The Lost Princess

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Once upon a time lived a mighty queen. She was beautiful and rich,but she couldn’t bear a child. She went from sorcerers and magicians to doctors and nobody could help her. Then one day a Hairdresser came to the palace. He said he would cure the curse ,and the queen would finally bear a child.

”All the doctors and magicians of this world couldn’t help me”, said the queen,” and you think you can?”

”I can, your majesty, and I will help you” , said the Hairdresser.

”Alright”, said the queen,”if you can really make me pregnant,I will give you the mountain of gold and silver that is on the main hall”.

”Give your mountain of gold and silver to the poor people” , said the Hairdresser,and she took three beans, one white,one blue, one yellow.

”The white bean,because her skin will be white, and the blue because her blood is blue, and yellow, because her hair will be yellow”.

The Hairdresser hid the beans inside the hair of the queen. Then she made a bun with the hair and ordered the queen not to lift the bun, for nine months.

After the Hairdresser disappeared, a bad witch came in midnight,and she approached the bun and hid a black bean inside.

”Black like the destiny of this child ”, said the witch.

The bun grew and after nine-month, the queen lifted the bun, and a child came out of it. Her hair was tied up to the mother’s hair. The queen, believing this was a spell, call the Hairdresser again,and she asked her to cut the hair , and separate the child from her.

”Don’t you ever cut your hair”, said the Hairdresser,” because the bad witch has cursed you. If you do that,your child will die.Your hair is one single hair now. If one of you dies,the other will also die”.

So the queen and the princess were forced to live tied up to each other. Since the queen couldn’t take care of her child, she hired an old goodhearted babysitter. As the princess grew , her hair also grew. Now she could get out. Then the hair grew even longer, and the girl could now travel to the front door of the palace, but no further. Then one day the queen fell ill, and she got into the bed. The little princess wanted to help her, and her mom told her to call the Hairdresser.

”Is there a cure for my illness?,” said the queen.

”There is a cure”,said the Hairdresser, ”Its called the waterfall of life. All your little girl has to do is go under the waterfall, and the water that falls will cut the hair in half, and the spell will be broken, and you will both stay alive”.

The hair where now long enough and so the little princess took the road, determined to find the waterfall of life. She traveled for three years, and finally, when she saw the waterfall, she runs towards it, but three meters away from the water, she was suddenly driven back. Apparently her hair had stuck somewhere. She traveled back and saw that someone had tied up her hair into a tree branch. Of course that someone was none else than the bad witch itself. The little girl tried to reach the branch and untie it, but it was so high that she just couldn’t. So she decided to stay there and when the night came she covered herself with her hair,and slept. The next day, a woodcutter who had followed the hair, found the little girl.

”Who are you ”, said the woodcutter,” what are you doing all alone in the forest?”

”I am a princess”…and she told him the whole story.

The woodcutter cut the tree and the hair was released. The princess runs to the waterfall, but the bad witch had frozen the water.

”The waterfall is frozen”, said the little girl,”What I am going to do now”?

The woodcutter took his knife and cut a piece of ice, and he made it sharp.Then he gave it to the little girl,and she cut her hair with it.The girl didn’t die, and the spell was broken, but the hair quickly disappeared.

”Oh no”,said the little girl, ”the hair disappeared. How will I find the way home now?”

”Don’t worry little girl”, said the woodcutter,” you can come with me at my home, and live there as long as you want”.

So the little girl went to live with the woodcutter.He had a boy at home, and the boy loved the princess. Many years passed,and the little princess became a handsome young woman. She had long forgotten everything about her past, and had married the son of the woodcutter.

One day the old goodhearted babysitter, who had searched everywhere for the little girl, came near the cottage. She saw a young woman cleaning the clothes and immediately recognized the princess in her, but said nothing. When the young woman saw the old lady, she thought she was tired, and invited her to rest in the cottage.

”Thank you” , said the old babysitter, ”you are a goodhearted young lady.If you allow me to stay here tonight, I will give you gold and silver”.

When the woodcutter and his son returned from the forest, the girl told them everything, and since it was about gold and silver, they accepted the old lady to stay with them until morning. During dinner, the babysitter hid a knife inside the bread,and when the girl split the bread in two, the knife cut her hand,and blue blood came out. The woodcutter then told her the whole story. So the princess and the old babysitter returned home, and they entered through the gates of the palace.

The mountain of gold and silver was still on the main hall,and nearby it there was another mountain, one with heads.They were the heads of the people who had promised the queen to find her lost girl in exchange for gold and silver. Since they had all failed, the queen had cut of their heads. The guards of the palace took the little girl and brought her in front of the queen.

”Many girls have come here claiming to be my lost daughter, but none of them was my daughter”, said the queen”.I will cut your flesh, and if blue blood comes out of it,you are my daughter.If your blood is red, that means you are a fraud, and I will order my guards to cut your head”.

So she ordered the doctor to cut her flesh. Blue blood came out of it. But the doctor, who was none else than the bad witch itself, drop the blue blood and filled the bottle with red blood. Then she gave the bottle of red blood to the queen, and she ordered the guards to cut the head of the girl.

When the day of the execution came, all the people gathered at the castle square. The executioner raised his ax on the little girl’s neck, but suddenly the old babysitter slipped through the crowd, approached, and she took a knife and cut the head of the executioner. Immediately he was transformed into the bad witch. Then the old babysitter cut the flesh of the girl, and blue blood came out. Everyone recognized the lost princess and they were happy she had been found. The queen jumped from her throne and quickly embraced her daughter, and she ordered the servants to prepare a giant banquet , where everyone was invited.

Only the son of the woodcutter wasn’t happy. He thought that someday the princess would return to him, and marry him and make him king, so he could escape that miserable life he was doing…keep dreaming buddy. She has forgotten about you, and she has married a king, and now she is trying to give him a prince. Unfortunately, just like her mom, she can’t get pregnant…but this a story for another time.

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