The Little Duck’s Journey

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Once upon a time, in a village named Happyland, everyone was always helpful, friendly, and had their responsibilities. In this area, there is a duck that is worried about her future. The little duck stands and ponders to herself after looking around the village and seeing the villagers doing their duties. Auntie Sheep is working as a barber, and Uncle Lion acts as the leader of the town. Those things made her start to worry because she believes she is not talented in anything and she notices how inexperienced she is. However, she realizes that she has friends who live near her cottage and decides to wander around to see her friends. Then the journey begins.

A little duck visits her best friend, a rabbit, and asks her, “What is your dream job, bunny?” She asks. “I had always wanted to spend time working on my backyard farm. It has been my goal since I was a child, since I loved carrots, and my grandmother also used to own a farm named ‘Jubilee’, which I helped a lot when she was with me.” The rabbit responded, and she burst into tears. “I am very sad to hear about your grandmother, but believe me when I say she is happy and proud of you!” The little duck soothes her friend. “Thank you.” After hearing the rabbit’s response, she decided she wanted to start a farm to find her dream and happiness. “Do you need help on your farm?” She asks her friend. “I’ve been seeking someone for a while but have not found one yet.” “If you don’t mind, I can help you.” She responded to her “Show me what you’ve got and join me.” Little duck follows her companion to the backyard and begins digging a carrot hole. Unfortunately, her wings stop her from doing something she desires. She couldn’t accomplish it since her wings were fatigued and lagging. She felt ashamed and disappointed, yet her friend noticed she was crying and rushed over to comfort her. “Hey, it’s okay to not be capable of doing everything. I’m usually clumsy because of these,” she said and pointed to her big lovely ears, and they both laughed. “Thank you for your comfort,” she said to her friend. “But I’m sure you can go to Bear’s place. I believe he needs help with something. Perhaps you’ll find your dream there!” They both say their goodbyes and duck off to another of her best friends’ places.

“Hello, Bear. I believe I heard you wanted an assistant.” The little duck grins as she greets her friend. “Not precisely, but I’m not comfortable with my eating habits,” he explains. “How come that’s my friend?” “Tiger warned me not to eat too much honey because it is the bees’ home.” He answers. “That doesn’t seem very lovely, but I believe you can build them a home,” she said, along with the solution. “How?” He asks. She points to a bouquet by the window. “Oh! Thank you!” He exclaims with delight and begins to move the flower from inside to outside the cottage. “Could you kindly help me in identifying which blooms contain nectar for bees?” He wonders aloud. “I’ll try,” the duck said hesitantly. She begins to use her nose to distinguish between the nectars. Based on her nose, she can only sniff one scent of it. “I’m truly sorry, but I can’t help you identify it,” she apologized with shame. “Don’t worry darling, guiding me to a way to solve my problem is enough,” he adds. She is once again disappointed with the outcome. “How am I expected to achieve my dream if I am not qualified for anything?” She mumbled. Then give the bear farewell.

Little Duck walks across every house down the road with a gloomy look on her face. But then she suddenly heard a noise from her old friend, the frog. “Hello, Miss. Turtle, there is a letter from Mr. Cheetah for you,” said the frog in a postman’s uniform. “Thank you very much!” Miss. Turtle replied. “You’re welcome, lady.” When the duck sees him, she comes to meet him by raising her wings. “Good day, dear friend. We haven’t seen each other in a long time.” Little Duck greets her old friend with surprise. “Duck?” He responded with astonishment. “Of course I am!” She said, “Long time no see. How is your life doing?” “It’s been challenging recently, and I’m not sure what I want to do in the future.” “That is not a major issue. You could find your path one day.” He continues. She recalled how they used to pretend to be a postman and a receiver. Back then, it was a delightful memory. Accidentally, she had an unexpected thought and started asking him a question. “I saw you have a lot of parcels and letters. Do you mind if I assist you with those?” “You’re welcome!” he responds. She walked right up to the stranger’s front door and knocked. Doors after doors, she becomes fatigued, but her old friend is not, because the frog uses his long legs to jump at the front door of each house to speed up his working process. She begins to spread her wings to fly when she discovers the strategy. Sad to say, she cannot fly and does not have as long legs as her friend. She is desperate and cries uncontrollably. “Everything is wonderful. You’ve helped me a lot and your results are excellent.” The frog came to calm her and express his gratitude. “Perhaps you only need some time to explore your talents.” He continues. “But, when…” She asks him about it softly, then waves him off.

The duck returns home to ponder everything that has passed. She is feeling extremely miserable and exhausted with herself since she chooses to believe she is worthless to accomplish anything. She rests alongside the lake to take a break after her journey is over. Then she noticed the chick slipping into the river without the shadow of its mother. There is only one villager in the area presently, herself. The duck is trying to save the chick and accidentally discovers she can swim. The little duck rushes in to rescue the chick. Then her friends, the rabbit, frog, and bear, happened to witness her while aiding the chick. “I believe swimming is the discovery you’ve been seeking, it has the potential to save people’s lives.” The frog said “We are so proud of you.” Bear and bunny added. She felt relieved when she heard it, and she later chose to become a swim teacher to help others survive drowning, which is an important skill. The duck lives happily ever after, hoping that her ability will benefit the folks of the village.

Moral of the story: maybe something we have been looking for has been under our noses for the whole time.

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