The Phantom of the Slaughterhouse

Garrett Carr February 28, 2022
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When we said the Evil enchantress was out of Uno reverse cards that was not entirely true. She had half of an Uno reverse card because she riped the last one she had! So she uses her black Magic to create THE OTHER HALF. wow. So she comes back to life to find out that she spawned into earth as a ghost and in a slaughter house. creepy! Then Hades apperes and says you are lucky that I hate little red Brat hood too so kill her and you can become human again instead of a ghost! So she set out to kill her. It took her 45 days just to find her at her grandmas house. I need a form of disguise says the enchantress. So she dresses as her grandma. Fake grandma marks on the door hello honey she says. Will you be so kind to let me in? Little rad brat hood lets her in. She says why grama what big butt you have! Why grandma why are you soooooooo ugly!!!! Why grandma how FAKE you are! She whips out her pistol Bop Bop Bop. but it does nothing it goes right through her! The enchantress laughs and says you cant get Me!!!! Im a ghost! She takes off her disguise little red gasps! It is the Enchantress! I thought you were dead all red Brat Hood says! I was but I came back to life to KILL you hahahahahahahahahaha! But it turns out grandma was actually part of the ghost buster back in the day so she sits up in bed with her ghost gun ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ now the enchantresses soul is stuck in this box grandma says. never open it and grandma gives her the box and sends her on her way.

to be continued

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