The Little Boy and The Ghost

Bailey Runyon March 10, 2022
Animals, Kids
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Once Upon a Time there was a little boy who lived in a small town in California. His name is Hunter Davis and he is only 7 years old with a very evil mom. Hunter has an older brother, Steve. Steve has a different mom than Hunter but their dad is the same. Steve does not like Hunter’s mom, his stepmom, because she is evil. Steve thinks that his stepmom is a witch and has ghosts to scare him and Hunter when neither the stepmom, Vanessa, or their dad, Chris, are home. Vanessa likes to torture the boys. She makes them do whatever she says right when she asks, and if they do not they get screamed at or hit. If the boys talk back or say no they get more chores and have to make the next meal but do not get to eat. When Vanessa is not watching the boys cook they eat some of the stuff that is already done or they set out on the counter to put on the table. Once everything is done they take it all to the table to watch Vanessa and Chris eat right in front of them. Chris always feels bad when he eats in front of the boys when they can not eat but, Vanessa makes him do it. After Vanessa leaves the room Chris apologizes to the boys. Hunter says every time “It’s okay dad, it isn’t your fault she’s this way.” One certain time when the boys could not eat and Vanessa left the room Steve asked Hunter to go to his bedroom. Hunter listened and put Chris’s dishes in the dishwasher and went to his room. Chris and Steve have a big conversation about how Vanessa is treating them so badly that Steve has thought about running away with Hunter and not telling anyone where they are at.
Chris said “What if you told me and/or Stacy, (Steve’s mom), where are you going, that way we know you boys are safe.”
Steve says “Okay, but you have to promise me you will get rid of that crazy witch-stepmom we do not like while we are gone.” Chris agrees and helps Steve plan an escape route to go live with the boys’ Aunt Crystal’s in Iowa. After Chris and Steve got the plans put together Chris got the boys plane tickets for two days later. Steve helped Hunter pack his bags for a “Trip to Aunt Crystal’s house in Iowa.” When they were really planning on escaping the crazy and evil stepmom that is like a witch. Steve was in Hunter’s room helping him pack when the ghost came into the room and asked Steve to go to Steve’s room with him. The ghost was being nice this time, so Steve asked the ghost before he moved if it was something bad.
The ghost said “I promise it’s nothing bad.” So Steve walked to his room with the ghost. When they got in there the ghost said “Okay, I am sorry if I scared you but I am glad you boys are leaving here to hopefully get rid of Vanessa. You boys do not deserve that. I only did all I do because I am afraid of her myself. I never wanted to do any of that stuff and never saw myself doing any of it until she made me. It’s all because she does not like children. Listen, that is not the point of this, I have two requests from you before you leave.”
Steve says “Okay, but why were you scared of her, she can’t even see you?” The ghost replied “I honestly do not know why I was scared, I knew you guys could not me, but I that you could hear my voice and noises. My requests are one, that you make sure you keep your dad updated, and I will make sure that he keeps you updated, and tells you when it is safe to come back home. Lastly, but not least, keep your brother Hunter safe for me and protect him with all you have.”
Steve says “Okay, I promise I will keep dad updated and I will protect and keep Hunter safe with all I have. I have two questions for you then. Will you still be here when Hunter and I get back and will you be this nice when we get back?”
The ghost says “Yes, I will still be here when you get back and I will still be this nice when you get back it is just Vanessa making me mean to you boys.” So the ghost then leaves Steve’s room and Steve goes back Hunter’s room acting like nothing ever happened. He finished packing Hunter’s clothes for Iowa. The next day was the day Chris “Dropped the boys off at school” but they really went to the airport. Chris and Steve texted back and forth all the way to Iowa when the boys were not in the air of course, but Steve also communicated with his mom. Thankfully Steve’s mom, Stacy, was flexible and knew that Steve was trying to help his dad and little brother out so she was okay with everything as long as Steve was being careful. Once Chris knew the boys had made it to Iowa he waited a couple days to try to make the evil “witch” stepmom move out and start the divorce papers. Chris got Vanessa to sign the divorce papers because he made her just mad enough to sign the papers. He told her she had to move out by the next Monday (Friday morning through the weekend) to get all of her stuff out of his house and find someone else to live with. Vassena never realized the boys were not there because Chris did everything she asked them to do. After a few days after Chris had said he wanted her out she finally got all of her belongings out of his house. Chris then cleaned the house the way he wanted it.
Chris said to Steve “I finally got Vanessa the evil witch out and we are getting divorced.”
Steve asked “Dad we are having fun out here with Aunt Crystal and the family and we want to stay a little bit longer. Can we stay a little longer if it is okay with Aunt Crystal?” Chris said “I guess I don’t care as long as it is okay with your Aunt and Uncle.”
Their Aunt Crystal and Uncle both told Chris “The boys are fine to stay as long as they want to. They have been so good and helpful.” Chris replied “Are you sure? I hope they really are being good for you guys and you are not just making it up.”
Crystal then says “Yes, I am sure. I would not lie to you Chris.” Chris replies with “Okay, if you are sure they can stay I will let them stay another week but no longer than that. Thank you so much for everything you are doing for me and the boys. We really appreciate it.” Crystal says “Okay, sounds good and you’re welcome anytime you need anything, just reach out, never hesitate to call or text us. We are family.”
After the boys stayed at their Aunt Crystal’s house for another week they went back home to their dad and the now very friendly ghost. When Chris picked up his boys from the airport he never felt any happier to see them and he smiled so big. When the boys reached him he gave them both the biggest hug ever, the three boys went on home to live happily ever after with their friendly ghost.

The End

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