The Magic Box

Jia Ying Lim August 15, 2017
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The sunlight kissed the window and my grandpa, Harold, was looking for something under his bed while I was dancing with the butterflies and animals in the garden.

“Jane, come here. This is for you.” He took out a music box which was adorned with a beautiful pattern.

“A music box? I love it! I can listen to the beautiful music.”

On the top was a girl with a feather dancing on the stage, while a boy dressed like a prince was sitting beside her.

“Grandpa, they look sad.”

“There was a sad story between them …… ”

The music flashed back to a thousand years ago. The girl dancing in the music box sang with her beautiful voice. “Don’t make the promise that you can’t keep ……”

She was a rabbit fairy standing in a white fluffy dress on the top of the mountain. Meanwhile, the little boy was sitting beside her and looking at the sky. They needed each other’s love like fish need water.

“A rabbit! A rabbit! Let me hunt it!” The Royal Prince- Roy – jumped in suddenly, took out a sharp knife and moved towards the rabbit.

“Don’t hurt it! It’s my friend! “Jane protected the rabbit, shielding it with her back like a mother protecting her child, but the knife hurt her hand. Roy felt sorry for her. As he apologized, he promised Jane he wouldn’t hurt any animals again.

Sometimes, Roy would play tricks on her. Like……

“Do you know which animal likes asking why apart from humans? It’s a pig!” Roy asked Jane and she shook her head.

“Why?” Jane said without thinking twice. “…… You are talking about me, right? Hate you!”

“Okay, I’m so sorry my beautiful wife. Don’t be angry.” Roy hugged Jane as he whispered into her ear.

“Who is your wife?” Jane’s face turned red like an apple.

“Of course it’s you, my wife. I will tell father after this. Will you marry me?”

Roy took out a butterfly ring from his pocket and presented it to Jane.

“Oh my god, yes.” Jane replied, surprised that he had asked.

“I have a wife now! Yeah!” Roy shouted loudly. It was their happiest day.

But on the day that Roy wanted to ask his father- the King – for the permission of his wedding, the King died and war began. Roy promised Jane that he would marry her after the war and sealed his promise with a kiss.
Jane waited on top of the mountain. With every second, every minute, every day and every single breath, she prayed hard for her beloved Roy and their country. She also went to the village just like the old times and look back on the wonderful memories that they left there.

Two years later, Roy was back, but major political chaos remained. Jane saw a young girl with a black magic shadow walking behind Roy. It was unclear at that time, as the sky was dark.

In a second, the girl smiled grimly. All the spiders crawled out from her dress and rushed towards the mountain.

During the night, fireflies were twinkling in the sky. Roy climbed up to the mountain and surprised Jane with a hug from behind. “Jane! I missed you so much.”

Roy told Jane that he would like to take Princess Luque as his wife, in order to protect their country. Jane tried to stop Roy because she knew that Princess Luque had an aura of black magic. However, she also knew that Roy wouldn’t believe her, as he wasn’t convinced by her story.

Roy started to think that Jane didn’t understand how much he had done for their country and that she had turned into a selfish woman. Jane shook her head and wanted to explain to him but he pushed her away from his sight. He just sat on his horse and rode to his castle without a backward look.

Princess Luque knew Jane; her spiders told her everything. So, she had a hunting competition on her wedding day and invited Jane to perform a dance.

On their wedding day, Jane looked at Roy and danced with all her best wishes. Everyone cheered and clapped their hands. Princess Luque gave her a potion. Her head was spinning, like the world was whirling as she made her way back to the mountain.

The competition started; the winner would be the person who hunted a white rabbit. Roy joined the competition. He was hunting the animals in the mountain with his bow and arrow.

Jane saw her friend lying on the ground and noticed that she had turned into a rabbit. “Jane……run away! Princess……Luque……dropped……the black magic …… on us ……”

“Harold, don’t talk! Ribayeliteh, please recover Harold, please!” Jane shouted with an animal voice but she didn’t see Roy was just behind her. Roy picked up his bow and fired the arrow. “Jane!” The spell broke when the arrow shot in Jane’s heart.

“Jane? No! Jane, are you okay? I’m sorry, please don’t leave me!” The prince put Jane’s head on to his lap and tears flowed.

“Never mind……this is not……your……fault……Can I……sing for you……Just a ……last song……?” Jane stroked Roy’s face and sang. “Don’t……make the……promise……that you..….can’t keep……that hurts me…….”

Jane dropped her hand from Roy’s face.

“No!!!!!! Jane wake up! Wake up!” No matter how loud he shouted, how many times he called Jane’s name, it was too late. Jane would never wake up again.

“This is how the story ends……“Grandpa sighed.
“Grandpa, don’t be sad, the story hasn’t ended, look.” I took out the paper from underneath the doll on which was written: ”We will meet again just like how we met last time and change the ending together.”

There was a small boy wearing denim with long pants standing in front of my house. It was Roy! My friend that I met on the mountain. “Roy! Oh grandpa, I have to share what I know about this story and the music box. I think this will change Roy’s mind and he won’t hunt animals again. Bye grandpa!”

“Don’t run. You always fall down. Just stand there, don’t move. I will walk to you. Look, I hunted a rabbit.” Roy held in his hand a rabbit that looked like it wanted to cry.

“Oh, no no no no! Put it back to the mountain, it may be the rabbit fairy ……” I quickly shook my head and said.

“Rabbit fairy?”

Grandpa walked back into his room and opened a door through into another world, where many fairies live. The water flowed from the top of the mountain. Grandpa touched a picture that looked like Roy and me. The people in the picture moved.

“Finally, they found each other. I think it’s time to go.” Grandpa turned into a grey rabbit and jumped back into the mountain.

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