea and he has this real mysterious bad boy persona about him.”

MillieRock99: “Of course he does. They all do when they’re the new guy.”

TedsNotDancin: “Yeah, but I don’t think it’s an act. I think he’s a part of The Four Fathers Gang.”

KorieLuvsDorie: “Really? What makes you think that?!”

TedsNotDancin: “Because they showed up at the school and he was talking to them like he’d known them for years.”

TinaRusso: “Maybe they are his relatives. Doesn’t mean he’s in the gang. Those are some dangerous and powerful warlocks!”

TedsNotDancin: “I know, that’s why I’m kinda scared to talk to him! What if I say something wrong and he turns me into a turtle or something?”

MillieRock99: “Hahahahahaha!! A turtle Ted?”

KorieLuvsDorie: “Oh! Can I call you Cecil?”

TinaRusso: “Nah, Slo-mo McGee! LOL”

TedsNotDancin: “Ha ha ha. Very funny guys. But seriously, what do I do?”

KorieLuvsDorie: “Just breathe Ted. He’s not going to harm you and if he does, he’ll have us to answer to. Just be your normal nice self and you’ll be fine. :smile:”

A few weeks later…

It’s Jan 12th, Korie’s 18th birthday. And it wasn’t just any 18th birthday, this was her day of confirmation. The day she became an official witch.

“OMG Korie, are you freaking out or what?!” Millie asked as she squealed in excitement chasing behind Korie down the sidewalk.

“Meh, just another day to me.”

“Oh come on, you’re going to be a full fledged witch. No more amateur stuff for you… That’s a big deal!”

“Not to me Tina. It’s not like I can use mature spells. I still have to use this baby crap.”

“Well, enjoy your day regardless. I won’t be able to make your party. Tonight is family time.” Tina said.

“Oh crap, I can’t come either Korie. Ted and I have a gathering to attend with our family as well.” Millie said.

“You and Ted?”

“Yeah, we’re cousins remember?”

“I don’t think I’d ever known.” Korie shrugs.

“Oh! Well, no biggie. But I’m sorry.”

“No problem you guys. Like I said, it’s just another day.”

“There’s my mom! I gotta jet! Have a good evening Korie and again happy birthday! I love you!”

“Love you too Millie!”

“I’m catching a ride with her mom as well so I’ll talk to you later Kor!”

“Later Tina!”

As Millie’s mom drove off, Korie continued her walk down the sidewalk heading home. She was approaching the warlock school and she absolutely hated walking past it because the guys were such a-holes. But she couldn’t avoid it so she took a deep breath and kept her eyes ahead of her.

Just as she walked past the entry gate the wolf whistles began. She rolled her eyes and groaned but kept going by without interacting.

“Hey! Hey sexy! What’s your name? Hey!”

One boy ran from behind the gate yelling at Korie’s back as she continued ignoring him.

“Okay then…be a b***hy witch then. You’re ugly anyway!”

Korie stopped in her tracks…

“What did you say?” She asked as she turned in his direction.

The boy’s eyes stretched proving that he’s never been in this situation before which made him nervous.

“Uh…uh… I said…”

“I know what you said. Wanna say it to my face?” She asked as she walked up to him now standing toe to toe.

The beads of sweat formed on the boy’s forehead. He didn’t know what to do or say.

“Now now. Let’s calm down little lady.”

“I’m not a little lady.” She said through gritted teeth.

“Okay. Well whoever you are, just back away from my friend and no one will have to get hurt. He was just kidding anyway. He’s a kid, he doesn’t know any better.”

“Well next time tell this kid to keep his mouth shut if he can’t say anything nice. That’s not how you talk to ladies you little twerp!”

“Alright. You heard the lady. Now apologize to her.”

“I… I’m sorry.”

“See, he’s sorry. Let’s let bygones be bygones okay?”

Korie looked at the other young man doing all the talking and the expression on her face changed. She began to blush and a feeling of nervousness hit her.

“Oh my– he’s cute!”

The young man looked at her with a smirk on his face leading her to believe that maybe he read her thoughts.

Flustered, she quickly put her head down then turned to leave.

“Wait! What’s your name?!” The young man yelled.

She walked so fast she was too far ahead to hear his question.

Four hours later…

“Thank you so much for the cake and ice cream mom and dad. And the card was beautiful. You didn’t have to give me any money. I know how hard you guys work for it. I’m appreciative of the roof over my head.”

“Hahaha. We have such a sweet kid. Don’t worry about the money Korie. You’re 18 now, that’s a big deal for witches!” Her dad said.

“Do you feel any different yet?” Her mom asked.

“Nah. I feel the same.”

“Well, now you’re able to cast any spell you like.”

“No I’m not.” She muttered.

“What was that?” Her dad asked.

“Huh? Oh, nothing. Thanks again. I love you. I think I’m gonna go for a walk to the park. It’s a beautiful evening.”

“Okay honey. Be careful out there. I heard The Four Fathers are hanging around again. Stay safe.”

“I will mom. I’ll be back later.”


While at the park she sat on the swing mentally practicing spells and mimicking her finger as the wand.

“Ugh. So stupid. I hate these spells.” She thought.

“I hate kiddie spells also.”


Korie placed her hand on her chest.

“Gosh, you scared the crap outta me!”

“Hmm…well, you better clean yourself up.”

“Funny. Who are you?”

“Wow. Not only don’t you remember me but you don’t waste any time in asking do you?”

“Well, when some warlock shows up out of nowhere reading my mind I like to know who is in my presence ”

“Oh, well pardon me ma’am. My name is YooGi Min.”

“Nice to meet you YooGi Min.”

“And your name is?”

“Korie… Korie Adams.”

“My pleasure Korie. You really don’t remember me do you?”

“Sorry, am I supposed to?”

“Ah! Oh! My heart. Such a beautiful girl breaks it.”

She smiled, “Okay well, I’ve got to go.”

As she stepped off the sandy playground walking away from him, YooGi appeared in front of her in the speed of light.

“Whoa! Sheesh! Warlocks man. Do you all do that just to show off?”

“Maybe. Are you impressed?” He smirked.

“Why is he so friggin cute!” She thought.

He chuckled.

“Stop reading my thoughts! Gah! This is why I don’t date guys like you.”

“Guys like me? What am I like?”

“Like how you are! Arrogant.”

“I’m not arrogant. But if I gave you that impression I apologize and will never act that way again.”

She didn’t know whether to take him seriously or not.

“I sincerely apologize. Do you forgive me Korie?”

Her heart fluttered when he mentioned her name again.

“Ye-Yeah, I forgive you YooGi.” She blushed.

“You’re cute.” He chuckled.

Korie groaned and rolled her eyes walking away from him.

“Wait up! May I escort you home?” He asked.


“Yeah. What, did I say it wrong?”

“No. I just don’t hear people saying that nowadays. It’s nice.”

“I’m glad you like it. So may I?”

He extended his arm for her to take hold of as they walked together and she did accepting his offer.

They took a slow stroll back to her house having a humorous conversation getting to know each other. As they talked Korie’s mind started to wander and she finally realized where she’d heard his name before.

“YooGi… You’re YooGi!”

“Uh, yes. That’s me!”

“No. A friend of mine named Ted goes to your school and he mentioned you a few weeks ago.”

“Oh yes! I know Ted. Cool kid.”

“Ha! Well at the time he told me about you he was terrified of crossing you.”

“Really? Why?”

“He said that you’re friendly with The Four Fathers gang.”



Korie hesitated to ask her next question but she gave in…

“Why do you hang out with them? I mean, are you in the gang?”

YooGi glanced at her with a cute smirk on his face.

“You-You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.” She said nervously.

“No. I’m not. My older brother is. He transferred to this gang from the Four Fathers of Daegu when we moved to America.”

“Oh wow. Why did you guys move here? Why didn’t you stay in Daegu?”

“You’re a curious little cutie aren’t you?” He asked pinching her cheek.

“No… Well, yeah curious but not cute. So why?”

“My brother got in trouble for using his powers against his own. That’s the rule in The Four Fathers, never use spells against each other whether for good or for bad. Don’t do it. He killed his best friend out of anger over a girl.”

“Oh, my goodness! But he was able to join the America Four Fathers gang? Don’t they know what he did?”

“Yes. But since it happened in another country it doesn’t count with this gang. They accepted him with open arms and they seem like pretty good guys despite what the people around here think.”

Korie was so enthralled in the conversation that she didn’t notice that they’d been walking in circles passing her house at least twice.


“Well, thank you for ‘escorting’ me home. It was nice getting to know about you and your brother.”

“My pleasure.”

YooGi could see Korie’s parents through the loving room window. When he noticed her dad he nearly lost it. He caught himself and placed his hand on his head. Korie’s back was turned so she didn’t see his reaction.

“Uh, Korie! Wait, before you go inside may I ask you a question?”

“Um, sure. Go ahead.”

“Where’s your dad from?”

“South Korea. He migrated here about 25 years ago. Why?”

“What’s his name?”

Korie’s expression became one of confusion.

“Why YooGi? What’s wrong?”

“I saw a man, assuming he’s your dad, through the living room window and he looked familiar to me from pictures I’d seen from my brother. The photos belonged to our dad.”

“Ah okay. Well my dad’s name is Chul Gi.”

{Chul Gi means Iron Rising}

YooGi’s eyes widened…

“Listen, I’m sorry to hurry but I gotta get home. It’s so late.”

“Oh… uh, okay. I’ll see you again right?”

“Yeah maybe. Good night! Happy birthday!”

“How’d he know it’s my birthday? Ugh! He read my mind again!” She muttered.

He ran down the street rushing to meet up with his brother. He had something important to tell him.


Korie was in bed and as always she had trouble sleeping. Ever since the vivid dream she had about someone killing her father she’s been unable to close her eyes and relax. She climbed out of bed and over to her window sill to sit and watch the stars. The moon was particularly large that night leaving her in awe.

She looked down at the road noticing someone standing outside her house staring at the front door. Alerted by this, she quickly backed away from the window wondering whether she should wake her parents or not.

“You have to do something Korie! What if that guy breaks down the door? What then?!” She thought.

She peeked out of her window again this time seeing that the guy had vanished. She let out a sigh of relief but was still worried.

The following morning…


Korie jumped up from her bed surprised by the banging at the front door. Her mother rushed into her bedroom asking her to hide.

“Korie! Get in your closet baby. And no matter what you hear stay there!”

“Wha-What? What’s going on mom? Who’s here?!”

“The council is here–”



“HIDE!! GO!”

The tears streamed down her mothers face as she shoved Korie into the closet.

Korie’s father grabbed his wand from their bureau and placed it in his pocket.


Korie’s mother wiped her face and opened the door.

“May I help you?” She asked as the guard forcefully opened the door wide.

“We know that Chul Gi is here. And we won’t leave until we have him in our possession.” Said the councilman.

“What has he done?” Korie’s mom asked.

“He’s under arrest for misuse of magic.”

“What? When? He’s never misused magic!”

“Do you know the name Min Stachi?” Asked the councilman.

“No. I-I-I… I don’t.”

“Well Min Stachi was a prominent warlock. He was the head of The Four Fathers of Daegu in South Korea. We have reason to believe that your husband murdered him with hopes of taking Stachi’s spot.”


Korie’s dad is hiding in their bedroom using the stereo spell to hear what was being said. He slowly dropped his head as the councilman continued telling his wife what he did 25 years ago.

Korie, who’s bedroom was right next to the living room could hear everything being said through the paper thin walls. She placed her hand over her mouth as she cried. She understood why YoonGi was acting so strange about her father, he killed his.

“Mrs. Seojoon- excuse me… Mrs. Adams, go get your husband and bring him out here. The quicker he comes out the quicker we’ll leave. It’ll be as if we were never here.”

Mrs. Adams wept still in confusion and decided to oblige their request. But before she could get him he emerged from the bedroom with wand in hand.

“Ahh.. Mr. Adams or should I say, Mr. Seojoon– Glad you could join us.”

“I heard everything. I know why you’re here. I’m willing to surrender myself to you councilman.”

“Good. Give the wand to your mortal wife and come with us quietly.”

He turned to his wife, handing her his wand but not before embracing her one last time.

“Is Korie safe?” He whispered in his wife’s ear.

“Yes.” She said through tears.

“Good. I love you. Tell her I love her too.”

She held him tight not wanting to let go.

“Alright, come on! We haven’t got all day Mr. Seojoon!”

The guard took Mr. Seojoon by the arms placing them behind his back to handcuff him then dragged him inside and into the squad car.

When Korie heard them exit the front door, she ran out of her room watching in shock her father being thrown into the back of the car handcuffed and weeping.

Her mother wrapped her arms around her and they cried.


“How’s your dad?” Millie asked.

“I wouldn’t know. He’s been gone a week and I haven’t heard anything. I don’t think my mom has either.”

“I’m so sorry dude. The council can be so ruthless. I remember when they took my uncle. When he returned home he wasn’t the same. Whatever they do to people in there leaves them paranoid once they’re out.”

“Thanks Tina. What a weight off my shoulders.”

Millie shoved Tina.

“But really guys, mom and I are okay now. Just taking it one day at a time.”

“Have you heard from YooGi?” Tina asked.

“No. Not since the night he freaked out about my dad.”

“Did you ever figure out why?”

“No! He asked me what my dads name was and said he looked familiar from a photo that belonged to his dad.”

“Hmm…strange.” Millie said.

“All of a sudden, the council showed up at our house. But you know what? There was a strange man standing outside the night before just staring at our front door. I have no clue who he was.”

“Whomever it was was probably the one who led the council there!”

“Maybe. I just keep feeling like my dad was set up. My dad has never used his powers for anything malicious. He’s so careful and makes sure that I’m careful! It just doesn’t make any sense.”

“Well keep in mind Korie, this happened before you were born. Who knows what your dad was like in Daegu.” Tina said.

“Yeah. You’re right.”

“Text Ted and ask him if he’s spoken with YoonGi. He must know something!”

“Good idea Millie.”

Korie typed a message to Ted asking about YooGi. Ted immediately responded giving her YooGi’s number with a message telling her to text him herself.

She wasn’t sure if Ted was upset or sincerely helping her but she did type a message to YooGi asking if he knew what was going on.

YooGi: “Meet me after school. Make sure to have your wand handy. You may need it.”


“What? What’s the matter?” Tina and Millie asked.

“He wants to meet after school and make sure to have my wand with me.”


“YooGi? YooGi?! Where are you?” Korie arrived at the meeting spot which was an alley behind his school.

She tried to say his name as quietly as possible as to not catch anyone’s attention.

“YooGi! Yoon-”

A hand was placed over her mouth pulling her backwards into a hidden room YooGi made appear using a spell.

Korie let out muffled screams trying to fight off whomever grabbed her. Once inside the room, he let go of her. She turned around startled to see that it was him.

“What the hell was that for you warlock a-hole! I’ve told you about showing off!”

“I’m not showing off, I wanted to get you quiet!”

“Well all you had to do was say hey Korie, SHH! You don’t put your hand over someone’s mouth almost smothering them! Sheesh!”

“I’m sorry.”

Korie drew her attention to the room…

“What is this place?”

“I made it up using a spell my father taught me before he died. He told me, if I ever want to run away and be alone to use this spell and my own private room would appear. I used to always hide out this way when I wanted to read alone or just clear my head.”

“That’s awesome. Do you know any transporting spells?”

“Transporting?” He asked with a raised brow.

“Yeah. Like transporting yourself to the beach or another country– stuff like that.”

“I think you mean teleport.”

“Oh! Well, yeah. Same difference.”

“Yes, I know how.”

“Really? Could you teach me please??” She asked fluttering her eyes.

“Someday. Right now we have something more important to discuss.”

“Okay. So, why did you want to meet me and bring my wand?”

“I needed to talk to you in person. It involves your father.”

Korie gulped then waited for YooGi to continue.

“Back in Daegu, my dad Min Stachi, was the head of The Four Fathers gang. Your dad was his right hand man. I don’t remember much about my dad, I was 5 when he died or so I’ve bee told but according to my brother our dad got into some trouble with the leader of The Warlocks gang by the name of Park Hyung. Long story short, your father cast a spell on Hyung that caused him to choke to death and apparently he did it just so he could stop bothering my father. But unfortunately as a retaliation my father was murdered by The Warlocks and made your father watch the whole thing. Chul Gi, your father, was beaten and left to take the blame for my fathers murder. When he came to, they’d burned my fathers body leaving the gas can in Chul’s hands.”

“I knew it! I knew he had to have been framed!”

“Yes, but he still killed someone it just wasn’t my father.”

“Okay, but so why do I need my wand?”

“Some unfamiliar members of The Warlocks showed up unannounced at my house a few days ago wanting to know if we knew where to find Chul. My brother and I set it up to have friends of ours pretend to be the council to get your dad out of your house to protect him.”

“Wait, what? You did that?! Do my parents know?”

“Yes, they were alerted ahead of time. My brother stopped by the night before to tell your father the plan.”

“So that’s who that guy was I saw staring at our front door. He was talking to my dad!”


“But, why didn’t anyone tell me?”

“It was for your own protection. We didn’t know who was watching so we had to make it look as real as possible. The Warlocks have eyes everywhere.”

“So what… Do I need my wand for protection in case someone is watching right now?”

“Yes. When we leave here, you will need to be on high alert.”

“But I-I don’t know many good spells. All I know is how to make my opponents wand disappear and how to form a wall of smoke.”

“Well, although those may come in handy, I’ll be with you to walk you home just in case.”

“Okay. Ugh, my nerves are going crazy right now.”

“Just relax. Everything will be okay. Don’t worry. We should get going though. We need to get you home with your mother. She’s a mortal and needs all the help she can get. The Warlocks love mortals.”

He took Korie’s hand leading her out of the door back into the dark alley.

“Come on, let’s go!”

They walked her home cautiously– constantly looking around completely paranoid. Reacting to every sound caused by cats running or messing with trash cans. Even the howling of the wind drew their attention.

“Wait. Someone is following us.” Korie said.

“How can you tell?” YooGi asked.

“I can hear the footsteps echoing our own.”

“Well, let’s keep going and when the moment is right we’ll take care of whoever it is.”

They continued their slow walk and just as Korie said, there was another pair of footsteps following behind.

“When we get to this corner we’re going to split up okay?”

“What? Why YooGi?”

“Trust me okay?”

She stared into his eyes…


Once they reached the corner YooGi chanted a spell causing a double version of themselves to appear and split up from them. The real Korie and YooGi had gone to the right while the alternate versions cross the street on the left.

The person following them took a chance and followed the alternate version. Korie and YooGi were leaning against the brick wall of a building watching the man.

“Who is that? A mortal?” Korie asked.

“I don’t know, but we’re about to find out. Come on!”

They carefully followed the man who was still blindly following an illusion.

Eventually the illusion faded right before his eyes leaving him completely dumbfounded. He scratched his head then took out his phone to make a call to his boss.

“Excuse me.” YooGi said tapping the man on the shoulder.

He turned around and YooGi punched him in the face knocking him out.

He and Korie carried the man to a nearby alley where YooGi used his hidden room spell throwing the unconscious man inside with no way of escaping.

“Alright. Now, let’s get you home.”




“Is all this even necessary? I mean, why is this still happening? Why didn’t they just kill my dad 25 years ago when they had the chance?”

“Your dad has something they want…power.”


“When my dad died, The Warlocks stole his wand. That wand held so much power in it it was hard for anyone to get near my dad when he held it in his hands. Your father took it back from them and they’ve been after him ever since.”

“That’s that wand my dad kept in a glass case!”

“I’m sorry?”

“My dad…he kept the wand in a glass case on their bedroom wall. He always said it came from a good friend.”

“It’s in your parents bedroom!? We have to get that wand before they do! Hurry!”

They ran the rest of the way to Korie’s house and when they got there, she noticed the front door was open.

“That’s odd. Why would my mother leave the door wide open like that?”

YooGi had a gut feeling that something wasn’t right.

“Wait here Korie. It could be dangerous.”


“Please! Wait here okay? Trust me.”

“Alright. Be careful.”

He crept up the steps tip toeing into the house. He looked around careful not to make any noise. As he neared the bedrooms the floor creaked causing him to stop in his tracks. He quickly looked behind him keeping a firm grip on his wand.

He continued his tip toeing finally making it to what appeared to be her parents bedroom. He scanned the walls spotting the glass case that was now empty. He let out a deep sigh dropping his head in disappointment.

Suddenly there was a loud noise that came from the kitchen. It sounded like something was knocked over.

“Hello? Mrs. Adams?”

YooGi was once again careful as he tip toed toward the kitchen area.

“Mrs. Adams? Are you okay?”


Someone who looked like a bum came rushing at him with their hands in a choking position… YooGi pointed his wand…


The person vanished.

Catching his breath, he continued the search.

“Mrs. Adams?! Where are you?”

He approached the den. Looking inside, he found nothing. He took out his phone to text Korie and see if she was alright.

YooGi: “I can’t find your mother and my fathers wand is gone. Are you okay out there?”

He waited a few minutes and there was no reply.

YooGi: “Korie?”

Another few minutes and still there was nothing.

He ran over to the large window in the living room– Korie wasn’t there.

“Oh no!”

He rushed outside calling out her name.

“Korie?!… Korie!!… Where are you?… Kor-”

His phone vibrated in his pocket… He checked the message.

Korie: “Well, well, well. If it ain’t the reincarnate of Stachi. You shouldn’t be going around telling everyone this lie about being your own son. I mean who the hell is a YooGi?”

YooGi: “What? Who is this?”

Korie: “I’m the man who restored your life. Don’t tell me you don’t remember. Tsk, tsk, tsk. And after all we’ve been through. You get shocked to death and burned by my gang without my permission– I brought you back again.”

“What?” YooGi thought.

YooGi: “Where is Korie and her mother? What have you done with them?”

Korie: “Don’t worry about them. They’re safe. All I want is to talk Stachi.”

YooGi: “Why do you keep calling me Stachi?!”

Korie: “Because you ARE Stachi!!”


“Wow Stachi! They burned you to a crisp. We can’t have that, we’ve got to restore you to your former self. You still have something I want and when you tell me where it is, then and only then will I kill you again!”

One month later after restoring YooGi/Stachi back to health, the interrogation began…

“You’re lying! Where is it?!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about! Why don’t you ask Chul?!”

“We don’t know where Chul is. And why ask him when you are the owner of it?!”

“I don’t know. I don’t remember anything!”

*scoffs* “How the hell does he not remember? Did that fire mess with his memory? Maybe he’s lying to protect his friend…?” He wondered.

“I’m gonna step outside for some air. When I get back you better have an answer for me! One that I want to hear!”

YooGi/Stachi was left in the make shift interrogation room with a few members of The Warlocks contemplating his escape. He looked over at one of the guys– trying to grab his attention…

“Psst! Hey! Hey you!”


“Could you hand me my wand please. It doesn’t like to be left untouched for too long. Can’t you hear it weeping?”

“That’s what that annoying sound is? *groans* If holding it shuts it up then here!”

The bumbling idiot gave YooGi/Stachi his wand giving him the opportunity to escape as planned.


When the interrogator returned looking down to zip up his pants he was astonished to see that all his men that were in the room had been vaporized.


*Flashback over*

“I’m Stachi?” YooGi thought to himself.

Korie: “Hellooooo did your fingers fall off? Meet me at the Dragon’s Den in Chinatown. We can talk there. Korie and her mother will be somewhere safely tucked away in the back of the club. Oh and ‘YooGi’ I wouldn’t tell your brother if I were you. Let’s try to keep this as civilized as possible. We both know how much of a hot head he can be.”

YooGi/Stachi squeezed his phone fighting back the urge to break it.

“That son of a–.” He said angrily under his breath.


YooGi closed his eyes then waved his wand in a circle chanting the spell for teleportation. Within a few seconds he appeared in front of the Dragon’s Den club. He folded his wand and placed it in his back pocket for safe keeping.

When he approached the entrance he was stopped by two body guards who wanted to check him for any weapons. They’d found his wand but the man he spoke with over the text yelled over that it was okay for him to keep it. The stranger felt that he wasn’t much of a threat without his actual wand.

“If he’s letting me keep mine, I wonder if Korie has hers?” YooGi thought.

“Come on in Stachi– oops, I mean YooGi. Have a seat.”

“Where’s Korie? And who are you?” YooGi demanded.

“I told you, she and her mother are safe.”

“Give me your word that they truly are safe!”

“Ahh…Fine. You have my word as a member of The Warlocks that no harm has been done to neither Korie or her mother.”

“Good. Now who are you?”

“Stachi you never cease to amaze me. How do you not recognize your own cousin?”

He squinted his eyes to help focus his vision. The club was so dim it was hard to see anyone.

His cousin made a candelabra float in front of his face exposing his true identity for him to see.


“Park Hyung! I– I thought you were dead. Didn’t Chul Gi kill you?”

“Stachi, we’re warlocks and therefore immortal. Nothing kills us…not unless we are burned OR you use that special wand of yours.”

“So…what do you want with me?”

“I want you to tell me where that wand is.”

“I don’t know where it is. And even if I did, do you honestly think I would tell you?”

Park Hyung chuckled with a devilish grin.

“Heh heh.. If you want to save Korie and her mother, you’ll tell me where it is. I will not ask again.”

“I’m telling you Hyung… I don’t know where it is!”

“Okay. Suit yourself. GENTLEMEN!”

Suddenly the guards headed toward a dark hall…

“What… What are you doing?!” YooGi/Stachi asked in a panicked voice.

“Oh, don’t worry your pretty little head. It’ll all be over soon.”

Screams could be heard coming from the back of the club…


Stachi lunged at Park Hyung but two of the guards held him back.

“Let him go.” Park Hyung commanded as he extracted his wand.

“Don’t hurt them you bastard!”

More screams rang out..

Stachi angrily took out his wand aiming it at Park Hyung who in return did the same.

It was now a battle to the death as far as Stachi was concerned.

“I will kill you where you stand Hyung…tell your men to leave them alone.”

“You think that because you are who you are that you can tell me what to do? I CONTROL WHAT GOES ON IN HERE! I AM THE BOSS! I AM THE HEAD! I AM THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA IN THIS MOTHER F**KER! YOU DON’T GET TO MAKE THE DECISIONS AROUND HERE, I DO! Now… before I dislocate your body limb from limb, tell me… where. is. that. wand?”

Stachi still had his wand aimed at Park Hyung full of rage. “Show them to me and I’ll tell you.”

Park Hyung sighed and annoyingly dropped his hand that held the wand…

“Ugh! Stachi, spare me with the cliche’ compromises! But fine!…BRING THEM OUT!”

The guards shoved Korie and her mother out of the dark room where they were held into the dimly lit area.

“I can’t see them Hyung!”

Park Hyung irritated, waved his wand to turn on a brighter light.

“Yoongi?! YooGi! Help us! Please!” Korie pleaded.

“Don’t worry Korie, I will! I promise I’ll get you both out of this! But I need to know where my wand is!”

“Your-Your wand? You’re holding it in your hand YooGi.” Korie said with tears in her eyes.

He dropped his head then slowly lifted it hesitating to say much more…

“No Korie. MY wand. The one that you said your father had on the wall in a glass case.”

“But that’s not yours, that belonged to your father Stachi. Didn’t you say that?”

“Yes, I know what I said and the thing is… I am… Stachi.”

Korie eyes widened. “What? No. Stachi is dead. Your father is dead. You told me that. You said my dad was falsely accused of his murder. You’re a student at the warlock school YooGi! If you were Stachi you’d be too old to attend that school as a student!”

“I never said I was a student there Korie. Your friend Ted said that I was a new guy there. Which could mean anything– in this case it means that I teach at the school.”

“What?! You’re a teacher?!”


Korie was stunned.

“Okay! Cut the crap! Where is the wand!” Park Hyung was beginning to lose his patience.

“I don’t know where it is either. I swear.” Korie said while visibly shaken.

“What about Mrs. Adams over there? HEY!”

Mrs. Adams jumped after being startled by his yell.

“Do you know where the wand is?” He continued.

She turned her head away…

All of a sudden he flew at her.

“You do know where it is, don’t you?” He asked as he placed her under a spell forcing her to gaze at him.

She was now in a trance.

“Leave her alone.” Korie said trying to force herself away from the guards holding onto her.

Park Hyung glanced at Korie, “I’m not doing anything. I just asked her a question.” He said with that sly smirk of his.

“Back off Hyung!” Stachi yelled.

Park Hyung gently stroked Mrs. Adams cheek with his wand making her as uncomfortable as possible just to get her to talk.

“Are you going to tell me or not Mrs. Adams? Where is it?”

She tried her best to keep her mouth shut.

“WHERE?!” He yelled.

At that moment Stachi flew at Park Hyung knocking him to the ground.

The guards began to attack but Stachi twirled his wand as he recited a spell causing the men to become pillars of salt– disintegrating before everyone’s eyes.

The guards who held Korie and her mother let go of their grip joining in on the attack.

As they ran at Stachi who was wrestling with Park Hyung on the ground, they were instantly set on fire.

Stachi, Hyung and Mrs. Adams were shocked to see the sudden flames. It was Korie who set them ablaze.

Korie, was also surprised to see that she held that kind of power. She then turned her attention to Park Hyung who now had Stachi pinned down.

“Get off of him.” She said to Hyung.

“Haha. What if I don’t want to?”

She aimed her wand at the bar causing it to explode. Glass, liquid and shards of wood flew everywhere.

“If you don’t want that to happen to you, you’ll get off of him …NOW!”

Park Hyung slowly let go of Stachi, picking himself up off the floor with his hands raised.

“Back away.” Korie said with her wand still aimed at him.

Mrs. Adams helped Stachi off the floor pulling him behind Korie who kept her eyes on Park Hyung who’s hands were still raised.

“Stachi. You’re really leaving me hanging like this… After I brought you back to life? You owe me!”

“What do I owe you Hyung? You only brought me back to take my power away. You wanted to be the head of The Four Fathers but on your own terms! That’s why you started The Warlocks. You wanted to be in control of everyone. And your mindless minions obliged. You can’t have my wand Hyung and as long as I live… you never will.”

A snarl-like expression appeared across Park Hyung’s face as Stachi, Korie and her mother turned to leave.

All of a sudden Park Hyung ran to grab his wand off the floor…but Korie quickly turned around…


Park Hyung was electrocuted by Korie’s spell causing him to glow and explode into nothingness.

All that was left of him was his wand that no longer held any power.

Stachi approached Korie from behind, “Come on, let’s get out of here.”

She folded her wand placing it back in her pocket and Stachi did the same.

One year later…

“Alright class! That’s it for today. Be sure to study and don’t forget to practice using your wands properly! Have a great weekend!”

“Good bye Mr. Min!”

“Bye Mr. Min!”

The students exited the classroom as Stachi packed his briefcase to leave.

“Good afternoon Mr. Min.”

Glancing over at his classroom door, Korie stood with a smile on her face and arms folded.

“Hey! You’re here already?” He asked jokingly.

“Well traffic is never much of a hassle for a witch you know.”

“Oh sure.” He said as he planted a kiss on her cheek. “Are we having dinner with your parents tonight?” He asked.

“Oh, I thought we were eating with your brother and the gang?”

“Nah, he had to cancel. Some emergency came up that he had to take care of.”

“Nothing too important I hope?”

“I read his mind over the phone…it’s not important. Just got a date with a girl he likes so he gave me the ‘it’s an emergency’ routine.”

“Oh! Aww how cute.”

Stachi rolled his eyes.

“Have a good weekend Mr. and Mrs. Min!” A student yelled from their locker.

“Thanks sweetie, you too!” Korie answered.

Stachi and Korie exit the school hand in hand…

“Are you happy dad returned your wand in one piece?” Korie chuckled.

“You laugh but he wouldn’t give it to me at first because I was dating you.”

“Yeah, well he thinks you’re too old for me. But it was so sweet of him to return it as a wedding gift.” She smiled.

“Haha. Right. Okay, hold on tight.”

Korie held closely onto Stachi’s arm as he waved his wand in a circle to teleport them off the school grounds.

“So, when are you going to teach me this?” Korie asked.

“When you’re mature enough.” He laughed.

She playfully smacked him on the forehead as they vanished.

The end.

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