The Lost Little Widower

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At one time, there lived a princess named Klara, who was seriously ill, and her illness was nearing death. Her parents, the king and queen almost cried seeing the condition of their seriously ill daughter who was nearing death. “Honey, you have to be strong in these conditions so that you can recover.” said the Queen to her daughter. “Yes mom.” replied the princess Klara who was lying close to death. “You can certainly deal with conditions like this. Come on, take the medicine to get healthy quickly.” said the king. Then, the king ordered the physician to make medicine for his daughter. After that, the king took the medicine to the princess. But unfortunately, the princess Klara died because of the illness.

After Princess Klara died, the king and queen cried on their daughter’s gravestones. Day and night they are sad until they do not know when it will end. Seeing the sad state of the king and queen, the palace guards provided a way to prevent their prolonged grief. “We immediately correlate and crown someone who is the same as the deceased.” said the palace guard.

The next day, the King and Queen adopted a boy who was the equivalent of the late princess, to be made the crown prince. They crowned the boy. His name is Ernest. Unfortunately, his mother did not accept and the crown prince Ernest was abandoned by his mother in a tower without a door and a small vent as big as a dice box.

At night, a boy’s voice came into the distance. Villagers who live far from the tower wonder, “Who sings in the tower?” some asked, “Is the tower haunted?” Though it was clear, the voice was not the voice of the spirits of the people who lived in the tower. That was the voice of Ernest, a classmate of the same age as the late princess. “Is that missing young widower who lives in the tower?” asked one of the residents. “No, he’s a friend of the late princess.” answered one of the residents.

The residents tried to find the origin of the sound, and one of the residents who dared to climb the tower and enter it. Apparently, in the tower there was Ernest who lived there. “How did you find me here?” said Ernest. “I have been looking for that singing voice, and it turns out you are.” answered a citizen with difficulty.

A few months later, in the morning, a girl with marching talent climbed the tower and entered. “How did you find me here?” Ernest asked. “Remember, how many months have you not been to school? Since we were left dead by our friend, the princess Klara until now you do not go to schools. Come out of this tower and we focus on school.” said the girl loudly.

Ernest then came out of the tower assisted by the girl and drove Ernest back to his house, and Ernest returned to school despite being left dead by Klara.

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