The Power of a Daughter's Love

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I had always wondered why my family kept quiet about my grandparents but i found a piece of somebody’s diary. History books are wrong. I know who really killed Russia’s last royal family.
I slept well last night. The same thing happened again but this time i am not complaining. There is an odd satisfaction that comes with killing the Tzar. My father would be proud, after all, i had done the job he had failed to complete.
I killed the last of the Romanov line, even mother. She deserved it though, serves her right for abandoning me at birth, convincing the country that i was dead..
I managed to convince the guard i was working as one of grand duchess Anastasia’s seamstresses for their upcoming ball but little did he know he was letting in the vengeful daughter of Rasputin right into the palace of the beloved Romanovs.
Oh how lovely it was to see them suffer. I managed to coop them all up quietly in the meat cellar. There were freshly killed pigs hanging from the ceiling, their blood creating crimson puddles which would soon mix with the royal blood. I killed them off one by one but slowly, I had to make them suffer the same way i did.
Anastasia first. I began to sing the song of Chornobog, the dark god who would help me bring despair upon this wretched family. I sang until red tears ran down her plump cheeks and her ears began to split and bleed. I sang until she writhed on the floor in front of me, covered in the blood of herself and the pigs.
Once she went limp I did the same to the rest of the Romanov brats and moved on to mother.
“Why are you doing this?”
“Because, Mother,” i snapped, “I had a father who raised me this way. If you don’t approve, well, it’s a little late to take over,” she winced at the venom in my voice.
I began to approach her husband and he backed up against the wall.
“Are you scared, dearest Nikolai?”
“Please just get it over with,” he demanded, refusing to show signs of weakness. I almost felt bad for him but i wanted to have fun with this.
Repeating the song but with a different melody, i watched him suffer to inhale. Last time i had done this it wasn’t as enthralling. his cheeks began to sink in to his skull and his fair skin began to turn blue. This was the only time i felt a sliver of guilt emerge.
“What are you going to do to me that can make this even worse?”
“Of course i’m going to kill you, just like you killed papa.”
“As long as i am with my family.”
“But first i will keep you down here for a while.”
Fast forward a few days when i came back to feed mother.
“Eat it.”
without hesitation, she began to wolf down the stew i gave her and once she was done I questioned her, “So, did it taste good?”
“Yes. Thank you”
“Well, I’m glad you liked it. i had always wanted to see somebody eat their own family.”
I watched the hint of thanks fade from her face as it sunk in. All i could do was grin. I waited for her to stop crying and watched her try to throw the stew back up. I had cast a spell on it so it stayed put.
“What am i going to do with you.”
The decision was tough but I had the perfect idea. For the next twelve hours, the only things heard in the palace were my song and the Tzar’s wife’s shrieks bouncing off of the walls

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