The Fox

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The day was shining bright and warm that the Fox decided to cancel the conference altogether, it was not talk suited to a glorious day such as this one, but he didn’t have the guts to face the Prophet as they liked to call him, no he was sure that it would probably end only with blood. So he straightened his tie and walked into the room filled with many of the Prophets’ followers, all eager to hear what his right-hand man would have to tell them, not in the least suspecting that the news that their brother would soon deliver would ruin them all and everything that they stood for. The Prophet could not make it today, he told them, he had an important meeting with the global leaders and of course, he did not want to tell them such tidings himself! Certainly not! For the Prophet, his honour came before his brothers and so, it was up to his young, but cunning follower to deal with this, and he had thought that he’d do it well without a second thought and was enraged when he hesitated, why, he had never in his wake ever raised his voice! But when he told him a bit more sharply, he understood, or so he said and the Prophet had his doubts, and whenever he suspected anyone, it did not end well…

And to those loyal souls, the Fox began preaching about how great this plan would be if it was done well and for that, the Great Prophet had required their help, with these words they were in his trance; the Prophet only selected the most devious and sly man to become his apprentice, one who could make others take a bullet for him, and he had chosen well… It was done without anyone raising an eyebrow or suspicions…

And when he was sure that he had them there, he left them in the pretense of going for his daily constitutional, which could easily be believed as he was a very fit and energetic man. In truth, he had walked the small distance to the Rolls Royce, and he quickly slid into the back seat where his master was waiting for him and as soon as he came in, the car started at a steady pace and he told the Prophet the good news and he was satisfied with himself but still angry at his slave for having defied him earlier. But today was not the night for quarrel or small talk but the one for celebration, he had won and his master-plan was finally operational. And he poured his companion a glass of champagne and hugged him warmly like comrades and the Fox was too surprised by this physical display of affection which came rare from the Prophet and he leaned in; his sharp eyes failed to notice the shiny blade going in, drawing blood…

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