The Mangled Fingers

Cice Rivera February 11, 2020
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The Mangled Fingers
by Cice Rivera

Mangled fingers have been turning up all over Miami and the inhabitants are scared. Ten murders in ten weeks, all committed with a pistol, and still nobody has a clue who the sinister killer is.

Mrs Helena Bonfin is a smart and caring author with a fondness for finding evidence. She doesn’t know it yet but she is the only one who can stop the wild killer.

When her husband, Matthew Porrance, is kidnapped, Mrs Bonfin finds herself thrown into the centre of the investigation. His only clue is a crumpled paper.

She enlists the help of an energetic lawyer called Toby Cillum.

Can Cillum help Bonfin overcome her evidence addiction and find the answers before the ruthless killer and his deadly pistol strike again?

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