The last thing I could feel

Maryam Jaward July 5, 2022
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The last thing I could feel was a thundering pain running all over my head. I felt drowsy. I felt like I was falling down from a tall elevation. Everything around me was moving in a circular motion. I felt sick. I had so many thoughts running in my head. WHERE AM I? WHAT’S GOING ON? WHERE ARE MY FRIENDS? ARE THEY WITH ME? ARE THEY HURT? I couldn’t bare this pain! I could feel butterflies fluttering all over my stomach. I knew that something was no good. That pain again….. it-it hit me harder. I couldn’t hold it more longer. I blew up and-


And there I was wide awake in a crystal white room. The room was warm. I was surrounded by the most luxurious furnitures. I could identify them because I was obsessed with the looks. I couldn’t afford for such expensive items. But now… I’M SURROUNDED WITH THEM. HOW? WHERE AM I? IS THIS ALL A DREAM? WHO BROUGHT ME HERE? ARE THEY RICH? OR DIDTHEY STEAL THESE FURNITURES?

“Help!” I was distracted by a scream. I stood up at once from the place I was at rest to checkout. I could identify that voice. But wasn’t sure because it was echoing.

“Kate”, I muttered. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO? I couldn’t find an entrance or exit. I was stuck. My heart rate increased. A fear rose among me. WHAT IF….WHAT IF THEY HAVE HURT MY FRIENDS? WHAT ID I CAN’T HELP THEM? Tears rolled off my cheeks. I fell down to the ground and began to cry. I knew that something was no good.

Footsteps… I heard them! I heard footsteps. They were moving towards the room I was in. My fear invaded me once again. I was petrified. I was soaking wet. That noise again… Th footsteps didn’t stop yet… Someone was opening a door which was connected to the walls. From the looks of the shadow, I knew that this stranger was a healthy and well built lad. I fixed my gaze to the direction where the sound was to be heard. I slowly moved towards the door. I found a grey baton which was next to an odd looking chestbox. I kept one step after the other. I was shaking, yet didn’t stop moving forwards. The door opened and I saw a bright light flash. Someone was standing in front of the door. He..he was carrying a pocket of files, which was very identical to the one I had and….

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