The Girl Who Lost Her Power

Caterina Cox September 27, 2018
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    Once upon a time there lived a magical girl. Named Lilith she is half demon and half angle her mother was a angle until she fell in love with the King of the underground. The Gods of the heavens have forbidden their love and punished. Her never to go back to heaven they made her a fallen angle. She has to live with the King of the underground and they had a baby girl Named Lilith.She grow up to became a beautiful princess of the underground. The underground has many creatures such as dragons,ghost,witch,fairy,bats ,werewolf,vampires, and the ripper. The witch are the house keepers, and ripper is the guards along with the vampires,dragons and werewolf. The ghost and fairy are to send messages to the palaces. The King often sends the ghost to feed the werewolves, vampire and Jack the ripper. The ghost is a girl named Madison she can only feed them because the fairy and the others are too scared of them. Sometimes the ghost which off there is also boys and girls ghost so she isn’t the only one just in charge of one job. They also are the look outs and they are to keep the princess safe from harm and danger.Madison and Lilith are best friends they grow up together she shows her everything about the kingdom and his rules.We are not to go to far away from the castle because its dangerous and the wicked theft huntsmen are out their to steal.Only the guards and well done trainers are to leave. Lilith trainer to be a warrior. The trainer was Jack The Ripper because he has the most kills and straights also good fighters and over 50,000 million soldiers and warriors.Lilith had to learn so many tricks and powerful dangerous magic to defeat her enemy’s.Madison also became a warrior because they can’t kill a ghost unless they use a witch to move her into the other world so that she can’t be seen again in the human or fairy tale land. One day Jacks sister went missing for a three days after the war because the Kings brother came for the powerful stick its also a weapon one hit and it kill your enemy.He is never to touch the powerful stick.The Kings brother name is Aidan and the King name is Maverick Queens name is Hazel.

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