The party of the year

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Once Upon a Time they lived in the paracontinent dubbed “galaxiana” there were fairies kitsunes angels and legendary creatures of the heavens and the islands of Armory. There were twelve kingdoms one of them are powerful kind magical realistic and protective. Till one day the party came there’s an announcement. on Monday we will have a party at a tournament without violence. Everyone was excited and not just excited but surprised and shocked too! There were Royal Knights the gods and goddesses of galaxiana until this started to happen. There were many invited including the creatures of the heavens kitsunes angels & More creatures! They said ” how many are there?!” the first one said. The second one said. “how are they here…?” the parties, the five Japanese symbols, and flutter cards had teamed up to defend us from evil. All of them lived happily ever after. Moral of the story: not just all Fairy Tales come to life; They can also bring arts and crafts and drawings to life!

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